The LAZY Spirit
Real Date: 4/3/2022 I had to revise this article because
Getting Our Houses In ARDAR Order Genesis 1:2
Real Date: 3/8/2022 Unfolding of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 2.
Marker of YAMAWAMA (DAYS) and YAH’s Calendar
A heated topic is whether a “day” starts in the
See Part 1 for more Clarity- Introducing the MATSAWAH YARAH
Our Ability to Reason is Lost
You can scroll through the PDF below. Hover over the
The Death Trap Lie of Religious Leaders
Death Trap Lie by Religious Leaders There is a demonic
The Double Minded Mother
When I read through the scripts, I do not see
Breaking Free of Unrighteous Counsel
Psalm 1-3 Translated: One looking to a or moving with
The Word Ignorance Breakdown
Is ignorance really a lack of knowledge?   In my last blog,
Knowledge and Acknowledge Hosea
We are tricked into following the things of the world