Revealing How We Receive Spiritual Gifts

We can also name this blog revealing how to activate our spiritual gifts. We will begin with how to receive the spiritual gifts and a brief introduction to spiritual gifts.

We must walk, as in action, in YAHRAH to receive the spirit of YAH working in us because YARAH creates the mind, body, and spirit submitted to YAH.  Submission to the YARAH is MATSAHWAH and we become humbled at the door hung on the rod of correction.  We see at the door we are letting go of the things that cause sin.  We are acknowledging our head our redeemer.  

Our bodies are referred to as temples, houses, and buildings.  What spirit do you have in you?  Even the so-called nonbeliever walks in a “spirit or spirits” because spirits are mindsets just consult the Greeks when they explain psychology as the study of the breath/spirit.  The scriptures refer to the heart and what we are not told is the heart consists of the mind, body, heart, and spirit.  We are told that we believe the heart is only an organ and is not connected to the spiritual. When we make the connection of the heart we can see the damage of the statement "follow your heart."  The word heart for us does not create a vision (RASHA) or knowing that it is the heart center.  As the center of function and hence the word heart is used to tell us it is the connection to the spirit without telling us.  

If we use our “words” just right or the better description is to use them against people wrongly, you have wordplay. The word “heart” does not include spirit because the word translated as the heart is successful at splitting out the connection of the mind as the spirit that is the heart of our beings.  When do people say they are “spiritual” we are all spiritual, so the question is what spirit or spirits are you walking with or is walking in you?  I know from many conversations that many people wonder what is the spirit?  

The people that ask this question are looking to the people they believe to know the Bible to be able to answer those questions.  Instead, since the truth is hidden from us people have only memorized surface scripture.  

Since surface scripture is purposely translated without a deeper understanding people think that those that sound deep know more than those that are supposed to know what is called the Bible.  So, people dismiss those that do not have a deeper understanding than these other organizations appear to have.  However, we are once again giving power over to people to teach us things that HA MASHA said he must go to the spirit of truth could come.  So, what does that mean?  There is a surface meaning that makes sense in this but yes here is an opportunity to go deeper.

We are told that the MATSAHWAH is gone away as the HA MASHA destroyed that one, he was sacrificed.  HA MASHA specifically states he did not come to destroy the LAWA (what people call the erroneously call the law) but to restore HIS people.  LAWA correctly translated means the connection and flow of the power of spiritual authority.  HA MASHA holds THE staff of power and was coming and came to reconnect his people back to Him.

Our weapons of warfare are not natural - 2 Corinthians 10:4

Most people take that verse to mean we walk around like we cannot be touched by physical attacks.  Although this does mean we should not put our hopes or worry into physical attacks, we are fighting minds, the spirit, and the heart.  We are fighting the way people think.  Changing someone’s mind is a battle as one we are not to change that person’s mind and it is the same as changing their heart center and only YHWH has the power to make that change.  We plant the seeds, and another may water but it is ABA YAH that makes it grow.  A person’s desires and wants to drive their thinking.  Perhaps you thought it was needed but people have that flipped and most people feel that if a person puts needs first, they are poor.  So, most people live every day as if they have an endless supply of income and place wants the first majority of the time.  Many will call their wants needs to help this make them feel strong in defending the comments of the person(s) that normally they are using to support their drive to please self.  

The Self Elf

Self is a spirit, and it demands you put it first.  The word is a SAMA ELF or ALAPH pronounced by modern Hebrew as Eleph (ph makes the f sound in English and Modern Hebrew but we know the p does not make an f sound).  A twisting binding flowing spirit of the ELS.  The ells are the pride giants or the demonic spirits remaining from the flood.  Hence, dying to self does not mean killing any kind of personality or desires that you have and walking like a mindless open vessel in “service” when they really mean slavery.  When you serve spirits outside of YAH you are a slave.  Slavery and service have two different meanings.  Serving YAH is not slavery you have a choice.  Our gifts come from above we are enhanced by our creator because he places them in us. HALALA - HALA looking to great power and worshiping or lamenting. LALA looping. HALALA looking is called shine to the prideful as it is causing one to shine by praising or giving thanks to another or to oneself. Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible by Jeff Brenner, page 103 1104 B.

Different Gifts

I smile when I think of how we are told the gifts are given by “the spirit”.  When we know which spirit, they are speaking of you can see who has authentic gifts and who has copy gifts.  The authentic gifts from the RAWACHA of YAH the copy gifts come from the teaching of the kicked-out ones that they call gods or ells.  Since we all have gifts that are placed in us those gifts are enhanced and more opened and given when we walk in the willing submission of the RAWACHA the spirit of YAH as in the YARAH or YADA MATSAWAH.  The thinking on those things as instructed by our leader and savior is the mind of and the spirit of HA MASHA.  The RAWACHA of YAH is more powerful than any other SHAMA (spirit).  Those GAWAYA SHAMA’s know this, and they know if we full our “hearts” we fill our minds and therefore our spiritual houses with the greatest power that will keep them out.  So, they must keep us from seeking YAH, and then you do not unlock your true assignment.  The diabolical plan is working but not without the approval of YAH because those spirits are the weapons, created by YAH, set to destroy the evil.

Natural “Skills” and Spiritual Gifts

Because the spiritual realm knows that our natural (skills and talents) and spiritual gifts are spiritual gifts.  I am telling you that our natural skills and talents are spiritual gifts.  Because our natural skills and talents are spiritual gifts as in powers then the spirits outside of YAH have us pervert our miss using of our “natural” gifts and then they are not fully activated with the spiritual power. However, we possess just enough power that can pimp us out so to speak, and use our skills for their wickedness.  Wickedness must gather multiple powers and people to make their plans work.  Hence the gathering of “like-minded” people is the term they use.  No one wants to feel alone, even so-called introverts.  Threats that we will be lonely is a trap and normally we must go through a period of appearing alone, but it is spending time with YAH.  Friends or even family are people who constantly speak something into our lives and often their voices and actions speak their desires and fears to overpower anything we hear and this manifests in the world known as “doubt.”  

The Double Mind is Created

The double mind is created once we are split from our so-called natural skills and spiritual gifts.  Our gifts are one in the same RAWACHA (one light, pathway, or root system) but operate in different functions.  Some gifts are known as skills, and we earn money with those.  However, the same “skills” are applied to offer service to YAH, we do not charge for what we produce from this service, so hence all we do must be within YARAH (our root system).  We cannot split off.  Most people know and mock the image of regular church attenders who act one way on Sunday morning and are totally different the rest of the week.  The split is confirming that this programming is working.  People are taught to act differently in different settings and it creates different “personalities.”  I have met people that are fine with this, but they also falsely accuse others of doing the same.  

They believe everyone is performing.  You see we are shown the word “roles”, but I do not know about you this life is real and I am real I do not have to act like a functioning person.

Changing and Transformation is this Brain Washing Coming on the next blog…


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