The day of rest, reset, feasting, and gathering. Called to
The MATSAWAH The Standards of Salvation of YHWH Part 6
Exodus Chapter 23 Verses 1-33 Hover over the PDF to
The Truth About Tithing
Our heritage is to certainly bring a worthy offering unto
The Truth About Forgiveness
The Truth About Forgiveness This one includes a worksheet so
YARAH MAYAH Jeremiah Chapter 31 Verses 31 thru 34 Translated
YARAH’ MAYA Jeremiah 31:31-34 "Behold, the days come, saith the
We Must Change Series Introduction
This series is a companion to the MATSAWAH series so
MATSAWAH Behind Honor Your Mother And Father
Let me begin with the fact that I DO NOT
Getting Our House in ARDAR Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 6
We are continuing the unfolding of GAWANASHAYASHA the setting of
A Look at The Original Scrips of the So-Called 10 Commandments
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