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We live in a world where we can be frozen by fear and worry.  I want to be the best me I can be, and I want to encourage you to do the same.  I have tried many self-help avenues, and I noted those things lifted me for short time, but then I needed another book.  Eventually, I realized it was the same empty things told differently.

The power of YAH sustains!  Only the YARAH the light and lamp that we reflect as YASH'RAAL has transformed the people of YHWH.  This power has made us and the pillar and keeper he has made us to be!  I pray we can help you learn how to search and return to the light of YAH, that we know as salvation as well.  We help others the way we were helped.


Hebrew Name: YASHACHAYAKA BAYTAW YASHAR YASHA'RAAL.  Translated Yaschica Coard  Daughter of YASH'RAAL

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About Tompeka Coard Leader and Messenger of Foundations

I am Tompeka Coard (TOMAPAKA YASHAR) the chosen KALA or THATAW (vessel) for Foundations. Several years ago ABA YAH allowed my sister Yaschica (YASHACHAYAKA YASHAR) to build the crushing fear website! After ABA YAH gave me an assignment my loving and amazing sister made room for me here to share Foundations with you! My journey began years ago with a deep desire of wanting more than just going through the motions of doing things just because it's always been done that way. I wanted to know why we do what we do and why it seemed to be in direct opposition to ABA YAH's word.
My hunger for scriptures along with a desire to be closer to ABA YAH started me on a path where ABA YAH was able to talk clearly to me and teach me Himself without the filtered glasses so to speak of traditions. HE taught me to study biblical history to get an understanding of where certain traditions started and why. ABA YAH also taught me to look up some of the biblical words in the original language of Hebrew to get to the true context and meaning of the scriptures. Now, as our journey continues we desire to share a starting place with you called Foundations to help you with your journey!