RASHATAWA The First and Greatest Marker

The RAWACHA unfolded more as RASHAABA lead me through this study.  Part 1 is here The RAWACHA.  Watch that before this one to grasp a firm hold to this teaching. 

RASHANA is the first marker not the ALAMA as we are told.  Also, it appears at least 4 times throughout the RASHATAW (ALABATAW) OBARAYAM. (commentary)

The name of the markers is the RASHATAW.  I see markers in this name but I also see the process of transformation and creation by RABA YHWH.  I am not surprised as things are changed to keep us from seeing RABASHATAW ABA YAH’HASHAWA.  We have one way to walk.  There are not multiple ways to return to the covering of RABA YHWH.  There is only one way because it is RABA YHWH’s way that he creates.  When we think of different ways it is like roads.  We have different streets and travel options to get to a destination but sometimes there is only one option regardless of what is along that road.  Way as in action is the same.  There is a way to live life that ABA YHWH created and we must live that way or get kicked out. 

I think of people that cause strife in the home.  People in a home will often attempt to come against what you have set up.  So, when you live in someone else’s home of course they get authority.  And this works this way within employment as well.  When an employer has a certain environment set up an employee cannot change that environment.  You must conform or leave.  And since NC is an at will state they can fire you for no reason and often do. 

The head of a house, people, body (person) nation, group sets the way and have people that will help keep that way in place.  A person that refuses to hold to the way of ABA YHWH will have conflicting ways and will have more than one way to do things.  That person creates an atmosphere of chaos and confusion and often destruction.  Our GREAT Leader brings the light to his way and shows us how it works and how we work into function of his way. And he has anointed The Great Shepherd to lead us and protect us.  Those that willingly submit, come under this one way. 

Video 1 Start Here - I apologize for the shaky audio but it is still clear. Length 3 minutes and 57 seconds.
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The teachings of The Great Shepherd and The Head Leader do not conflict.  So, this thing about “old and New Testament” is not a thing.  One would not be anointed and come against what is called “old.”  We do not have a word for old unless you look at waste or used up (commentary).  We age as in get better with time so we become better and greater, not obsolete.  So does the word (the MALAWA) of RABA YHWH.  We get better because we walk in YHWH’s wisdom we follow the ways of the GREATEST Leader that make us better!! (Commentary)

So, when we put our houses in ardar we are getting into the light within the way of Great Creator. We are submitting to the leadership of RABA YHWH and HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA that brings the way.  He will in turn help us to cleanse our houses.  SHAMATAYAKA and physically.  When I heard HARAMA calling to me I began to answer.  I began to re-read the scripts and watched as ABA YHWH began to show me the scrip underneath the scripts.  Soon he took me even deeper to see the Modern Hebrew and then below that his real flowing message in the RASHATAW in the pictures of his creation called the pictorial graph.              

People and RAWAQ fight us on this transition.  Because you are casting out the RAWAQ and the SHAMA’s that want to work outside of RABA YHWH when you invite in RABA YHWH’s way through daily living.  We live the way by doing them. So, we must know what that way is to live accordingly.  Of course, something comes against us to make it appear as if the way of RABA YHWH does not work.  So, you must be ready for things to be harder.  But harder brings much reward.  I have never been one to take the easy road.  I take the road less traveled all the time.  And it works out because that is the road of RABA YHWH.  His markers and his MALAWA are signs that hold me upright and firmly hold me in security.  He surrounds me just as he promises and although I get wounded it does not cause me to let go.  I pray RABA will not let me let go. 

While accepting those things it pushes out outside ways causing what we know as deliverance.  We are set free from anything that is attempting to hold us captive.  Not something pretending we are free while we are still tormented.  The best example is when people say they are free yet they need pills to stay happy.  Something is off there.

When people mix multitudes of doctrine (teaching) you have invited a potluck to your home.  We do not deal in potlucks.  We know who is coming and what is cooked must be clean food.  Food in agreement with the leader of the house.  So, the outside teachings would not conflict with the original.  The only way to make people think that you take the “new” way over the “old” way is to teach you something was wrong with that way so they have something better supposedly.  Holding to RABA YHWH knows this is a lie.  He is the same forever so there is no such thing as “old” way.  He reconnected the broken connection as in re-establishing the forgiveness to walk back in his way.  He did not change the way.  What was applied then is to be applied today and it works.

So, the Head is at the beginning and the end as in the destination marks for us.  We continually are transformed until we become purified enough to enter again the Kingdom of YHWH!!

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