Honor and Respect the True Meanings
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We are taught that we need to “respect” others and “honor” others.  I began to notice during my YARAH studies that these words and their meanings did not match up.  Taking a look at the meaning of the words will assist us with determining the actual actions that we apply towards ABA YHWH, YAH’HASHAWA, and to others.

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I want you to notice that respect means a deep admiration, esteem, honor or praise.  I see the word regard is also used more than once.  Here’s the short meaning of regard. (pulled from a Google search for education purposes only.)

So I am curious. Let's look at admiration.  Admiration means to wonder as in a lack of knowing what is happening.  Or as walking around looking up in amazement not really watching where you are going or doing.  Or as in distracted or captivated by something that has you awe struck.  (A form of worship.)  

So we see wonder can be caught in awe of something. And isn’t that a form of worship? What I notice is the word “miracle.”  So a miracle giver would not be a person.  We know the only miracle giver is YHWH that would come through a person(s).  The person must be one with approval from YHWH.  

I have also noticed the spelling of honor has changed.  When you look this word up in the scripts it is honour the letter u is missing from English use today.  So if regard is respect than this script is repeating and sound more like this, "respect something with great respect."  Here we have an example of honor means to look up or worship.

Looking at the Modern Hebrew word is said to be CABADA  H3519, H3513.  (KAPA, BALATAW, DALATAW, there also appears to be an OAYANAO hidden in their that they say is silent.)     There is an HADARA Strongs H1921.  HADAYA, DALATAWA, and RASHANA.)  TAPARATAW H8597 - (TAWA PAYA ALAMA RASHATAW)

I will cover in the video the meaning of the words.  The words point back to looking to our creator RASHATAWA YHWH.   By holding to YHWH’s way is to honor and respect YHWH.  

Now we can see that worship means admiration and respect and honor is reverence.  So we do not use these words for people.  We would appreciate people for their works but all the credit still would go back to YHWH for his way reconnected through YAH’HASHAWA!!


(Reading begins again 5:26) Appreciation or to regard falls under AHABA.  Loving.  We can appreciate and regard others but we don’t want to fall into a place of worship.  All credit goes to YHWH for the works of people that answer a need and we appreciate them.  AHABA , love, means looking to someone in their care and walking with them.  Loving us with the correction and turning of YARAH and we can see this in the word SHAOOHA.   YHWH regards persons but he does not respect persons and we see that stated in the scripts.  Truth.  I also see where respect is being used in place of favor or regard.  

Favor is to regard.  But favor is not to respect.  You can favor someone and not so-called respect them.  One set apart and cover with increase and watch out for. But one that walks in  YARAH is favored or receives favor from YHWH.  We see favor in increases received when we are obedient to YHWH through walking through YARAH. (Commentary).

When we honor and respect YHWH we say we will do all he has said and we will.  We are careful to do all that he shows us and we hold to YARAH even when we can not see how in the world it will work.  Because that is just the problem…we are looking at the world.  We need to look up as our help comes from above.  The very meaning of honor and respect. 

In YARAH we are taught how to respect and honor YHWH.  And how to regard and appreciate persons.  Doing so we will find favor with YHWH.  (Commentary)

When I search for the reason, “Why is it important to confuse respect with regard?”  I found that obedience appears in the search.  People don’t want to link obedience with respect.  We can confirm obedience is still linked to respect because when you don’t do things the way people want you to do them they consider that you are disrespecting them.  Disrespect means to rebel or go against.  So if a person is giving me a way that is outside of YARAH I can't follow their “advice.”  (Commentary)

I have to go with what YHWH has said.  I want to note this is different from professional advice that is to protect you from the regulations and laws man made.  Those also must not force you to sin against YHWH but that advice is the protection provided from man made law.  Such as say business reporting.  You are not sinning to file taxes. You are being honest in reporting the income earned.  Give Caesar what is Caesar’s. 

Looking at Eytomology.com we see reverence.  Reverence means to worship.  Correct reverend comes from reverence.  More and more religious connection to pride and worship.

When looking at honor in the script it is linked to respect.  Looking up respect in this bible verse Deuteronomy 16:19 (Esword Bible for the PC app.)

Here thou shall not “respect” persons the word is NACAR in the OBARAYAM.  The word means to give increase to so this word needs to be regarded not respect.  Remember respect and regard are NOT the same word but the words are being linked so people can disconnect respect and obedience only in the physical realm anyway.  We can also confirm this is regard not respect because it says to neither give a gift.  So don’t give a gift or take one because basically you are attempting to change their decision. (commentary)

Thereby respect and honor mean to worship.  When you esteem something it is to lift it up.  Hence we are told YHWH will lift us up. As in, we will appreciate with power of his wisdom based on YHWH’s approval, so we are appreciated by others for the gift of YHWH.  (commentary)

He will bring down those that “lift up” themselves through their own works (2 Corinthians 10:5).  We can also connect "lift up" to “high-minded.”  Note this does not mean we remain humble through put downs of our gifts because they are gifts.  We know to give credit to the giver of gifts and this keeps us from being “high-minded.” 

So we have multiple meanings here.  So the primary word except for regard is relevant to the worship of someone or something.  So we would regard and appreciate each other.  While we worship YHWH only.


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