YAH and YHWH Explained

The OABARAYAM looks at the function and we call our heavenly Father by his character. Character is also given in a name. I know today we are told the meanings of names do not matter but that is not true. People seek meanings of names still each year. Although many people tell the lie that names do not matter and name their children after many things and idols some of us are given our names by YAH. We can also see where YAH changed the name of some of our ABBA's in the scripts. We will go into the names later. So the most common "name" is YAH and YHWH once people come into what they call Hebrew roots.

Over the years we lost the "name" of our ALA because we missed the mark (sinned).   I am writing this blog now on my second time around revising and updating with the revelation YAH has given to me.  HAYA ALA (Praise The Great Working Power of ALA!)

Today, understanding the different variations of the "name" is interesting and understanding how the OABARAYAM (Hebrew) works is a wonderful insight to show how the people of YAH see him.  The Hebrew language is concrete and sees the function of things.  The world today looks at things as abstract today based on the thought movement.  The thought movement proves the scriptures about wavering people.  People that are not fastened to anything but blow around with every wind of doctrine.  Everyone receives doctrine.  Read the blog about doctrine here. Wavering spirits.  Wavering spirits are also represented by the giants and the giants are pride.

YHWH - YaDa HaYa WaWa HaYa – Hebrew runs right to left because the hand of power is on what we call the right hand is considered the work hand.  What we call the left hand is the hand used for anointing and humbling (there are more meanings for both but I will use those primary for now).  The hand of work sweeps us in and through the working spirit of YARAH of YAH, we are made worthy through our submission and fulling walking in the spirit of YARAH for anointing. The sweeping in is YaOa.  When we add the DALATAW we get the word for knowledge YADAOA.  The original language begins at the ALA the teacher, provider, leader, and is the tree of life.  The Hebrew letters show the progression of the change from the old sinful person we start out as to the new person we are becoming so that we can enter the house of YAH in this life and the next as we move back to his surrounding protection as YAH brings us back to life.

Again, Hebrew runs right to left and so when you read the name it goes right to left but we type out the letters for English translation because English runs left to right (backward to YAH).   YaDa (shortened form) – YADALATAW (long form) arm, hand, work, deed, the hand of power the hand of YAH.  Once we unfold this word it means the arm of power.  The arm of power is pointing us to the door of salvation.  The door of salvation is hung on the rod of correction.  The hand is pointing, moving, and carrying and for the disobedient that refuse repentance, he will push them away and crush them.  The word door is DALATAW and it means the door hung on the rod of correction.  The door on the staff of power, the authority of the Shepherd.  The Shepherd is ALA.  ALA means the strength, leader, strong power, the branch, and flowing out of power the creator.  ALA is also a folded word and the word is ALAMA.  The MA is MAYAM and this word shows the reflection of the flowing spirit of YAH from the SHAMA (heavenly realm) to here (AR'RATSA).  The WA is at the end of the word for door.

DALATAWA is the setting of foundations of support.  All from the beginning in Genesis.  WAWA  the supporting branch is the connection as in the ladder to the SHAMAYAMA.  

HAYA- is a person standing with their hands up as in submission, looking up, and requesting help from our great provider from our ABA.  Also represents lamination as in repentance prior to humbling as in throwing ourselves at the feet of the Redeemer.

WaWa – nail, peg, add, “And”, foundation, support, connector, ladder, holding strength, cornerstone, pillar, column, separator, tool.

The powerful hand of our ALA works and turns the head of the strong leaders.  Look and behold his power for he is the connector, the savior, he is the great “I AM.”  ALA does not call us to worship an animal such as the bull or an ox (PAR), but we worship the (HAYA) all-powerful one.  Remember this is the problem with YASHA'RAAL after they were set free from Egypt they made an image of an idol to worship and they called it YAH.  The ox is what is used to help us equate strength but remember YAH is even more powerful or stronger than even the ox, so it is a symbol that everyone recognizes for YAH as in its characteristics and function.  The GAYA (those that worship other things so they rise to self-pride.) worship the actual image and the animal.  We only worship YAH.

The first letter is the PAR represents the strength of ALA so the first symbol is the ox and the oak tree also called PAR meaning fruitful and indicating YAH is our strong leader who protects and teaches and saves.  He is our Shepard (KING) and protector so the ALA, LAMA, and the PAYA are seen here.  He speaks things into existence and gives strong direction. When pronouncing the name YADA HAYA WAWA HAYA it makes a YAH sound at the beginning.  Therefore, the YAH is a shortened name of YHWH (YAH'WAHA).

Psalm 23 (excuse me I said Psalm 28 in the audio but I mean the 23rd Psalm) is and has always been one of my favorite passages.  The power in the message helps to keep away demonic spiritual warfare.  I also find it restoring to know he restores the heart of my spirit and restores me to the seed of the tree of life!  Spirit the heart center is the mind that I may live in HIM!  We can see his name shows us who he is to us and his yoke between his chosen people restored by the continuance of HIS seed. YAH HA SHAWA  or if you add the OAYANA it would be YAH HA OA SHAWA.  YAH's salvation so let's look at the meaning of this name on the next blog.



The word for spirit, breath, and character was translated as "name."   The meaning of names piqued my interest when I wanted to know the meaning of my first name for many years.  2021 I took a class in modern Hebrew and YAH began to show me the words still did not add up with YAH's meanings.  The words and meanings are shortened and folded in for excessive abbreviation that blinds us.  Since laziness is predominant in the world today people prefer the watered-down versions that the scripts call "simple."  You can read about simpleton in this blog "Making Things Simple A Trap to Limit Understanding".  Modern Hebrew teaches word name is the word shame.  Does that make sense?  So here is where we can see the "e" added in this word as we do not have an "e" in the original OBARAYAM.  The word is SHAMA.  The modern Hebrews say SHAMA is Shema.  Another twisting when you take away the "e" and restore the "a" you can see it is SHAMA.  

When we look at the pictorial graph we also see SHAMA.   A name is a description of the spirit of the breath.  Who gives us breath?  YAH gives us breath. Once ABA revealed this truth about the "name" it helped me see the seed he planted to look at and examine the names but also words.  I began my journey of YAH showing me the messages in words and phrases and how the children of the world expect us to be simpletons.  Since the spirits of this world want us just to do without asking people love "catch" phrases, words, and statements popularized by the mainstream.  The sea represents a nation of people.  Interesting that the spirit of chaos also resides in the sea or in water as during storms it is chaos during flooding, tsunamis, and water rising.  So the sea is seen as great and the spiritual realm as it is also a portal and water is between each foundation.  We have water on earth that goes deep and often we cannot see what is in the water.  

There is also water above the "sky."  So interesting the children of the world follow a mainstream.  A stream is a flowing body of water but the water comes from chaos.  See how once you know the symbolic meanings the says now tell us who the children of the world follow.  We can begin to see the spirits.  We can also see in the "names" of the wicked spirit that runs them.

Since we know a name represents a characteristic and tells us the power source now we know why we told the spirit of the word is YAH and it is spiritual.  We call it the following waters so the blood is also represented by flowing life as the spirit of the word is the flowing spiritual blood of the heart.  LABA received from the LAMB  do you see here the word lamb but the real word is LAMAB.  I will speak more on this soon.  YASHA'RAAL is called to spot a weapon, reveal it, and through the power of the spirit of YAH stand and take it down.  We are the keepers of the YARAH and we are pillars and this is considered depression and despair to the GAYA.

Time to reveal the purpose.  We can describe YAH through YAH but there are other word combinations as in messages that tell us about YAH.  A message is a MALAKA a walking messenger.  

Now we know "name" means a spirit, character, breath and we can see in YAH he directs and puts on HIS path to salvation and HE IS a strong power!!  

So what are the meanings of the so-called other names?  Yes, it matters so for people to seek the meaning of common names will tell us the spirit.  When you say a name does it bring to mind the YARAH?  Right because it is not of YAH.  We know one mainstream name that says YARAH is done away with and this spiritual legion calls our YARAH laws and thereby turns people away from their salvation.  People are under bondage to these spirits and even its name, if we take it back to Hebrew the most commonly used god name means, "Look behold a binding, turning, and twisting spirits of destruction of chaos."  HAY SUS.  We do not have a U so this would be HAY SWS.  The Greek tells us that the SUS comes from two SAMA with the WAWA in the middle.  We will talk more about this deadly name (spirits).

Let all that has breathe praise HAYA ALA!!

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