Symbolism from Scripts for YARAH

The symbolism in YARAH in the scriptures has multiple meanings. But first, watch the video about the YARAH Word Study so you know the true word is under the coverup.  I have added a link at the bottom of the YARAH word study to bring you back to this blog or it should open in another browser.  

Some people that I have spoken with have heard of Torah. If you have not heard of Torah you have heard of scriptures and the "10 commandments" (see the etymology of commandments on this blog: Letting Go of the Words Commandment and Law.). Torah is said to be the name of the YARAH laid out for us in scripture.  I do not mean the man-made laws added to scriptures but the salvation of YAH. These things have not been taught to us. Instead, we are told that those who do live according to YARAH are religious. So it has scared people away because we are afraid of going off of the deep end as in turning into a religious nut.  Rebellious spirits also will run the other way because they do not want to be washed in YARAH.  

So I am here to crush that fear because it is a lie! YARAH is not a religion but a change of heart of your spirit it is the living waters because it is the salvation, it is the living spirit of YAH.  YARAH is cleansing water and pointing arrows to those that accept this water.  YARAH is pointing us in the right direction and it is our lamp, our pathway, and our doorway into the house of YAH. 

YARAH is YAH's Salvation also known as the modern Hebrew as YAHOSHUA, I will call YAH's Salvation, YARAH, and he is the word made flesh it is the working spirit of YAH. YARAH is HaMaSha is the Word made flesh (John 1 KJV). YARAH is the life instructions and guidance that self-help books and otherworldly teaching can not buy.  Especially for those who decide to submit, follow, and serve The Highest YAH, we are transformed into new creations and this is the truth! Here in this space I share with you my personal experiences and I remember the way I thought and lived before and it was killing me spiritually and physically. I could literally feel the spiritual bondage drop through YAH's light the YARAH, the way of YAH is certainly the light of salvation and freedom! 

I have a video below and In this video, we are going to talk more about the symbolism in YARAH and the symbolism that you will see in most of my designs in the videos.

I'm going to include links to other blogs that will help you expand your study and learn more about other teachings that YAH's Salvation laid out before so we can understand how this works together. Grabbing hold is comprehension the knowing of YAH is through our scripts, we are getting back into what is called OBYRYM (original Hebrew) it is the original language, and over time you'll see other languages have used this as an origin to their languages, but it will provide clarity to the scriptures. 

I was not able to cover all of the 22 abbreviated symbols in the video. I covered 4 main symbols. I will cover all the "letters" symbols in upcoming videos, YAH willing.

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