Learn the Original OBRYM Hebrew Part 1
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Learning the ALABATAWA (Aleph-Bet in modern Hebrew). Each “letter” is an abbreviated symbol for a message or word (MALA means word). Each symbol relates back to YHWH. We the people of YASHA'RAAL are the people that clean up these books and correctly interpret the meaning according to the leading of the RAWACHA of YHWH. YHWH unfolds our comprehension, sight, and hearing through the study of YARAH and the RAWACHA means leading SHAMA that shows us the way while we are directed by YAH'HASHAWA the living word and blood of life.

Each marker is combined with other markers to create messages. Perhaps this is where people get coded messages. However, each marker does not lose its original message (the parent root). No markers are silent as we are led to believe in modern Hebrew. The ALAMA is not silent and the OAYANA is not silent. Instead, the names of the symbols were changed Ayin is trickery, and the true name is OYN (OAYANA pronunciation).

When realizing there does not seem to be "e" or "i" in the language as are in so many of the modern Hebrew Yiddish words YAH shows me because people do not fully pronounce the "a" from the ALA they can make the "e”, or "i" sound but this takes away from the letters. Also, the letter they claim is an "e" is the HAYA but if you look at the lettering for a word where they have an "e" the word hey is HAYA.

The modern Hebrew yod and the Jewish vowel Chireq (Herek) is the ee sound. However, the Chireq does not seem- to have a meaning other than to lead us to the pronunciation desired by those living outside of YARAH. The Book of Enoch tells us the giants were over 200 Ello tall.  Ello is a European measurement equal to cubic and yards similar to the “YAD” in Hebrew is equal to about 12 inches and the arm of power is used for measurement.  

YAH shows me that El is short for Ello and modern Hebrew calls our ALA the Aleph (El).  Jeff Brenner confirms the vowel points are leading so he leaves them out.  So, modern Hebrew is redirecting people the way they want us to speak the language to mimic their outside language. (Commentary)

The original Hebrews have meanings all around (the word has multiple meanings) and fall into order when spoken correctly. Live and breathe (speak) his being. YHWH’s word without theatrics is a pure language that we can hear and see. Concrete as in we see physical examples from YHWH's creations. As opposed to the "thought" movement that is imagined and will happen as in visualizing and then speaking it into existence (conjuring) is the reverse as it is empty thought based on the contaminated heart (LABA) of people outside of YARAH. (commentary)

When I first started learning the language, I could not see why a picture was called a letter, but the name of the letter was a word (a combination of other markers). Later I see the information that the "letters" are abbreviated symbols for the words. So, I am repeating this to help you see the "letters" are words. So, the language is a picture graph or pictorial meaning the "letters" are symbols or images that bring to mind characteristics and actions of the image.  We are not to worship those images,

But we make images (markers) (Greek calls it symbols) to help bring a visual (sight and thereby comprehension) of the OBARAYAM SHAMAYA meaning in the natural without having to write the full meanings every time. Hence, we use markers for full meanings. I must point out that it is essential that we draw out the full meanings. Deception is caused by too little information so drawing out the full meanings gives the proper comprehension and full message from YHWH so that we do not take our own understanding. Proverbs 18:13. (Commentary)

Here is where symbolism is used worldwide today. People have their symbols to represent a deeper meaning.  When you see someone wearing symbols, they are telling you their beliefs, so it does matter when we wear their symbols. However, some things cannot be helped such as car make and models or even the name of the manufactural names, but we know we do not worship cars. And we are not our cars or vehicles although some people worship those things. Cars we buy are what we can afford and like, so their names help us to recognize how they are made but we do not fasten to worship them. Also a name is a marker of ownership.

We need to focus on the things we can help. Such as what we put on our bodies. You can buy a no-name brand and sometimes the labels have a name on the inside. I cut those out but ideally, we want to get back to making our own clothes. I know you may have shut me out after that point. I must laugh. We do need this skill. So much is wasted each year and so many chemicals are added to clothing and fabrics. One day I hope to reach this point but that is my personal goal by no means do I force this upon you.

Your best tools are to learn the meanings of the markers of OBARAYAM(pictorial) and the symbols in Modern Hebrew. You need the modern to translate the Bible however the pictorial graph will give you the real messages! (commentary) Modern Hebrew of course has added things to the language. I have not found C, I, J, E, F, X, V, or U in the original Hebrew so this was added. The modern also adds "vowel" symbols that replace our ALAMA, OAYAN, WALAW, and YADA sounds.

If you are using the “Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew” by Jeff Brenner, it will teach you modern Hebrew put to show the original symbols and the modern Hebrew and some grammar. The words are pronounced according to modern Hebrew but our language is different sounds. The book however is really limited in teaching meanings. Most Hebrew teachers are teaching us memorization without meaning as education is set up to do today.

However, we are a people meant to examine (Tsa-Dah) so we can discern the things of YHWH. Also, I want to know what ABA RASHATAW YHWH is saying and I am noticing many of the words are “shorten” to a very short meaning.  Often way off the original meaning, they believe all people want things “simple.”

Our words continually give praises and remembrance to the Highest RASHATAW YHWH. Most people only think of words of prayer, songs, or "blessings". But what words are we using when we pray, sing, or "speak blessings"? What do those words really mean? There is a deeper power in the OABARAYAM prayers than in the English or even the Jewish prayers because our words speak of RASHATAW YHWH.

Psalm 35:28 KJV  And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all day long.

I cover more about simple and simpleton in this blog "The Simple Trap". (linked below)

But here is a quick example to show you the impact of simplicity here. The school of thought surrounding keeping it simple has dumbed down the "scriptures" and taken out the impact of the spoken word. Dumbed also means mute so to help continue to silence our people the word is watered down as in the meanings are taken away or changed to something the outsiders deems is better in their own eyes.

The Hebrew words will have a 1-letter root (seed), but that root is added to each symbol to create the 2-letter root (as the seed opens). Modern Hebrew does not know the fullness of our root words so you will see start or stop at a 3-letter root. Those words are called adopted therefore those symbols are an addition according to man’s understanding. The word Amar is supposed to mean he said but it is a three-letter root of ALA, MAYAMA, and RASHA. When I look for the word "said" in the original Hebrew, we do not have "said" we have "spoken" or to "speak", and that word is MALA and DABAR as it is the door into the mind and entrance for thoughts or messengers to enter. Questioning is known as TSA-DAH to bring in closely to examine. (Commentary)

The chart below is how I convert the markers from "modern Hebrew" to the OBARAYAM. The OBARAYAM or what some people will call the pictorial graph is in the second column from the left marked OBARAYAM original. You will find modern Hebrew in the scrips in the lexicon. Some of them are different because there are different fonts of course. The confusion is on purpose. Post comments and questions as you read and get familiar with this language. The leading of the RAWAHCAH the SHAMA of YHWH is essential. Seek ABA RASHATAW YHWH Daily!!

OBARAYAM Modern Hebrew and Paleo Word Chart


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