Marker of YAMAWAMA (DAYS) and YAH’s Calendar
A heated topic is whether a “day” starts in the
The Purpose of YARAH Part 3
I see (RASHA) that pure truth is our scrips and
Early Meditation Reveals The Slow Put Down
While reviewing and meditating on scripture one morning, I came
The Purpose of YARAH Part 2 Peace
See Part 1 for more Clarity- Introducing the MATSAWAH YARAH
The Purpose of YARAH Part 1
Knowing and comprehending the pathway and the light of YAH
Taking Back Our Ability to Reason
Since people like a superficial lifestyle when the press comes
Our Ability to Reason is Lost
You can scroll through the PDF below. Hover over the
The Truth About Poverty and Lack
Are poverty and lack really spirits? Since we know spirits
Revealing The Thought Movement
The Thought Movement The importance of our words I explain