The day of rest, reset, feasting, and gathering. Called to
Hebrews Chapter 8 Verse 13 Translation OBARAYAM
Yes, we can see the flipped scrip here. I called
The Image of Faith AMANA
What is faith?  What does it mean when people say,
Hebrews Chapter 8 Verse 12 Translation to OBARAYAM
The translation is close but it is missing a lot
The Truth About Tithing
Our heritage is to certainly bring a worthy offering unto
Fear the Spiritual Gift
The Reason We Fear One I once made a post
We Must Change Series Introduction
This series is a companion to the MATSAWAH series so
The Greatest LAWA of the Agreement of Salvation
The very first and greatest LAWA of the MATSAWAH are
The MATSAWAH The Standards of Salvation of YHWH
Now I have explained and broken down the word, meaning,
The Shema Reading
The "shema" is the modern Hebrew term for the offer
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