Ganasha Chapter 3 Summary

My summary and thoughts. List your thoughts below in the comments. All comments are private. Also please review the Ganasha Chapter 3 Study before reading this summary. Don't use this summary to "save time." We need to stop attempting to fast forward things.

Please stop and study Ganasha Chapter 3 first if you have not before reading this summary of my thoughts.  I want to hear from you what you gather from what HA ABA shows you.

Ganasha Chapter 3 Summary Discussion and Blog Reading Part 1 of 2.
Ganasha Chapter 3 Summary Discussion and Blog Reading Part 2 of 2.

We see another major point in Ganasha Chapter 3.  The people who are submitted to RASHATAW have chosen to be one with the way of living.  We chose YARA.  We are not forced “to be the people”.  We are not tricked” to be the people”.  We are not offered connections, money, and status, “to be the people”.  We knowingly opted as in chosen to acknowledge living YARA whole heartedly in the fullness of the teaching of HARAMA.  We should see this acceptance of knowledge and acknowledgment as a major indicator that there is a separation from The Creator’s teachings through the HARAM and religious teachings. 

We are willing to live in YARA without others.  Once we come to the realization people have and are choosing other ways outside of The Creator the Most High’s house we can work on letting go.  We pray from a distance for them.  We pray from a distance not because we push people away but because people will walk away.  They will stop talking to you as a mechanism of control.  Isolation creates desperation, or so people think.  So, because they walk away we don’t let them take us off the path with them.  Some will return but they haven’t reached that season yet.  So, we continue and allow The Creator to work on them in his timing.  They hear HARAMA just like we did. 

Because you are here, like me, you have chosen to listen because you are in your season.  You are ready.  Know that this is not the first time you saw and heard HARAM.  We heard sensed Him, the YARA of The Creator that we needed to follow the Creator’s way as in get out of sin but we didn’t listen.  Normally because no one else was sensing and certainly not living what HARAMA was showing us.

We could sense sins that our actions weren’t pleasing to The Creator because they were outside ways.  But we were told to stop being “religious” or “so serious.”  And when you picked up the Bible and started to read on your own you noticed what you were sensing appeared true.  I don’t mean with the guided reading bible studies created to keep you with in the same twisted doctrine.  I mean reading on your own “free style” so to speak.  Then you may have heard, “stop reading into the scriptures.”  Or “we don’t live that anymore because we were set free.”  Or “we are under the grace.”  Or “you are legalistic.”  If you heard something else to deter you, let me know.  Post down below in the comments. I would like to know what else is used to deter us from coming back to repentance.

Perhaps you couldn’t stop reading and the desire to study would not go away.  Perhaps distractions and condemnation were sent your way.  Distractions in the form of “Sunday Worship” or other religious gatherings and “service” requirements outside of the SHABATAW dates.  Or perhaps family pressure not to leave the holidays behind.  Or perhaps threats of kicking you out, shut out as now people stop talking to you.  Pastors or other church heads need to speak with you.  I was asked not to come back to the church that I was consistently and dependably attending because I would not tell the lies taught to us in religion.

Chapter 3 reveals the truth of the lies that we are taught through religion.

  1.  Hiding that we all grow into Teachers and we don’t have to be ‘ordained” or have a state teaching certificate, nor a “church title or position”.  We are shama teachers by living the YARA.  Again, note grow into. Meaning I can’t teach what I don’t know.  Around the 3rd or 4th year of study of YARA.  I was ready to begin sharing.  You will notice my writing changed as I progressed. 
  2. Refusing to be misled.  Choosing to read and acknowledge through asking The Creator to lead us.  He leads us through research and study.  Begins with showing up on the correct days.  The weekly SHABATAW was where I started.
  3. Don’t give the appearance of sin.  If you must “save people” by sinning with them you are a sinner.  And we don’t “save people or souls.” Souls is the flesh mind.  We need the soul to die and become one with the SHAMA mind again.  Page 4 Line 38.
  4. The lie that we are adopted or grafted in people.  The Truth is grafted is not correctly used.  To graft something means to cut the limb so roots will grow so the branch can be fully cut off to make another tree.  To add to a tree is create a “franken” tree.  We don’t mix sin in with The Creator’s YARA.  But Christianity mixes different ways and teachings all the time.   We aren’t adopted children we are the children, originally of the seed. 
  5. The lie is that the branches (the original people) are not to come back. The Truth is yet we see the branches regrow.  If you cut off limbs or branches of a plant just above a knob most of the time that plant will regrow a replacement.  Hence we are made new.
  6. The Truth is there are standards for living is the truth.  The lie is that we are free from living those standards because they are “under the grace or the blood.”  The Truth is the blood is the YARA and the YARA is the standard.  So, without realizing what is being said they are saying they are under the standards too.  The requirement to live but they believe they are not and have a pass to sin.  Hence for those who keep purposely sinning there’s no more forgiveness.  This is different from not yet knowing you are sinning.  Walking on the road of forgiveness is the gift.  While on this road we are being cleaned up. So as The Creator shows us our sins we repent.
  7. Truth there are those we fell as into sinned through trickery.  And those we were kicked out as in chose to sin on purpose.  How could we be tricked….catch a new born early while they are still cloudy so to speak you can still mislead them.  Or someone you trust leads you into sin thinking they know as a teacher of YARA.
  8. The lie just believe in this name is real and you are saved.  The truth is what are you believing?  So, you are to trust if you say a name all is well and if you teach that same lie you are saved.  The Truth is behind the word name we find the word shama.  You are to believe in a principality a way of thinking as in a spirit.  Hence the word shama is translated as shema for those who follow YARA.  In our face telling us to believe in a strange spirit or rawaq.  You see because when we consider what that name believes it is not the same as the SHAMA YARA.  And we don’t follow ghosts either we get rid of them.
  9.  Lie dreams and visons are only for certain people.  The Truth we as the people of The Creator hear through dreams and visions and this increases as we come back through repentance, receive forgiveness, and walk continually deeper into YARA.  3:10 part 4, Line 3.
  10. The lie that the people of The Creator are the bride of their savior.  The truth is we are not the bride.  There isn’t a bride.  We people are the children not the bride.  We are the family of HAMASHA not the bride.  The family is those who are reborn into YARA.  Marriage is mentioned after we have our agreement to follow what we are taught and to live our agreement in YARA.  Within YARA we are given to each other to help us hold on to the way. And each relationship has a different place.  Marriage between husband (man) and wife (woman) is then taught and the seriousness of this agreement is laid before us to accept and we accepted.  But I know we are made for each other that would mean the kicked-out ones have brides too.  Thereby if they are the bride then they again prove religion is following something else.  3:17 Line 29-30. Part 5.
  11. The lie that we have no way of knowing the real Creator’s teachings.  We can see differences if we keep listening.  When we acknowledge as in live the YARA we will continually see what sin is and what is not sin.  Only the people that don’t want to stop sinning say we can’t know.  3:13, line 4, Part 4 the sinner sees the gift of the standards as curses.  3:17, Line 37, Part 5.
  12. The lie that “god remembers them.”  Pride says their god doesn’t remember.  Hence you can see the self-love as they believe themselves to be “god” within this statement.  Because we are the ones that don’t remember who we are.  The Creator reminds us of YARA and who we are.  Thereby he always remembers he never forgets, we do.  3:16, Line 20, Part 5
  13. The lie that we need to stay “down to earth.” As in we need to fit in so people will follow you.  If you want people to follow you what does that tell you?  The truth is we walk together following YARA following HAMASHA.  We are automatically set apart because we don’t want to and can’t continue to conform to the masses.  We don’t look or live like everyone else.  We can’t be set apart and look the same all at the same time.  
  14. The lie and the truth about “adding to.”  We are told not to add to or take away from the scrip.  True and not true.  As in the directive is that we can’t add to YARA nor take away from YARA.  Hence we don’t follow man made or any other principality teachings.  But when you see this in the script and people refuse to see the cover up over the YARA at that point they believe this means don’t add to or take away from what was already added to and taken away that we see today in the Bible.  So, ignoring that you see deeper keeps us from the full revelation and healing that HA ABA wants us to have.
  15. The lie that they follow a holy spirit.  And they can see the holy spirit teachings in their bible studies and teachings.  The truth is we need to know the difference between their holy spirit and The Creator.  Opposite of YARA is not The Creator.  Because we follow the Creator and his SHAMA the RAWACHA is his way and leading his word so we aren’t following three different entities. HAMASHA always points back to The Creator.  And the YARA is written in stone, in our DNA, and in our Bones.  So, the only thing that is written in stone and bone. Thereby we learn by writing, hearing, and living (actions.)  You must study and comprehend what we learn to live what we learn.  So, we don’t just soak in a spirit or way of thinking as in repeating affirmations.  3:17, Line 42, Part 5.
  16. The lie is that the YARA is bondage or slavery.  Something forced on us.  The truth is anyone that sees YARA as slavery is not one of us and they are the true slaves to a strange spirit.
  17. The lie that Eve is one of us and that she is cursed.  The truth is Eve means one who pleasures.  Eden means a place of pleasure.  We know CHAWAH and the daughters are more than just those who pleasure.  Also, we know ADANA was more than a place of pleasure.  Next she was not cursed she was reminded who she was and her assignment.  Only those who hate the YARA would translate this as a curse. 

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