Ganasha Genesis Chapter 3
Chapter 3:1-24 There are six parts to the audio teaching.
Jealous or Zealous The Sin to Covet
How can our Creator be jealous?  Because jealousy is a
Genesis Chapter 2 Verses 1 to 3 Translation
Hover over the PDF to access the controls. Read along
Honor and Respect the True Meanings
We are taught that we need to “respect” others and
Standards LAWAGADA
I quickly stand in defense of your lamp and light,
YARAH Unfolded
The unfolding of YARAH surprisingly turned into four parts to
So we can hear the whoosh sound in wind. An
ASHAR - Real Date 6/2/(2023) What is ASHAR.  In the
Now from the previous blogs we see the flow chart
RASHATAWA The First and Greatest Marker
The RAWACHA unfolded more as RASHAABA lead me through this
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