The Real Meaning of Dying to Self
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I began this remembrance with HA ABA HAYAH as part of my healing.  I am a people person.  I care about people.  I care how we are treated.  More importantly I care how we treat RASHATAWA.  So, I care about the people of RASHATAWA.  We put RASHATAWA first.  Next we need to take care of personal care.  Personal care is not the same as self-care.   I will cover that in another write up.  Personal care is RASHATAWA healing us and making us whole as individuals after we return to living YARAH.  Then we are healed as individuals our SHAMA and our Body – thinking heart and action become one again.  Yes, again.  Then we come together as a couple as husband-and-wife healing and becoming whole again.  Yes, again.  Then we come together as a people again through other relationships. Yes, again.  Family relations are built to bring the people together so much so that we operate on a national level in the SHAMAYAMA. 

So, when we stop and look at the arrogant person this person is all about self.  Part of my healing was seeing how the people that I wanted to help did not want help.  They liked their sins.  I did not know about false humility at the time so I did not realize all the talk about wanting better or not to sin was just talk.  I also did not realize that when people are offended, the defense of sin, they lash out.  So, for many years people where abusive towards me.  Because I did not know what was happening they were able to convince me that what was happening was all my fault.  Today, I know this as projection and deflection.  In the scripts we know this as false accusation or accusers. 

What was happening is the mindsets (spirits) behind what was happening to me was determined to crush my SHAMA.  Take away the connection I had and stop me from developing into the daughter of YHWH he had planned and created.   Thankfully RASHATAW, means the creator in the OBARAYAM, would not let that happen. So, there are many people that are working in a mindset and working with spirits that want to crush others so they can reign superior. 

I have met many arrogant people.  Many are low key arrogant.  There are two major types of arrogance.  You will know them as the self-esteem.  Perhaps you got offended.  WHAT? We are supposed to have self-esteem.  And I ask, are we?

When I read about arrogant as in prideful people I see they are marked as insecure.  I was like how in the world because to speak to them they believe they are the best thing ever.  Oh, because insecure doesn’t mean what we are told it means.  We know to be secure means to be safe to held tightly in place.  Holds to, holds down, or holds up.  Now we can expand as hold to means rooted.  Something held down is rooted as in a foundation is set.  We view the SHAMAYAMA meaning. 

An individual or thing that is insecure is unsecured as in nothing is rooted or holding up.  The person has many beliefs but no real backing to those beliefs.  I recognized this from self-help books.  All the statements we are told to repeat held no real substance.  I questioned how can we have or say those things without proof of truth?

Not that I could not see my strengths.  I know there are plenty of people claiming to be gifted in things they don’t have in depth experience, knowledge, or training to get praise.  Self-talk to build the self or self-esteem is what is happening.   No truthful foundation.  Not just appreciated but praised.  Praise means worship.  I know the proverbs 31 woman has the word praise plug in but the word is appreciated or regarded. 

We do not praise people.  We appreciate people as in show regard.  We only praise RASHATAW.  Perhaps you say appreciate is praise.  Is praise and appreciation the same? Or is that something that is confused to bolster pride?  Looking at the etymology of praise we get to respect and admiration of.  Both words respect and admiration mean to worship. 

So, self-esteem means one that needs lifting.  As in placed in worship or on a pedestal.  One who has high self-esteem is high on their own thoughts.  One who has low self-esteem needs others to lift them up.  The high self-esteem still only surrounds themselves with people who praise them.  Because no one can deflate their arrogance.  If so, they will lash out.

The low self-esteemed gives compliments in hopes to get compliments back.  So, when a low self-esteem person meets another person with low self-esteem it seems to work for a while.  Each one boasts about the others self.  The high self-esteemed normally loves the low self-esteemed.  The person with  low self-esteem gets nothing in return and becomes drained. Neither the high nor low can get enough to keep them going.   Perhaps you know two highly self-esteemed people don’t get along.  Neither can give each other enough praise.  The steam, so to speak, always seems to run out and they will need more and more. (Commentary).

Reading starts again at mark 27:19.

Comparisons are a constant problem with the self-esteemed.  Because of the constant comparisons the self-esteemed need to seek out flaws in people.  They need to think they are better than people or at least confirm what they already think that they are better than people.  Self-esteem high and low have a superiority complex.  They know themselves to be superior to others.  All in their minds of course.  I am not saying people should not receive appreciation from others but the idea that you need to be above everyone else is a problem and that is an individual seeking praise not appreciation. What if you are neither are you supposed to think down on you?

No, there is a confident person.  This person has neither high nor low self-esteem.  Perhaps you are thinking what?  If I think well of me than isn’t that self-esteem?  No because the confident person died to self.  Correct.  The Bible speaks about dying to self and most of the time people think that means you can or don’t have any type of confidence.  So, we need to separate self-esteem from confidence.

Self-esteem is self-love and is based on who the person thinks they are or who they want to be.  The self strangely doesn’t know who they are.  They mimic others often.  Normally qualities that they want to have.  Or qualities that they think bring that person (someone that the self is jealous of or envious of) what they want, attention and money.  (Commentary)  Or skills that will bring them money.  The self needs something that brings self-esteem.  A mindset that I call the self-elf spirit. Commentary

Reading picks up again at 27:18 mark.

A confident person knows who they are and knows how to appreciate others.  They are fine in the background.  They don’t need a lot of attention.  Also, they know money will not buy attention either.  Note attention and appreciation are different.  Everyone needs and gets appreciation when they help or contribute something beneficial.  Also, a truly confident person is not sure who we are because of self-assurance (esteem) but who RASHATAW is.  The self-calls this false humility.  A key marker of the self.  The self is its own god.  So, to give credit to RASHATAW offends the self.

Dying to self means we are no longer our own gods.  We are no longer self-evolved or involved.  We are and know RASHATAW is the greatest.  RASHATAW alone and is everything.  And without RASHATAW we are nothing.  That is not false humility.  Humbling thoughts that kill the self elf.

So, giving credit where credit goes praises the correct being.  The self-hates this process and calls the humbled poor.  Here is where we get the negative connotation of humbled.  The self teaches and confirms the true meaning of humbled.  Humbled means to submit willingly to a greater power.  Power in control given to a greater power.  In turn the greatness of our greater power gives us more power.  The self elf doesn’t want you to know this because then you would crush out the sin.  And that sets you free.  So, dying to self-sets you free and increases your SHAMA.

The confident person learns there is an assignment for us.  We learn what that assignment is by learning who RASHATAW is, the Creator.  RASHATAW created us and the assignment.  Giving us light to the way.  When we seek to live and learn then implement ray we can see RASHATAW.  And when RASHATAW is ready to show us who he made us. And our assignments.  We protect what he says and shows.

In High school I asked RASHATAW, at the time, I called him God but thankfully I was talking to the real Creator.  I asked RASHATAW what he wanted me to study in school.  Although school made me feel like I wasn’t smart enough, I still sensed I needed to go to college.  But I didn’t want to waste my time so I asked.  What should I study?  The response was accounting.  Now looking back, it fits.  I am made to be an accountant through and through.

Before learning that I am working on my assignment I was insecure.  I allowed people to speak into my life constantly.  Often going against my inner sight and sensing.  My SHAMA was hearing from the RAWACHA and giving me my inner knowledge of the instructions of YARA and RASHATAW.  So today even when holding on to accounting seemingly doesn’t make sense I still hold on to accounting.  Slowly but surely, I can see the greatest increases.  So, I am confident I know my SHAMA YATAKA Father RASHATAW.

The confident are held up by the greatest power because we praise Him and hold up the standards of his YARA. We don’t have issues with caring for us as individuals.  We become whole and now we overflow and genuinely love others to rise to ray as well.  Hoping and helping them find this freedom.

The confident give genuine compliments.  Not expecting anything in return.  But sharing of appreciation of everyone’s gifts, talents, skills, the work you put in and your dedication to RASHATAW. If not now hopefully one day.  The goal is never forced by a genuine support system.  Making us true friends.  We are friends to many but we only have a few friends.

Confidence will defeat and offend the spawn of the superiority complex – pride.  Hence the reason for some of us is it’s easy to die to self.  Others you don’t want to kill pride.  Confusing self-esteem with confidence.

I flow now more than I ever did with self-elf.  Now I can weather low seasons that appear as a failure but really is a change for the better.  I can weather high seasons without pride.  I can weather quiet seasons as one filled with waiting as I know this is preparation.  We need these in between seasons to heal and grow.  Always checking to make sure we are in CHATAHAMA.  The road of forgiveness and out of sin.  The Great Wisdom is CHATHAMA.  Growing higher to constantly and consistently serve RASHATAWA.

Now we die to self. And we must deal with those who don’t die to self and thereby they are attempting to come against RASHATAWA.  The self-pride giants.  The giants who want to reign (to be pre-dominant.) I am learning not to call them rulers.  Using the word ruler is not accurate.  A ruler keeps a measurement a standard we are the Kings and Queens of YASH’RAAL, the rulers.  So, all who say there is another way and live outside of YARA are living and holding up another standard or measurement.  A standard that shows it is destructive.

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