Letting Go of the Words Commandment and Law

Learning Hebrew is a wonderful experience, challenging, and revealing as we must walk in the spirit of YAH to lead us to truth in our language. Thankfully the magnificent mercy of YHWH allows us to return to HIM through YAH's Salvation the Ha' MaSha'YaKa (the messiah) and through the crushing, breaking, pressing and rebirth of ourselves and this was ordained in the beginning. While looking at the word etymology for commandment I realize it is not correct in explaining the instructions. Using the word "law" is also an inaccurate depiction of YAH. YARAH is the powerful spirit of YAH that is lifesaving and changing pathways from above and it is not forced upon you.

YAH is being painted as a controlling abusive ALa'HaYam. The words command or commandments are demanding. And if you know and understand the character of YHWH, although we need to fear him as in his might and unknown strength of his power to kill the body and the spirit of pride that is called "self in man and woman, he still gives us a choice. Is he really COMMANDING as in forcing or is he setting before us blessings and curses, standards to meet the approval to enter? We have a choice to make and that is why we are here.

I have told people we are here to live out our choice. You cannot expect to live in the Kingdom of YAH and live-in disorder or disobedience to YAH. Yet people believe that YAH will change for them and bend his standards for them. People believe this in all aspects of their lives, and they expect others to always bend policies and boundaries to their will. I made this connection from seeing this in our daily lives. Many people believe it is all right to talk about boundaries until you apply those boundaries to them. Thankfully, the YARAH sets us free from this bondage because YAH tells us we do not have favorites.

Our lives are not to chase the best life but to make a choice on where we will spend our next life as in the spiritual realms not as in reincarnation because that is pagan thought. The pathway, standards, and instructions (your works) as to how to enter the Kingdom of YAH is supposed to create the relaxing thoughts from Psalm 23.

Malak (King) Dawayad (David) says, "YAH is my Shepard and because of this I will not go without anything."

Psalm 23:2 KJV - YAH leads me beside the calm waters and he comforts (gives me rest) me to lie down in green pastures. The scriptures translate this as “makes" me lie down. More mental conditioning to make people think YAH forces things on us. Who can sleep when we are worried, stressed and up tight? Comfort sounds nice.

Here is a look at the word etymology of "Commandment."

YAH did not assign the word “command” to his instructions and standards. The word is mitsvah for the modern Hebrew, but we get more meaning from the original Hebrew word “MaTsaWaH.”   MaTsaWaH sounds so much more like the language of our people. 

Matsawah- (modern Hebrew is mitzvah) What does our original word mean?

Ma- The water means might, cleansing, refreshing, restoring. The other side to wickedness is chaos and destruction of evil but that is also cleansing to the people of YAH. Movement, life or death, and a portal. Unknown and mighty power. The scriptures are referred to as refreshing, cleansing, and is the answer to thirst. Ha’MaShaYaK (HaMashiach) is clear about this when speaking to the woman at the well.

TSA -The picture of TsaDa is a person on their side - means rest, surrender, prayer, waiting, hunting, hiding, snare, trap, issuing out, sides.

WaW- a picture of a tent peg and a nail. Yah’HOWaShOWa (YAHOSHUA) fastening, rooting, securing, connection, a holding, ladder, and support.

HA- a picture of surrender, worship, praise, looking up for help, connection. Surrender does not mean I give up without a fight, but it means I recognize I cannot do this by myself, and I recognize the Almighty Creator and I allow him to cleanse and set me free of this mess. The only way to let go and receive this grace and mercy is to transform your mind as in the way you think and believe.  People “backslide” because they are double-minded, para means broken rrp. We can see the two heads is broken. Although they know of the truth, they do not acknowledge the truth (ignorance) and they continue to sit on the fence so to speak.

Perhaps you can see the description? I see the beauty, salvation, and power of YAH! The Matsawah are a correcting and turning back to our roots by the supreme power, YAH, to a nation, home, rebirthing (born again) to enter back into the house of YAH. We must be born again (transformed) by this washing. The Mam represents the word for water as in MaYaM and there are many references to washing before entering the house. YAHOSHUA washed the feet of the Talmidian (Yaowachnan – John 13:8 KJV). YAHOSHUA says to Kapa or Kaph (Peter) one that has had a bath is clean only the feet need to be washed. As in path walking journey, we help each other make sure we are still on the right path and that we do not bring dirt into the house of YAH although we may be clean (through YARAH) other places there is still a foothold (Ephesians 4:27 KJV) for wickedness to enter.

Mam also looks like and reflects a mountain top where we received the instructions and MaTsaWaH. Water is also a portal the transportation back to our original state and the promised lands to come. The water and the TsaDa show squeezing of sides to squeeze out the transgression or what we know as sin. Beautiful!

We know we must receive forgiveness and transformation to wear the clothing of righteousness to enter the Kingdom of YAH. We cannot show up any way we want to show up. We must change (see the parable of the wedding feast in Matatayahowa (Matthew) 22. The change request is a standard it is optional. You do not have to accept YAH's standards (dalaga) so this would mean these are not commandments.

When I see our words so grossly misrepresented with translations, I know it is to deter us from this valuable lifesaving information. We avoid words that dominate or push us around, and rightly so, no one wants to be controlled. We have been pushed around so much who wants to continue to get pushed around?

So why not cover up your path, to the only one that can give freedom, power, and salvation, with a road sign, roadblock, or blinder that gives you the image of slavery?

The thought or fear that we do not understand or recognize Ruach-Ra keeps us running without examining (reasoning)- TSA-dah? Question and research to help everyone find the truth that is the will of YAH.

We will look at the word etymology of "Law."

Yis’real (the Hebrew word is Yash’RAAL) is not religious. No arguing… religion is a real legion. A legion of doctrine so the word alone tells you it is not of YAH. Laws of federal, state, or church bylaws are enforced but living but YARAH is a choice, and it is completely different as YARAH is of YAH. You have a choice but for anyone that does not agree with YARAH and wants to stay in the house of YAH, it is not going to happen no matter how bold you think you are. Having someone with this mentality (spirit heart) can get everyone else off track and it is selfish and comes from the spirit of Ra. The spirit of disorder, dysfunction, and disfunction looking to another believed strength outside of YAH looking to other spirits for power love to say, "let me set you free from YARAH (Torah to the modern Hebrew)" of course. YAH will never take you away from YARAH. So, you chose to walk away from YARAH so it cannot be a law. Laws are enforced whether we agree with them or not so that is another sign. YAH will let you go to your choice. He is warning us what is on the other side of his protection. Warning you of what the spirits of Ra have to offer.

Although the word law is linked to the MaTsaWaH (YARAH) it is not our YARAH, doctrine because YARAH is teaching cleanses and transforms, YAH feeds, and is the salvation of YAH). An agreement is two parties say yes to the terms. Granted someone must head the agreement and since YAH knows better and he is the Highest head, he is creating the standards (pathway). We can either trust this is illuminating, or we can go with the false doctrine of the devours. YAH says, “I set before you blessings or curses.” Davarayam (Deuteronomy) 30:16 KJV  That is a choice.

So, the word “law” in Hebrew is ALaWa. The word means to join and the example from Jeff Brenner’s Hebrew lexicon is join pages 157-158. Like a lender and a borrower. So, when you owe a debt to the spirits of Ra aka Satans (The name means to oppose YAH to be in opposition of YARAH) they have the right to torture you (the borrower is a slave to the lender – Proverbs 22:7 KJV). Jeff also lists the word DAT to mean law on page 99 – but this word means “entering with a mark” and in the Hebrew heritage we know that is with the approval of YAH. When you join and come in agreement with spirit Ra aka Satans you will reap the same thing they will reap. Interesting they have the right to enforce their laws on people. So, when Paul says, “I am no longer under the law,” he means the control and law of mammon. The law from the oppression and torture of the children of HaSatan. He is in no way speaking of YARAH because he is walking in the MaTsaWa, he is now free!

We can also include the word covenant in this list of trap words. Look at how a covenant is linked to law and if you have noticed you do not have a choice in the rules set in a covenant. Covenants and laws of rules are called guidelines. However, a standard is a measurement, direction, refinement, and training to reach a mark.

Here is the word behind "law" and "covenant" in Modern Hebrew.

Here is the original Hebrew BRYT-(BaRAYaTaw)

Wa’YaqarA (Leviticus) 26:9- This is the book of YAH’s teachings proclaimed as in YAH called his people back to being set apart. This is not the book of the law or just a book of sayings. Wa’YaqarA 26:9 – the watered-down version:  For I will look favorably on you and make you fruitful – (Who) the translation skip the who, but it is there.  Atacama (your strong leader the alaph and the tav – the beginning and the end YAH.)  and multiply you and confirm (also left out- my Barayat with you from the beginning) my covenant with you.

Here is the message from the original Hebrew.

Time to let go of these man-made words that deter us from walking in our power and our salvation. All glory to the KING by walking in the declaration (repentance)!

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