The Name Jesus Testing the Spirits

Today we are going to go over the "name" Jesus. Many people argue over this name and after doing my own research and seeking YAH we can see the truth. Arguing is a waste of energy and a deflection. Acknowledgment of truth is very important on this topic.

The Name of The Most High

I originally named this blog “the name of Jesus” before I know more about the original Hebrew OBARAYAM.  Now I know there are many false “names” being used for the Highest and the Mightiest Power.  

Upon study, the word name is not the proper translation.  The word “name” is Greek.  The word is SHAMA but the modern Hebrew throws people off by calling the original word shame.  Once I learned the letters, I saw it was SHAMA.  Most people have heard the word of heaven as or something like that, but heaven is the spirit realm, and it is our word SHAMA.  SHAMA is pronounced Shema in modern Hebrew and their meaning is “to listen” or “listen.”  We are disconnected because we are not mature enough to make the connection therefore the deception works.

Now that we know what the word name is, we can define much deeper and so we need to go deeper.  We are looking for the spirit, breath, and characteristics of the Creator, our Shepherd, and of our Savior.  So now we need to list the characteristics (spirit) of (YAH).

  1. Strong Leader- Authority, Rising power
  2. Teacher
  3. Trainer
  4. Order
  5. Support, carrier, pillar
  6. Fruitful - Provider
  7. Power
  8. Creator
  9. Developer
  10. Protector, surrounding, strong tower, covering

The spirit of YAH shows what YAH does and to know YAH is essential to coming to YAH’s for salvation.   Knowing YAH is our freedom.  YAH desires that we know his SHAMA, spirit.  Hence, we are to test the spirits.

The “name” tells us the spirit, and therefore it is essential for us to know the meaning of a name and to be aware of the name we use to call on YAH.  Yes, the “name” matters because it is the spirit, so we need to stop arguing and discern the spirits.

What is the spirit behind the name Jesus?  Looking at this spirit by examining the character of its people and the meaning of its “names.”

John 5:43 KJV  HA MASAH says that He came in his name (spirit) and our people rejected him but when another comes in his name (spirit) our people will accept him.  What name is known across the world?  What doctrine is not in the Bible?  What doctrine uses scriptures but twists them and truly doesn’t understand them? There are many religions but one top religion comes based on the name “Jesus Christ.”  People who claim to know this is a deceptive religion still foolishly hold on to the name thereby holding on to the spirit behind this name.

The first spirit behind this name is Iesous or Iaso, don’t be fooled by all the name letter variations that are in the English language.  The rules alone are enough to make us scream, but that’s done on purpose to trick us with words by confusing the words.  Iaso Christos is who the Greeks call Christ, and the truth is this is where we got the name, Christ.  Who was this person or pagan god to them?

The lie starts here.  This name does not translate from Hebrew as Jeshua or Yeshua because there isn’t a “J”, “e”, or “u” in Hebrew, and now after beginning studies of Hebrew, the spelling doesn’t match up.  Look up what Iesous means and is pronounced Le-Zeus or The Zeus.  We had symbols and sounds not “letters” so to speak.

Supposedly it’s a translation of HA MASHA.  I will stick with the savior.

Zeus is the primary Greek pagan god of Mount Olympus.  What does Zeus mean? Shine or sky.  He carried the light bolts and was called the god of lightning.  Lucifer means brilliant or shine, and he is referred to as the lightning bearer.  I cannot make this up.  I can only share the connection because it is the ignoring and disconnect leading our people astray.

We will look at this name in Greek now. No connection to YAH or YHWH.

Many will say to you, “You don’t believe this do you? Because this is made up to mislead you” and anytime we hear this type of statement, it will cause us to doubt and ignore the truth.  We tend to doubt our sanity, and that is part of the mind freak.  If the scripts did not confirm the name change and the false god, I would still be in ignorance.  Praise YAH through HIS Salvation that his scriptures are leading us to the truth!

The name Jesus is said can not be traced back to the original OBRYM. But if we look at what the Greeks carried over our language to their we can see a connection and get a meaning.  

No J but the Greek carried over the Y YADA as the J and turned it into the I and then eventually the J.  So when you pull up this name Jesus you get G2424 Iesous and that name is linked to H3091 the modern Hebrew word Yehoshua.  We do not have an e the Greek translated the A and the H as an e.  The “e” represents their els.  You can learn more about that in this blog:  

We do not have a “u.”  The Greek translates the was the “u”.  The “s” is the s.

So now we can pull this together.  

So, what does this mean?  This word is a folded word, so we must unfold.  The AY means strength of working power but what power?  Since we know that Christianity says the YARAH is dead and that they believe there are many different paths to the salvation of self then we know this symbol is the YA, not the YADA.  The YADA is pointing us to the door of salvation.  So, we use YA as the beginning meaning an arm of power or working power but not specific to YAH.  

The second word is a root word ss and then the word would be SWS.

Ms waw ms.  The SAMA ms=s is known in modern Hebrew as a “goat head” a thorn that grabs hold.  You may also recognize this in the crown of thorns placed on the head of YAH’s Salvation, the ram, HA MASHA.  The crown was placed on his head in mockery.  The SAMA was used to build walls of protection at night to protect the sheep and the animals as the Shepherd sat at the door.  We call HA MASHA what?  The Shepherd says he is the door.  So, this symbol is one that we know and what the meaning represents.  However, the language of YASH’RAAL has double meanings so this is also binding as this thorn protects when they are placed together like as in a wall (the MAYAM is seen here because it looks like a wall of water) when placed around the flock.  Water also represents chaos as people never know what to expect from the great waters or what resides in those waters.  Waters means spirit.  So, it can be a protecting spirit, or it can mean a binding unknown spirit.   As in what spirits set snares and traps for the righteous of YAH.  As in a stronghold.  The SAMA also can mean binding and twisting as people look back or turn around when they step on these thorns and people know these thorns are painful.  

Who had a thorn in his thigh after wrestling with MALAK (messenger) of YAH?  Who had a thorn in his side?  Okay, so this links back to thorns.  When looking at the W this means to nail, split, join, twist, turn, and fasten.  Combine the symbols this is a great twisting and binding spirit of unknown origins from the foundations.  The spirits did not create the foundations, but they were there in the darkness of the ARTSA before the light entered.

Although there are many false spirits of disorder this spirit is the worst pretending to be the spirit of salvation the spirit of YAH.  All the other spirits are outright they do not and are not of YAH.  Since religion has linked or falsely covered up its sins with our light people are running from the truth.  The religion with these mammon spirits also known as Leviathan spirits are dangerous and YAH says we are to come out of their works.  Taking on their name is accepting and joining those spirits.  Time to eliminate this spirit by letting go of this name. Remember the spirit of YAH is what brought us to salvation but repentance and now walking in YARAH is what going to take us to the mark. The "name" of this false god did not save us because remember salvation is working water it is the doing of YARAH. We do not believe nor live in the lie that if you just believe as in think it and it will be so you are saved. We can let go of the thought movement and know just saying I know who Jesus is saved me.

What about people that use this “name” and claim to walk in YARAH?  Perhaps that proves you can still use this name. No, we are told in Revelation that there would be those pretending to be of the people of YAH but they are not one of us if they are still walking with this spirit.  Normally if you look closely, they are combining things of the world with some things from the YARAH.  They are not of the people of YAH.

Revelation 2:13- I know your works, and where you dwell near Satan’s seat: and you hold to my spirit (YARAH), and have not denied AMAWANAH (FAITH), in those days that Antipas the faithful martyr, was among you.

Revelation 2:14 But I have a few things against you because you have them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block among YASH’RAAL, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.

Revelation 2:15- you also have those that hold to the Nicolaitans doctrine which I hate.

Part 3 Video - We will discuss the OBRYM breakdown as listed above and in the PDF. You can hover over the PDF here on the website to get to the controls to move between the pages.


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