Knowledge and Acknowledge Hosea
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We are tricked into following the things of the world instead of YHWH's YARA because, to be honest, most people are ignorant.  Mind games with words are contamination of the heart.  The term brainwashing is a twisting of when the YARA states we need to be washed clean. We need to renew our minds and be transformed through him by being turned back to YARA. (Commentary).  The satanic (those who twisting and binding teachings includes religion.) worldview is not the YARA.  The people of YHWH sin when we try to make the scrip and the world match.  YHWH did not come to save the world like we are told.  Translators took out The House of YASHA'RAAL and added world.  A prime example of mind contamination, because now so many people believe we are supposed to feel sorry for the evil in the world.

Getting back to the word ignorant, the word ignorance.  The processes of ignoring or being in a state of ignoring.  The best word for this is unacknowledged or lack of acknowledgment.  The word does not mean one is void of knowledge, wisdom, or the ability to comprehend. Ignorance means that with all that we are taught and sense, many chose to act like they didn’t see, hear, or know of something.  

I will use lack of acknowledgment because it will be hard for the mind to let go of what we are led to believe ignorant means. We as a people ignore or fail to acknowledge the laws of YHWH and we allow the children and followers of outsider to misguide us.  I am talking about the ones that have chosen to follow evil not the people that are still deceived.  Those that are of YHWH but are deceived can receive the seed of the truth of YHWH's forgiveness. Those that ignore the prompting of his RAWACHA and confirmation of his YARAH sadly will perish with those who come against YHWH.

knowledge:” just the first portion was shared over and over by the trained puppet masters.  Keep reading and in the next portion of the scripts YHWH says, “because you have rejected knowledge.”  Lack of knowledge and rejection of knowledge are not the same things as we mentioned earlier.  We can see something is missing and we know that because The Most High is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV).

We cannot lack and reject knowledge simultaneously.  A lack of knowledge means you do not have that knowledge.  Rejection means you know and you have chosen to ignore that knowledge.  We can only be approved for forgiveness and held as leaders in teaching the YARA when we keep the LAWA of YHWH. We see that stated here in the bible.  Most will reject this statement because they believe the "law" is done away with. So only taking bits and pieces to support the doctrine of the kicked out ones and man.  

The missing word in the verses is acknowledgment.  “My people are destroyed for a lack of acknowledgment; because you have my (YHWH's YARA) rejected knowledge,” (Commentary) The Most High just showed us the lie planted here by changing acknowledge to the knowledge you think it’s something you don’t know.  We are called to turn back to YAH'HASHAWA.  The knowledge is given to us through his leading that we know as the RAWACHA (spirit or name) and the name comes through in YARA.  Due to slavery caused by disobedience the people of YHWH do not have parents to pass this down as we are told in Exodus, so we now feel or sense in our SHAMA's.  You know when we are not doing something right and the YARA will confirm.

Now what is the truth?

Unfolding of the Scrip. What is in Hosea chapter 4 verse 6 in the OBARAYAM?

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