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I knew you before you were in your mother's womb...

YAHWAH knew us before He set the foundations into the place.  What does this mean?  We are a spiritual people and YAHWAH knows everything about us.  When YHWH created the first ADM he planted the first seed of life into the ground.  YAH cultivated him and YAH gave him breath (spirit) when he pulled the first ADNY from the ground for he is the seed of life planted by YHWH. YHWH set the foundations into place in the beginning. YHWH made the foundations of heaven (SHAMAYAM) and the land of passing (ARATSADA) called earth.  Learn more as I unfold the history of our roots.

It is time for us to get to know the real Genesis one story. Is the creation story we know or are learning today the truth? What's in the original language? Let's explore.
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The Meaning of Crushing Fear

Fear is a spirit that is used to rule people.  But fear can serve a purpose.  Fear is meant to give us a sense of alert naturally or a sense of seeking to examine something deeper for safety reasons.  Fear is a built in warning system that we manage because fear is a defense mechanism.  Fear of walking outside or YARAH causing curses and I want to walk in the increases of YAH.  The fear of walking outside of YARAH is a healthy and sane fear when we do not go to extremes. Going to extremes is walking in the spirit of religion or man made laws created to separate us from YAHRAH.  Fear of the consequences of sin as in missing the mark of YAH is a fear.  Therefore we fear the wrath of YAH and greatly so as it is something we should contemplate and comprehend what happens when we walk in something other than YHWH's Path.  We need to reach to hold onto YAH's pathway.  YAH is the creator and the ultimate ruler.  YAH'HASHAWA is the only redeemer and the harvester.


When we fear other spirits, things, or people we are saying those things are greater than YAH.  Hence this is why YAH says do not fear them but fear me as I am the only one that can wipe out all my creations.  The word associated with fear in Hebrew or the OABARAYAM is throwing ones self at the feet of the redeemer at the feet of the ADONAY at the door hung on the rod of correction.  The staff of almighty authority and power.  We know to walk with our creator is a true gift and YAH is very merciful to those that walk in his YARAH.  Hence grace is being allowed to reenter the gates and dwell in the house of YAH.  Dwelling with YAH is not an imagination of thought only.  You can not skip the process of humbling repentance and cleaning just by "thinking good thoughts."  Our works matter regardless of the death trap lies that YARAH (Torah the teachings of YAH) are dead.


We only fear YAH!


We throw ourselves at the feet of our redeemer each day!  The work of our hands reflects this humbling submission and service.  We also know this working spirit of water and power is our salvation, our defense, our provision, our support, and weapons.  We know receiving and walking in the spirit of YAH is getting us back home. Join us as we allow the working waters of salvation at the door of salvation hung on the rod of correction on the branch of the tree of life bring us back to seeking repentance at the feet of our redeemer.


YAH does not want us to parish.  You make the choice who you will serve.  


Time to Suit UP!


Time to crush anything that attempts to rise it self above YAH in our hearts and this world.

Click on the video above to watch who I am and why YHWH gave me Crushing Fear.  Intro Part 1.

Crush Any Thing That Comes Against the Light of YHWH
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