YASH’RAAL The People of YHWH

Judges or ADANAYAs Part 2

Real Date: 2/22/2022

My people have been crushed and smothered by oppression for many years. We allowed this to happen by our CHATHA-A (sins) missing the mark of ALAMA la YAH. So, we can see the crushing from the spirit of oppression, yet our people still work to do this to each other. I know we want to build our state from lowly, but we need to see two important points of lowly.

Lowly in the sense of being humbled to YAH through YHWH's spirit is what we need. ABA YAH is seeking the humbled he loves a humbled spirit. The opposite of humbled is prideful. Humbled to the GAYA means poor so since people think the poverty of money riches means poverty of spiritual riches, they would rather be prideful and “make things happen by whatever means necessary.”  We can look back in the past to see what our people did that did not work that continued spiritual oppression. Spiritual oppression was and is sent and allowed by ABA YAH for our correction.

We can also see how the people would have furthered their own afflictions by adding on more and more sin, therefore, equates to sinking deeper and deeper into muddy, filthy, dead murky waters to drown in the excrement caused by sins the true poverty.  Once we get the correct wording, we can get our hearts clear. Lowly as in knowing YAH is needed and the only one that can change our hearts.Lowly as in oppressed by something or someone else is not required to serve YAH.

One who is inside the mark of YAH and is still being “oppressed” is called persecution. One that is walking in YARAH and still being lashed at by another body means that person or spirit is outside the mark of YAH. A person that purposely wants to oppress others to increase themselves is lowly. Lowly as in downright dirty in other words and they seek to buildup themselves by stepping on others. We are told not to oppress each other by ABA YAH. So, I am watching as our people will step on each other with a smile on their faces, so they feel superior.

Our people refuse to believe that working together and pulling each other up together means a support system. Instead, this lowly person believes that they must crush as many people as possible to be seen as better. The better that they believe themselves to be. How does a lopsided support system work? If you walk up a platform on both sides that has a point in the middle, when do you get to the next level?

The person in the picture above has created their own platform and their own pedestal. Now they will defend this spot by any means necessary. You can see it falls short and there is very little room to move or connect to the rest of the road to go to the next level.  The person is happy here at least for a while because this pedestal is unstable rocking back and forth until eventually…it will crash because as he or she attempts to hold it together in their own power they grow weak or haughty. They will attempt to find people to hold up the beams so they can continue, but they will not move forward out of fear someone will take over “their pathway.”  Therefore, the person or people they trick into helping them will come to emptiness or nothing by wasting energy to assist a prideful person. Gap theology proves this system. Apparently, their god needs people to bridge the gaps.  

I know this sounds like the support system YAH is building YASH’RAAL, but it is a twisting of YAH’s system. Let me show you how our support system or building is supposed to work. We work together to move to different levels although ABA will move those that are ready to move forward beyond those that are stuck.  So hence I may work to help someone continue the path, but they see me as the enemy of limiting their freedom I need to let go. Now, this same person believes I need to come with them as they get off the path from YAH, CHATHA-A. They do not want to go alone. I say, “no.”

Hence I will continue in obedience to ABA, and he will exalt (lift those) that walk in His ways. Praise YAH. Sadly, this person has chosen their own way and I will let them go so they do not pull down the entire bridge. The word OABA means beam specifically knowing your connection. The W is the support of the beam and the nail as in coming together to hold up the bream to create a bridge. Each person is a WAW W and the house b the support system or the beam, a connector and support and praising YAH.

We as a people are to come together to support. The beam is the TAW the mark of the house a support beam for crossing over. We see this with the setting of the foundations in the beginning and we see this in exodus as the crossing over the Red (pronounced reed) Sea. The Red Sea is named because it is the water at the door of the Redeemer. Redeemer is supposed to have two e’s. More trickery to throw us off track. There was a drop from the rock to get into the sea, so our people did not just walk into the sea. They had to have a platform to cross. I illustrated this crossing. Remember the water is also a portal. Crossing over into the land but they would need and receive cleansing. Remember they needed to spend time with YAH before crossing over into the inner promised land.

A reveal into what is happening and what is to come, yes to understand the workings we live daily. The “earth” is passing through the waters. A place to determine who we will serve. crA ARATSA is the true name. Also, the separation of waters is the MAYAMA seen again as we cross over ABA is going to separate the people. We see the WAW in the word for a day away as a flowing spirit of the working waters, but it shows the separation of waters, and it represents the joining of waters. A people separate from YAH from our nation to be rejoining ABA YAH and our nation.

YASHA means fire, ash, working foundations set, and a binding cord. A binding cord. We work to hold together and bind together to build and connect. The process is willing. We chose to bind together. Slavery bounds someone together. Two different words. When we pick up our part of the beam and work together, we get the picture of supporting the crossing over. So, imagine getting in line and picking up the beam but you do not hold the beam alone. So, when it is the person's turn to climb onto the pathway, they would lower one side of the beam and use it as a ramp to walk up over the beam. The nation is working together through the power of YAH to create this cross beam. Once this person crosses over then you are next. You let go of their beam and now it is there for when the next group comes. They do not have to create a new pathway beam you are leaving it there for them.

You lower your end so as not to hurt the person on your other side. You now climb up on the ramp and walk across. This continues until the first person is lifted to the same level. ABA said to me, "the last will be first and the first will be last." Remember more than the surface meaning. Yes of course those that have oppressed us and made themselves first will be last. But it is also a picture of our nation of people supporting each other through the power of YAH. The beams are left behind for the next group and a portion of your group goes forward as YAH works through all of you to help prepare a place. Did you know there are flat plain areas on different mountain levels? You can imagine ADAN what they call Eden.

ASHAR – means fire because the YADA when unfolded shows the TAW that is two cross sticks. When you rub the two cross sticks together you get fire. Whew! The mark the YARAH, the MATSAWH causes friction. The fire of YAH. Burning for YAH. Did you know ash is pleasing remains and the burning of sacrifice to YAH is a pleasing scent? HADASHA and others would pure the ashes on themselves during repentance. Signifying the burnt-up sacrifices and giving a sacrifice unto YAH. One that needs to be and is cleansed by the fire. Ashes are good for the garden. Did you know that one? Whew!

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