The LAZY Spirit

Real Date: 4/3/2022

I had to revise this article because when I first wrote the article, I did not know the real meaning of the spirit of laziness as I was looking at this spirit through what we are taught today.  Controlling people call someone “lazy” if the person they want to control does not want to do what they want them to do.  Perhaps you say that is lazy.  No, that is not the meaning of lazy.  If someone does not want to conform to the demands of another person or their perception of things how is that lazy?  If we truly have the freedom to make our own choices, then the lazy label should not be used to assault or assimilate people.  Because who wants to be known as lazy?  Exactly and that is the reason people use this term to manipulate people into submission.  

Upon looking into the original language for the Etymology of lazy I discovered it does not mean what we taught.  Lazy does not mean someone that does not want to work or someone that does not work.  Lazy work.  Yes, so if that is the case it tears down the meaning and reveals this word is used inappropriately.  

The meaning says a person is “adverse” to labor, action, or effort.   Here is a scrip that shows the lazy work so what is the meaning of this word so we can see the type of spirit.

So, the lazy person hunted.  Hunting is work, correct?  They decided they would not cook the food.  So, we cannot say this person does not want to work but the better conclusion is this person decided what they wanted to work on, and this is key.

So, I also see a portion in the Etymology that said someone would carry extra so they would not have to return is lazy.  Is that lazy or efficient and productive?  If you can cut out unnecessary tasks so you can maximize what you are doing that makes a person lazy?  So, this helps me understand when I suggest how to make your work faster and more accurate people immediately think that would make them or me lazy.  So, let’s look at what the word lazy really means because we see it means they work so you can not use this word for someone that does not want to work.

I was surprised to find that the word “lazy” is only in the newer bible versions.  So, this word was not put into use until later or more specifically as slavery became more prevalent.  Perhaps one may say it is “slothful.”  I think it is interesting when people want to make a word insult stick it suddenly is linked to something in the scrips.  However, if you say something originated from the scrips, they want to throw that out.  Clearly ignorance.

Slothful is a different word, so this is not the same as lazy although they are very similar.  Although slothful is more about slow (interesting slow means stupid in English). So, I have shown a lazy person wants and do work so it is not the same.

Why is lazy a word?    

Hmmm, very interesting.  

ABA YAH showed me that their version of someone that does not want to work is someone that does not want to work as a slave or participate in works of wickedness.  So, someone that does not want to work is a sloth.  Slothful and lazy are not the same word although a slothful person may use lazy work and because a lazy person is, well let us unfold "lazy".

A lazy spirit will not find joy in the work of YAH and gifts received from being a humbled person to ABA YAH that produce righteous work.  You can spot this spirit through their need to find things that do not allow them to do what they want to do, that will support others unless it will benefit them.  They walk away from ABA YAH’s assignment.  Their works consist of undercutting the authority of ABA YAH and the people that serve ABA YAH.  The lazy spirit work to hurt others and especially the people of YAH.  Sounds like pride, doesn’t it?  So lazy was used to people who did not want to participate in wickedness and wicked works or forced labor unpaid labor that we know as slavery. 

The lazy spirit often will fall for most fast money schemes trying to get rich quickly.  The lazy spirit will throw seed, often based on the wrong translation of the seed casting scripture, and walk away without management, ending, or cultivation because they feel that is beneath them or they are too distracted.  They will chase even the smallest sign of money but will refuse to create original ideas from their own gifting.  Often saying, “why to reinvent the wheel.”  The lazy spirit will not operate in their spiritual gifting because they believe only worldly knowledge will bring them the riches, which they feel they deserve.  So, a lazy person may know their assignment from ABA YAH, but they do not want to serve ABA YAH, so they walk away.  Or they may not yet know but the lazy spirit's real desire is to tame people to make them obedient to them. 

The parable of the talents is the best reference for me that help to point out and eliminate unrighteous processes that will not bring the people of YHWH increase.  Investments in the unrighteous jump out in this scrip.


I know the trickery about total inclusion but if you want to increase you cannot come into one purse with the people that are against YHWH.  You are investing in the unfruitful ground.  I consider that the value of the dollar can change.  Honestly, even if more money is printed and if it is backed by gold as we are told it would not change unless the truth is fractional banking has taken over and the money in circulation is not backed by gold.  Here is why we work to earn money for now, but we do not worship or chase money because it is unfruitful. It is the empty fading wealth.  I also know that does not mean we do not earn money and hence this workbook.  

Why give up YARAH to get money YHWH will provide monetary provision until we do not use the paper anymore.  Walking in YARAH will produce monetary provision in addition to the real wealth, but the lazy spirit will not see this as possible because it would mean they cannot make money off other people.  If you do not work when will YHWH increase the work of your hands?

Get this spirit out of your business immediately so you can bring increase as this spirit is also a devour of time, resources, supplies, and gifting because this spirit is a waster and disobedient spirit.  Lazy people work in a spirit of jealousy and will lash out at you when this spirit evolves to envy. 

Learn how to open and run a business based on your skills.  People can see other people are trying to take advantage of them.  I worked for a brief time with a person that had a business but did not have the skill to do the work himself.  He closed or pretended to close shortly after speaking with him once he realized he needed to handle payroll taxes.   

The 2020 pandemic revealed that we never know what else will be unleashed.  Warning someone that does not want to be used is not lazy.  If you are angry and calling people lazy then you are the one with the lazy spirit.      

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