Jealous or Zealous The Sin to Covet
Part 1 of the Audio. Listen and read along with the blog before watching the videos.

How can our Creator be jealous?  Because jealousy is a sin.  Our Creator does not speak one way and behave another that is two faced.

In the Bible the story is told that our Creator is Jealous and Zealous.  The truth is in the same Bible we we are told not to be jealous.  And our Creator is orderly.  Here we see conflicting information.  And the number one key is the god of the bible mentioned in many conflicting scripts is not the True Creator.  We see this conflict when we see “god or lord” is called jealous.

Looking at these two scrips.

One I cut off the first script because that is what their Bible teachers do.  Give us part of scripts and this shows with the grammar as in the semicolon connecting supposedly separated scripts from their translations.  Secondly, the last portion of 2 Corinthians 11:2 is also a story.  We are referred to as the children of the Creator not the bride or wife.  There is no mention of YASH’RAAL being a bride or wife in GANASHA.  Instead, the relation of man of wife is teaching us how to be married to each other as the messengers and children of the Creator.  And we are shama seed made by the creator and thereby considered children. As children are taught and continue what we teach them.  When children continue what we teach them they continue the house and we know them as sons and daughters.

The scripts above are an example of twisted teaching just like jealous and zealous.  Jealousy is never a good quality.  Jealousy is not a functioning process.  How does one function or produce anything productive or beneficial from jealousy?  I am sure someone will come up with a reason.  However, if we are realistic and honest jealousy is never a function that we need. 

Let’s look at jealousy. Watch the videos Parts 1 through 7 and then continue with part 2 of the blog audio reading.

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Part 2 of the Audio. Listen to after watching the videos to complete reading of the blog.

Jealousy is coveting.  One who covets wants what someone else has.  And will lie, cheat, steal, kill to get what they want.  Often referred to as make it happen.  All those actions are sins.  Thereby jealousy is not pleasing to The Creator.  But strange teachers say that there is a godly jealousy and that is fine.  Why listen to the strange teachings?  Hence the reason we don’t follow conflicting teachings.  So, if there is a “godly jealousy” this is not of the True Creator.

What we can take away is that we don’t want a heart of jealousy.  Our True Creator is not jealous nor zealous.  As he does not act without thinking.  Neither do we as his people.  We don’t have reason to be jealous.  Once we grasp there is enough for everyone and each one in our season according to the assignment HA ABA has given us.  And we can work together as we are created to do as one people of HA ABA. 

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