Day Two Genesis 1 verses 6 to 10
Now we begin day two. GANASHAYASHA 1:6 -We see the
Day One Genesis 1 verses 1 to 5
Genesis the name GANASHAYASHA First Day. The unfolding behind the
Honor and Respect the True Meanings
We are taught that we need to “respect” others and
Decision Flow
Making Decisions Based on YARAH. Back in 2015 I begin
MATSAWAH Explained
Learning RASHAWTAW OBARAYAM (Hebrew not modern) is a wonderful experience,
Standards LAWAGADA
I quickly stand in defense of your lamp and light,
YARAH Unfolded
The unfolding of YARAH surprisingly turned into four parts to
So we can hear the whoosh sound in wind. An
ASHAR - Real Date 6/2/(2023) What is ASHAR.  In the
Now from the previous blogs we see the flow chart
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