Soul Body and Mind the Nephesh and the SHAMA
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The real word is napasha.  The words are changed to reflect the adaptation to another way or people.  A people outside of the house of The Most High the True Creator of the original house.  We are seeking to come out of those houses.  RASHATAW says in revelation 18:4 surface “come out of her my people.”

Looking at NAPASHA

In the unfolding of GANASHAWAYANA (GANASHA - Genesis) we see that we are two we are healed into one. Again, upon not just learning of the knowledge of YARA of the living Creator but also of living (action of living YARA.)  Unlike we are told we do not just think and believe something is real and that we are cleansed.  Or think “good thoughts” or think on the scripts.  We need to think about the truth that is being dismissed so we do not take on the truth and the true power of living YARA.  Yara is also not Torah.  Although Torah is a start YARA goes deeper into the truth.

We are bodies with minds.  We are SHAMA with a mind.  When we sinned in the SHAMAYAMA, we fell, we separated and became double minded.  Dead from sin.  So, we walk around with a body with a mind and an inner sensing that are disconnected.  The inner sensing is the SHAMA.  Thereby we are still seeing and hearing SHAMAYAMA happenings and thoughts.

When we hear “Mind, body, and Soul.”  You are hearing body, body.   Keeping the SHAMA thinking and acknowledgment (living of YARA) out keeps the body open to receive spirits also known as rawaq.  This is the reason the Greek culture calls us hosts. Since we don’t have our original teaching we don’t realize what we are taught today is twisting but also mockery.  As in teaching us without us being about to comprehend what they are telling us as in right in your face, ha-ha type of thing.

I know for some this fact that we have a body mind commonly referred to as the natural mind.  And we have a SHAMA mind often wrongly called spiritual mind.  Since when we think of the supernatural world we call that spiritual instead of SHAMAYAMA.  The Modern Hebrew calls it shamayim.  Note the change in pronunciation may seem small but this change throws you off  from the root words and connections.  The change from a to e in fact changes the sound but also meanings. Commentary.

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Nephesh (Napasha) is considered soul in Greek.  But when we look closer to this word we get flesh.  Flesh is the body or as in natural living, thereby the soul is the body.  Back there about 2016 or so, I heard of a Christian woman teaching a program that was about the soul.  I don’t want to specifically name the problem because I am not to put people on public blast just SHAMAYAMA blast and The Most High will do the rest.  Bringing someone to the light means to bring them to the measurement of YARA.  In bringing someone to the measurement of YARA I also must make sure I hold to YARA.  Looking at forgiveness is where I would find the way to address the person teaching wrong doctrine. Commentary.

New back to the issue.  The people loved the program.  The program had the base premise of encouragement.  Promoting healing.  What we as the people of The Most High are to give.  The problem is anything based on soul principles is only surface.  To heal one must change the SHAMA the true heart and the works of the YARA to receive a deep lasting change.  One may find change continuously difficult when they are only changing surface level habits as in rituals instead of routines.

One can memorize a ritual and call that a routine.   A routine is a homophone (same word) of rooting.  As in setting in of firm foundation.  As in something that holds deeply and sprouts or springs from within not without.  Hence the reason most people that need to keep rituals call on spirits to help them.  We only call on RASHATAW to show us his way. 

Learning YARA is sparked by a desire within the shama mind.  We sense we need to live better.  We need to live without sin.  Yet the body-natural mind denies what the mind sees.  Or perhaps the natural mind is listening to the self.  Or other people that are controlled by their self-elves.

The battle within to follow what we know is the RAWACHA or to keep following our natural self erupts.  Because now the SHAMA has the works of the RAWACHA speaking. 

The two minds, hearts, divided can’t last.

The Most High is calling us back to be healed at this point.  What we sense on the inside lives out in action.  After this cleansing period, of the first cleansing of 3 years mark, we begin to not only think on YARA we are living out YARA.  Commentary.

Reading picks up at 19:01 mark.

We live out YARA regardless of what others think or believe.  We live out YARA regardless of our self-elves. Our SHAMA is overpowering this spiritual working of another teaching.  Some of us the self-elves are dead at this point as we no longer hear them speaking.  Cleansed.  Others you still have a way to go if your self elf is still leading you. Commentary.

Reading picks up at the 20:10 mark.

Think the house is cleansed and swept.  The house is the body and mind is rejoined and filled again with YARA.  Reconnecting our SHAMA mind to our body mind.  I have had dreams where I am the dreamer looking at me in the dream. And we are looking at each other.  First I though I was seeing my dream.  But I think about the “vision” re-accountments in the Bible describing how the Adanaya’s saw what was happening or going to happen.  I was with HAMASHA in the dream and he was speaking to me through the dream.  A picture says a thousand words or more.  So, words paint pictures too and that is our dreams and vision.  The shamayama is shown through dreams and visions a telling or teaching. The dreamer is the physical or natural me looking at the shama me. Closer to today, I sense or feel like I was in that dream the moment.  The natural and shama me have caught up with each other and the marker for HA ABA that I am one again.

In Ganasha (genesis) we see this is truth.  As we are split and now the double minded man and woman are coming back together because we first came back to agreement with HA ABA.  We are also coming back to one as husband and wife. Then as one as family, and one as a people.

We get more clarity that we need to move away from  holding to what people who live life outside of YARA are doing.

Unfolding of NAPASHA

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