Rooting Out The Pride Giants Part 1 Spirits of Jealousy and Envy

Real Date: 3/13/2022

I appreciate the revelation given to us by ABA YAH and comprehending regarding many destructive things that are happening to our people, the people of YAH, today.  Whether we believe it or not people are operating as if they have the spiritual right and authority to run all over people.  People seem to have a spirit (mindsets) of crushing people and saying it is fine.  I immediately think of those that will kill us and not hold themselves accountable Zechariah 11:5. 

Kill can happen spiritually Jeremiah 50:7, but we are taught this is only natural.  Looking back to my fear of the consequences of sins or the continuation of sins once we know they are sins.  I struggle with not allowing people to talk me into the sins just as CHAWA (Eve) is tempted with “surely you will not die” that wicked lie works.  Because once I committed the sin, I did not physically die as I took away from the preachers teaching in the church.  

I thought I would drop dead.  However, the scrip says the wage for sin is death Romans 6:23. I later found the preachers were not lying when it came to that prophecy.  The wages mean payment for our actions of sin.  We do not connect the spiritual with the natural on purpose.  Growing up, I noticed a pressure to watch our thinking as people around us appeared to accept the natural thoughts during the week, and only during Sunday service it was alright to fall out as in “slain in the spirit” or “shouting in the spirit” but as soon as we left, they were back to allowing the cares of this world (Mark 4:18-20) to take them back into extreme anxiety and worry.  Or whatever their sin was it took them away.   

If we have the slightest thought of walking “in the spirit” we are told we are slow and weak-minded basically the put-down was a religious nut job.  Although people do not understand those who act in extremes are taking away the wrong meanings that normally are taught to them.  There may be a demonic spirit working in them that twists the scriptures to justify the behaviors they do and say it is scrip. However, I am finding the things that answer our problems and are actually in the scrips are not being followed and those are the things people falsely label religious all while the things that are religious are labeled as spiritual.    

Today, I am realizing that people did and still do not know what it means to “walk in the spirit.”  Instead, many people walk in false spirits and call it the creator.  Others are upfront that they contact other spirits, and their works involve minimizing our ABA YAH.  I can hear this because of spending time during SHABATAW’s (what is called by modern Hebrew as Sabbath) as it was meant to be and that is pressing to the beginning.  SHABATAW is time to abide in the safety of ABA YAH, it is study time, it is time to search, time to build wisdom, it is a heightened spiritual connection day it is the walking in the spirit.  

During this walk, I began to learn about pride.  I began my search by looking up hypocrites.  I am one that does not believe in ignoring problems but in solving them.  When I sense something destructive is happening my calling is not to find a band-aid fix, but I must root out the problem.  Root out means to find the root cause because I have sensed it was something stemming from a seed. Weeds have seeds and the only way to get rid of them is to pull out the roots and get rid of the weed seeds.  Perhaps I can help explain this in psychological terms (spiritual) cause and effect.  Because we are doing “fill in the blank”, we are experiencing the effects.  If the effects are negative, what did we do to cause this outcome?  If the effects are positive, how do we replicate that to continue in goodness and mercy?  

A prideful person does not care about rooting out the problem as the seed in them gets joy from causing chaos and pain.  They would never admit this but to tear others down makes them feel like they have power.  The giants towered over people, right?  They used their size to dominate, eat, and crush the people.  The giants committed sins against ABA YAH, and they had to be destroyed.  We are told their spirits still roam this plane. Today we are fighting the giants spiritually.

The spirits enter the body through seeds.  Through what we hear so from words, what we see is what we experience, what we eat, what we breathe, what we touch and feel, and from intimate contact and encounters.  People only want to relate seeds to natural seeds but spiritual seeds work the same way and the spiritual seed enters the natural seeds.  Parallel planes as the air are spirits.  We know we have experienced spiritual events.  Many of the spiritual events we realize and others we do not.  Psychology and the medical field are blatant spiritual warfare.  Psychology is spiritual because they love to play with our “mind.”  The mind is the heart.  

I met many people that think they have shut down as in they will not allow anyone to “hurt them” but what they have done is open themselves to other entities outside of ABA YAH.  Yes, I know we accept a spirit as well when we accept the RAWACHA of ABA YAH, but I know the fruit of ABA YAH’s spirit, and it is life-giving and we do not shut down we are still present and functioning in the will of ABA YAH.  I would rather have that spirit anytime.  The spirit is a way of thinking and I choose to focus and meditate on good things.  I choose to have good actions.  How do I know they are good?  Because the good is YARAH, and there is but one good. it is the spirit of ABA YAH and when we live those instructions, we take on a spirit more powerful than anything else.

I have tested this spirit, the RAWACHA, over the last 4 years, and I have watched as it has driven out many of the spirits causing destruction and death in my life and the lives of my children.  I still watch those that refuse to take on this mind of HAMASHAYAK still attempting to do things in their power and by doing so inviting the SHAMA-RA-AL- Spirits of rebellion into their lives.  They carry the spirit of the pride giants, and they are struggling by refusing to let them go.  The biggest pride giant is self.  We will talk more on that one as it is not directly revealed through the translations listed in the giants, but it is there.  Time to suit up by putting on the righteous garments of ABA YAH.

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