YHWH Gives Wisdom
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YARAH Teaching

YHWH gives wisdom.

In YAOYAO QAWABA character name in the play James chapter 5 verses 5 – 7 we see the scripts translations says wisdom is given to those that ask.  Let him seek in faith not wavering because those that waver are like the sea with the wind tossed back and forth and he should not think he will receive anything with this wavering KJV.

The RASHAWTAW OBARAYAM shows that wisdom does come from above and we see a distinction in that the wisdom from above is of YHWH.  I have spoken about two types of wisdom and that is listed in another write up that you can review after you complete this one.  I will link that blog at the bottom.

Seeking wisdom there are those that believe themselves to be wise. Everyone else to them don't know anything. Yet YHWH says he will confound those that think they are wise.

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Wisdom from YHWH unfolds in the YARAH.  What is YARAH.  When we begin to apply the very concepts that are said to be “old” we can see the concepts work.  The standards of YHWH in fact raises our standard of living higher than anything I have ever seen or known.  So much so people don’t work to meet the standards, instead they throw them out.  And chose to set their standards and this is what we know as self-righteousness.  Setting standards created by the self-centeredness and superiority complex.  High on their own mountain or what we have called sitting on their high horse and in their eyes this pride giant thinks itself to be above others.  The giants of pride will attempt to hold others to their standards.  You will find many of them in religion because religion leaves an opening for self-interpretation and conforms to the person’s standard of living. Instead of the person changing to living the preset and designed standard from YHWH. 

I have experience of those that walk-in pride.  And when you do not know what is  happening, as in the things they do and say, this can be very harmful to a SHAMA such as mine.  The people of YHWH are designed to support and uplift according to scrip.  Specifically, the YARAH.  The prideful are self-righteous therefore everything they do is to turn people away from YARAH.  When a mind and heart battle ensue that we know as a SHAMATAYAKA battle is someone attempting to turn us away from what is on our hearts and we are dealing with, is this true?  Since thought processes taught today are teaching us to call the witness accounts, that are hidden under the play, stories we aren’t sure if we can believe what is written but we sense what is written is true.  Hence the reason so many people come against us to make us feel like outcasts when we accept the truth.

In reality, when you accept the truth and live it out we are not the crazy ones.  We are not the outcast but we are coming back into our SHAMATAYA family roots.  We are returning through travel on the road of forgiveness.  And the unseen working RAWAQ know the power we hold when we take back our seat in the SHAMAYAMA family. We rule over these SHAMATAYAKA RAWAQ workings so we have the power to cast them out and destroy them because of YAH’HAWASHAWAH.  HAYAH RABA!!     

We need to begin living by YARAH.  The answers are there for our problems. The answers are there for our success.  Success comes in two forms.  First is SHAMAYAMA success that inside is transformed to that is all we desire is to follow YARAH and will fight to hold on even when it seems lonely. (Commentary)

Once we arise stronger and new we can now AMANAH walk in true faith.  From there what is in the SHAMAYA will be passed through and we see here in actions and creations.  The success is functional and honors YHWH in everything.  Not a mixture of the world’s things.  


Pride is self-centered.  The prideful can’t go very deep.  They must stay at surface level with superiority complex and looking big.  They must appear like they are the biggest and best.  Although they are missing the power of the YARAH.  Living YARAH gives us the true light that people see in our SHAMA.  The prideful need to fake light because they just don’t want to be kind.  They don’t want to share.  They want to  be praised for all that they do or just for being born.  Perhaps this developed as a child because I have experienced that situation. 

Looking at an example of a self-centered “mother” with two children. One of the children is not corrected when the child is wrong because this child is the favorite child. But the other child wrongly corrected and is blamed for the favorite child’s actions.  The one that needs correction gets away with their behavior justified by a parent that doesn’t care for her other child who is attempting to please her.  The mother creates one child that is self-centered just like her and another child that is a people pleaser attempting to make mother happy.   Today! Both children, now adults, are seeking and receiving deliverance thankfully!!  So we can be changed.

Pride is bringing in other ways of living against YHWH.  So even if a person does not have pride against others as in a superior mindset the people pleaser is still considered a prideful person because of the meaning of pride.  The people pleaser is bringing in the ways of a person with a superiority complex.  Catering to the needs of this person that is normally emotionally abusive and in some cases physically abusive as well.  That person will also launch smear campaigns against everyone to keep them in “control.”  So, if you ever stop doing what they want they can just remind people you are difficult to deal with anyway.  “Now, they believe, you have to come back to them where they will mistreat the person or people even worse now.”

When we die to pride we are staying we are going to burn and push out any other ways that do not follow YARAH, we are going to tear down their alters.  Once YHWH began to open my eyes to his word I was able to see the lies that I was told to keep “me in control.”  Once that happened I was free to follow YAH’HASHAWAH.  Now that does not mean there aren’t SHAMATAYA attacks because the RAWAQ do not want to let us go.  They are looking for those living YARAH.  I had a dream representing what was happening. 

I was coming downstairs….now I think about it was after a previous dream of being in a warehouse.  So, I came down from the SHAMAYAMA and when I came out of the staircase to go outside cars were stopped spread out everywhere and no one could be found.  Like the cars were abandoned and I was the only one moving except for solders dressed in armor like the Star Wars army.  I hope you know Star Wars is not representing our people.  So, I know although they were dressed in light armor they were workers of RAWAQ.

The ability to separate and be able to stand what appears to be alone has been tremendous healing.  Healing means training and refining.  Refining means strengthening.  Completely made new and the ability to operate in a strong mind.  A strong mind with a firm comprehension and hold to YARAH is walking in and walking with the RAWACHA. (Commentary)   

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