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Learning and receiving comprehension of the scrips was essential to setting me free spiritually. Gaining spiritual freedom set me free in the natural. I received the SHAMA of peace (SHALAWAMA) that HA MASHA speaks of in John 14:27 KJV Peace. Looking at the Greek word peace and looking at the OBRYAM meaning of peace is very similar in meaning. The pronunciation of the the word is SHALAWAMA in the OBRAYAM or Shalom in the modern Hebrew) sound very different but are using the same markers or letters. (Commentary)

John 14:27 KJV - I leave with you, my SHALAWAMA I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

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I can say this peace is real, but people do not comprehend the real peace of YHWH’s salvation. I know many people that believe we live in a delusion.  People think we are delusional because they think that when things are hard for us, those that know YAH, we do not deal with the problems. But instead we pretend nothing is happening by telling ourselves feel-good lies. The religious lie or the examples of deceived lost souls lead people to believe their false image of peace instead of what we know as a fastening and security. SHALAWAMA is a knowledge of our provider.  

I did not realize that so many people believe it is natural to live in elevated levels of stress, caused by their actions, and think all “responsible” people must live completely stressed out by taking pills, drunkenness, drugs, or other various outlets to try and keep them going. I know that I was not supposed to live highly stressed as heart disease is one of the number one killers for my people group. Yet, we ignore the very peace of the order of light and the opportunity to approach the door of salvation put before us. Why? Because of the lie that we will not be successful when we walk fully in the spirit of YAH. Fear keeps the people in a place or in bondage.  How do you create the spirit of fear in people?

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Most people know the deceiving translation of peace. The peace of YAH HA SHAWA (YAHOSHUA) starts with a strengthening gained through stillness. I know it is hard for people to understand that stillness is really an actionable word and not literal idleness in every aspect. We can see how people misunderstand our heritage when they believe peace means only being quiet and doing nothing literally. One woman surprised me when she said to me, “I cannot sit and do nothing.”  I did not know what she meant at the time but today I know the false religious imagery of getting still and being quiet is portrayed as inaction. 

So, people run from this because they spiritually know slothfulness (a desire to do nothing) will bring us to poverty. Interesting that some people acknowledge that slothfulness will bring us to poverty but refuse to believe we are rich by following YAH’s spirit also known as the YARAH.  

The truth is that stillness is releasing the fight against the spirit of YAH so that we can see and comprehend the truth, and this involves prayer, study, and more study and more prayer. Action. Application is next because we do not just hear the righteousness, but we live it out, so we are doers as in the spirit that we are filled with the flow into the action by what we say, how we work, how we “do” things shown through works. Application is an action, and the action will begin to sort out those things that cause chaos. Beautiful! 

When I meditate on the YARAH and especially the scrips I see them as the answer to the problems we see today.

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I see how the sin (living in opposition to the face of YAH (the salvation and the spirit) has created devastation and havoc. Only the deceived lie about happiness and truth. When I think of how people never get to the root of their problems of the problems, but then use natural empty things to try to solve them they are only band-aid fixes or surface fixes. Because people think psychology and other pagan practices will solve the problems, they continue in the unrighteous cycles of self-destruction. People continue on with only the fools leading people by saying they are reaching happiness. People in denial are choosing to remain blind to the truth that self-righteousness is never the answer. Now is the time to admit the righteous one. Why not gain the peace he himself said he wants us to have and will eliminate the wicked? We know the world will be renewed upon YAH HA’SHAWA’s return but many refuse to see the truth. Sadly, many pretend to support each other only to eventually turn on each other. Pretending to partner when self is all they seek to save.

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