The Purpose of YARAH Part 1

Knowing and comprehending the pathway and the light of YAH takes work hence we are told to study to show ourselves approved. Do you see the word “study”? Do you see the word “thinking”? I do not see thinking or if I did, I would know it is more than “thinking” yourself approved. I am referencing the "thought movement."

So, with that said do you know that is why deceptions are written in the bible? Because many people do not go below the surface meanings. Many people continue with the thought, “well, I see it in the bible” without seeking out the deeper meanings and the real message or researching the origin of the words used.  Interestingly enough those of us that do go deeper get put down by those surface surfers because of course it shows their laziness, fear, or the lack of the SHAMA of YAH working in them.  

Since the GAYA (the rising to one’s own works- prideful also know as the children of the world. 

YADA ASHA SHARA MATSAWAH the acronym is YARAH (translated by the GAYA as the ten Commandments) goes hand in hand with the oath our forefathers and foremothers took in Exodus.  Did you know the so-called “Shema” is the 1st MATSAWAHA?  I am in a place where I want to know what I am saying.  I do not want to repeat after anyone anymore without knowing what they are directing me to say.  So, when I began seeing various Hebrews going over the SHAMA (known today as the Shema from mistranslations), I wanted to know what this means.  I know what was in the scrips appeared to be repeated text.  Also, in the Shema, it sounds like the people of YAH did not have a choice to follow.  I know that is not the character of YAH. 

Most of us have seen the “ten commandments” hanging in churches for show.   A couple of things are happening here.  “Ten Commandments” is a mistranslation.  There are more than 10 standards.  Standards that we know as the pathway of life.

Are the standards of agreement really gone away? Why would salvation go away? YAH’s salvation never taught anything different because he is the word, the life, the spirit, and he is the salvation. John 5:43 KJV- HA MASHA says, “I have come in my father’s name (SHAMA – spirit) and you did not receive me; another will come in his own name (SHAMA – spirit); him you will receive.”  Note that in Hebrew this translated word “name” is SHAMA it means spirit MASHA is a righteous garment and powerful bonding strength both represent our Redeemer.  But who is here in this world and the people walk in its spirit(s)?  Hence the meaning of the name is significate to know the spirit of what we follow.  The scrips are the spirit of YAH! But we must draw out the full meaning hidden by layers of lies.

Whom has the world received? The world is spreading whose teachings?  

The reason people do not understand the prophets (disciples) is that the teaching of the YARAH or YARAH  is not taught except to select people groups if then. I went through a period in my life when people would block my time so, I could not study the scripts.

Interesting that church-attending peoples call someone that reads the scrips and lives the YARAH as religious. But the religious organizations do not teach people to fully read the Bible and especially read the Hebrew modern or the original.  Churches call it to deep, but the reason is we would then see the truth to break outside of religion (a real legion of doctrine). I can say it certainly aligns with the scripture that they conspire against the people of YHWH. I was that person called and hungry for the word of YHWH and YHWH’s understanding. I needed to know what I felt in my heart was not just my imagination as people told me.

Part 1 ends here...stay tuned.

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