YARAH Word Study

Most people are running from anything they believe has to do with the "commandments" also called Torah.   We also see the misuse of this information including those that claim to live in the Torah.  Revelation tells us there will be false prophets. And there are also those claiming to be of YAH that are also false prophets.  I am surprised that people think if someone claims to know "YARA" and they do not live out the teaching that Torah is the problem and not the person.  Because the spirits of this world have set up multiple traps and snares, we have to discern the difference.  But most people are walking on the wide path of destruction instead of the narrow path and this opens doors to deception in the life of those on the wide path.

Behind the word Torah is YARAH.  The word in OABARAYAM (original Hebrew) means the pointing and flowing working spirit from the Heavens to this realm through the heart of man (the mind).  We can see the spiritual flow of this word to connect man to the firm foundations set in the beginning.

Throughout the scripts we see the power of YAH working and this is the image of his hand on the head of a man.  When I say man this includes women as well.  I will explain why man being the head is not sexiest in another blog.  But we automatically know this includes women.  If we fold out the hand symbol we get the hand and the door symbol.  The word is YADA.  The door is the door of salvation.  The door hung on the rod of correction.  The LAMA shows up when unfolding the door symbol.  The LAMA is a picture of the shepherd staff.  If I unfold this one more time we get the MAYAMA that is a symbol for water.  Water symbolizes spirits and people.  So we see the flow from the sky.

YARAH is the spirit of YAH. YARAH is the spirit of YAH and is the breath the life from above.  YARAH is the teaching, the cleaning waters of salvation, the tree of life, and the bread of life.  The pointing of the hand is pointing us to the door of salvation through the spirit of YAH.  YARAH is our salvation and if you do not walk in this spirit you are walking in a deceiving spirit that is not of YAH.

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