Religion Versus Living YARAH the Scripts

Back in 2015 when I began to talk about following scripts in the Church, the leaders and some of the members told me that I was too serious.  I was called religious.  In groups outside of the Church, I am called religious as well.  I could not understand either reasoning.  I thought the Church is supposed to follow the scripts, not man-made processes.  I understood that people who did not attend Church did not understand religion so I could understand why they are conditioned to believe the scripts are religion.  Today, I realize the process of calling the YARAH religion keeps us away or blind to the truth.  One that is blind to the truth cannot read the scripts because they cannot see what is really there or they add in what someone else told them what they believe should be there.  Blindness comes when people do not have the spiritual eyes to see.  Not only do the people of YAH see the physical we see the spiritual.  

We are called delusional or have our heads in the clouds if we believe the scripts are more than stories.  Interestingly clouds represent spirits and the breath so having our heads in the clouds would be accurate because it means we see in the spirit.  But I know that phrase is not meant that way but means to the people of the world to be a wavering unstable person as in the chaff from the wheat.  In fact, many people are trying to teach us a story.  History is more than a "story.”  I guess because the version of history we are fed is someone's "story." I think it is interesting as a child growing up, my grandmother would call lying telling stories. Speaking of the past is not telling a story, yet many religious leaders are called storytellers.  Why are they, good storytellers?  Teaching scriptures are historical and it is more so prophesying so why are they not considered historians or prophets?  

When I look up the etymology of religion, YARAH is not mentioned.  


So I guess you can argue that religion is a particular faith system or worship system not of YAH.  What I have found is the instructions and working waters of YAH are guidance in life, but if you don't want to follow YAH's instructions, then you will see it as religion. Therefore, you will be deceived by the real religion in an effort to so-called "get free." Yes, the YARAH is a system of faith (more than "belief" but action) and worship since living is how we place this into action there is order to our steps.    I don't deny YARAH is a system because order as in organized works because of plans and steps and chaos is the opposite of orderly. Also, we have routines and processes, not rituals. YAH's system makes sense and is not empty.  How can you have order without steps?    We will have to follow someone or something's system because there is rulership even when you think you are in control. When you follow "self" you are under the control of a demonic entity called "self" a binding spirit of pride is a speaking el (god). The SAMA EL PAYA is why we are told to die to "self." I will have more on this spirit soon.  

Credit: Google Search Results for copyright use for teaching purposes only. Why are we told to repeat without knowing in many areas of life? Because the wicked know spiritual implications exist although they tell us the spiritual does not matter.

I also need to mention that an orderly system, plan, structure, or foundation of thinking to administer good works is not the same as rituals.  Here is where the third MATSAWAH is lost to most people.  Do not take The ADANAYA YAH, thy ALA's "name" in vain.  Meaning do not put your hand to the works of the YARAH and turn back.  Do not have the appearance of following YARAH but purpose wickedness in your LABA (heart).  We cannot claim to love him and follow him if we do not do and walk in HIS YARAH.  When we claim to be a follower and do not uphold the scriptures, we are taking his name in vain.  I had to accept the fact that to keep this MATSAWAH of the YARAH, people would think I am religious.  YAH is helping me to deal with this because he has, thankfully, shown me the truth.  Like many in the bible, King DAWAYADA (David) and the psalms show his desire to follow the YARAH of YAH.  Here is where we need to look at faith's real meaning and then worship will make more sense and why this system of YAH is your armor and not religious oppression.


Please excuse my lettering of Y'Isreal as I know the correct form is YASHA'RAAL today but that was before I knew different.

The herods were never men of YAH so when they set something into place you know it is not good.

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