Soul Body and Mind the Nephesh and the SHAMA
The real word is napasha.  The words are changed to
Provers Chapter 3 Verses 5 to 7
Foundations Inspired - Anashapay Arada ADANAYA TAMAYA Trust in the
Genesis Chapter 2 verses 9 to 13
Repentance is what I see and hear.  Meaning we sinned
Repentance NACHAMA Unfolding
What is repentance? I have met many people that believe
Matthew Chapter 15 Verses 7 to 9
Foundations Inspired Today I will cover Matthew Chapter 15 verses
Day 7 Genesis Chapter 2 Verses 1 to 3
GANASHAWAYASHA Chapter 2 Verses 1 to 3 We will look
Genesis Chapter 1 Translation in the OBARAYAM
Introduction Translation from the OBARAYAM was deeply rooted and opened
Day 6 Genesis 1 verses 24 to 31
Day six we see we receive healing and wholeness we
Day 5 Genesis 1 verses 20 to 23
One thing I have noticed when reading through GANASHAYAHSHA with
Day 4 Genesis 1 verses 14 to 19
The Creator and setter of life sets the WALAWATAW to
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