Judges or ADANAYA’s?


“Don’t judge me!” is the favorite statement of the prideful.

I hear this often although I am not judging them. There is only one Judge. We do not have a board of judges. YASHA'RAAL are ADANAYA’s.

Today the word judge brings anger and offense to the mind that we know as the heart. When YAHASHAWA returns everyone and everything, including the spirits are going to be judged according to our works during our time here in the place of choosing. Your so-called best life needs to be walking on the straight path, for happiness is the one that walks the straight path, the YARAH, or the rain of YAHAWA. YAHRAH is what the people today call law, but we know this as salvation and the works we need to perform. Foolishness says, “if I just think good thoughts I will prosper.”  YASHA’RAAL, we see YARAH as refreshing, replenishing, cleansing rain and living water and we are called the light as in the light in the darkness that helps you see the straight path. When the people of YASHA'RAAL are off this path we are in disobedience (we are keepers/guardians of the MATSHAWA SHAMAR- we connect people to the cord-spirit of life). People are not to find their so-called own path to YAH.

YASHA'RAAL points people to the YARAH and brings life. We can now see the connection that YAHASHAWA said, "I came to bring life and bring it abundantly." Because this is hard for other nations to translate, they use the word law or Torah, causing people to shut down to listening. By changing our MALA (flowing messages) known today as words you remove the markers that cause us to remember and return (ZAWAKAR).

People hate the word judge and worse judgment. Like it or not the kicked-out ones, Luke 10:18 and Revelation 6:13 knew that a judgment is coming, and it would not be a good thing for all. Judgment is the word and meaning they have taught their people and children is what we do when we give the correct path through the teaching of the YARAH and they call that condemnation to make them feel "guilty" for enjoying their sins.  Those outside of YARAH on their own path will be condemned if they do not accept and walk-in YARAH as that is acceptance of the spirit of YAH. Meaning if a person does not get their houses as in our heart, mind, body, spirit, and actual homes in order with YA-ARA then that person and people are going to face condemnation.

Works of light YARAH or YA-ARA are not condemnation, YAH is raising his people again to point each other back to the pathway of the living.

The people of YAH are given the ability to know a weapon. While we are waiting for YAHASHAWA’s return it is an act of saving works. When we live by becoming one with the LABA of YAHASHAWA we help people with the YARAH by letting them know if it is scrip or not and to discern if something is of YAH or of the world. Discerning if a spirit is good or evil. How do we know if something is good or evil? The spirits come against YARAH, is it hurts or torments us and destroys us. Evil makes us do things we do not want to do, and this is called possession or control. And there are many that willfully sin. However, the more common way is a seemingly innocent spirit appearing to “love” and show kindness, but it does not walk in the YARAH.  The spirit tells you that the laws are gone and that is a major indication of evil spirits. The word is LAWA not law and LAWA means a flowing authority and connection. Why would we want our flowing connection from the SHAMAYAMA (Heaven) cut and why would YAHASHAWA come to break something already broken by sins? YAHASHAWA says he has not come to break the connection but to restore the LAWA. Matthew 5:17, Luke 16:17.

Seeing the meaning of LAWA we see this through this one MALA (word), and this helps me know that the surface meaning in the scrip John 10:10 is true this time. But because we were disconnected from the real meaning of the law, we think law the word that comes from our captures meaning to force something upon us and you must conform or else. Whereas we know ABA YAH is saying, “I know what is on the other side of my covering and protection so if you walk outside of my path, they, those already in sin creating death and destruction have free run to harm you.”  And we know once the judge returns anyone still operating in CHATHA-A will be condemned by YAH. While we are waiting for YAHASHAWA’s return it is an act of saving works. When we live by becoming one with the LABA of YAHASHAWA we help people with the YARAH by letting them know if it is scrip or not and to discern if something is of YAH or of the world. However, we have many people that have received the sin of pride and the teaching from them and now they want to be judges. Now, mind you most of them talk out of two sides of their mouth. They talk trash to those they consider to be judging people (normally those that rightly call them out) and within the same talk, they are judging the other person.  No one has the power to judge.

There is a way to share the truth of the word without being hypocritical or condemning. People think if you share the truth, you are condemning them. If you tell someone that to kill someone breaks a MATSAHWAH they will most likely agree. However, if you say you had to kill someone that broke into your home to harm you and your family you would call that self-defense and that is also correct, and it does not break the instruction not to kill. Here is where we must understand what MATSHAWAH means. We are allowed to defend ourselves and our families, but we cannot just kill/murder (whatever word someone wants to use here to cause more confusion, but it is taking a life) and we cannot take the life of someone because we want to or because they made us angry. The process of helping you see this truth is not judging but it is pointing you in the right direction and this is calling the position of an ADANAYA by pointing you with the YADA to the KAPA (the anointed opening of the one who anointed the door). See Deuteronomy 19 KJV. 

Perhaps you want to know more about how to live life and want to know what by what do The Highest Power YAHAWAH (YHWH) says. Perhaps you want to know as I did from The Highest Power YAHAWAH, about how we are to live but you are not sure what that means or looks like.  When you ask someone like me, I will give you the scrips (now I can give you surface and translated real meanings) and we talk it out through the guidance of the Set-Apart Spirit of YAH and with any YAH fearing ADANAYAH’s to make sure we agree in our level of comprehension. The process of agreeing is also examining false ADANAYAH’s or NABAYA’s (prophets) and we can see who is called of YAH and who is not. See in all getting get a firm rooting as incomprehension.

So, we pray and research and talk about the YARAH, in the spirit of YAH, through prayer and confirmation of the scrips. We then implement these processes into our lives if we are not living the MATSAHWAH, and point people to the path of life known as YARAH the MATSAWAH. There is only one judge but before judgment comes ABA YAH gives us helpers to point us to safety so we can repent to ABA YAH, not this person, and get on the right path to salvation. So, although the judgment is impending it is not too late to come into the covering, but you can NOT come as you want to come. So, if you do not want to change and walk in the MATSHAWAH of YAH then you have chosen condemnation because no one put you on that path to destruction but you.

Prayerfully you will choose life and I do not mean the life of this world. As you begin to gain a firm understanding and become rooting in living life through, YARAH you will begin to hear the differences between YAH and the spirits of destruction. You will begin to see the weapons by knowing the REDEEMER, THE ADANAYA ADAMA MASHA YAKA YAHASHAWA! HAYA ALA! Looking at the Etymology of “Judge.” A judge is one that decides after a crime has occurred the outcome or if the person is the guilty one. When does a judge point people in the right direction before the crime? Also, a judge gives a verdict based on man-made laws.

We are not judges. ABA YAH plainly lays out his MATSHAWA to teach us how to walk and sent his REEDEEMER (yes, I purposely added an extra "e" here), so we are not judges. HA MASHA YAHASHAWA KAYA is the judge. More importantly, he is the teacher and leader prior to judgment giving everyone an opportunity to repent before judgment. YAH is the only one that knows what anyone purposes in their hearts, so YAH is the true judge. Someone correcting you or each other on the right path or way to live is called ADANAYA’s as in a redeemer or someone that wants to see you live through redemption.

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