Ganasha Genesis Chapter 3

Chapter 3:1-24

There are six parts to the audio teaching. Then at the end is an audio reading of what was given to us in the unfolding.

While studying you can pause the audio recording. However if you leave the page you must restart the audio. You can fast forward if you remember where you left off. The PDF marks the audio that flows with the reading. When the audio stops you are ready for the next part.

Audio Teaching Part 1 of 6. Start here.
Audio Teaching Part 2 of 6.
Audio Teaching Part 3 of 6
Audio Teaching Part 4 of 6
Audio Teaching Part 5 of 6
Audio Teaching Part 6 of 6

You can pause, stop, start, rewind, and fast forward the audios.

Hover over the PDF to access the page controls to turn the pages. Use the page controls to move along with the audio. Page numbers show and you can click through when you hover over the PDF. You can also change the size by increasing or decreasing the view of the PDF.


Reading of chapter 3 the translated version without the line by line teaching.

The Reading of the chapter 3 audio. One audio will not stop and until the end. You pause, stop, remind or fastforward.

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