Pastors and Shepherds
Is A Pastor a Shepherd? Should or can we refer
Foundations Scrip Matthew 5 vs 17 to 20
Watch the video first for the intro to the teaching.
Feelings Emotions and Offense
Feelings Emotions and Offense We need feelings.  The shutdown of
Ganasha Chapter 3 Summary
My summary and thoughts. List your thoughts below in the
Ganasha Genesis Chapter 3
Chapter 3:1-24 There are six parts to the audio teaching.
Jealous or Zealous The Sin to Covet
How can our Creator be jealous?  Because jealousy is a
Soul Body and Mind the Nephesh and the SHAMA
The real word is napasha.  The words are changed to
The Real Meaning of Dying to Self
I began this remembrance with HA ABA HAYAH as part
Day Two Genesis 1 verses 6 to 10
Now we begin day two. GANASHAYASHA 1:6 -We see the
Honor and Respect the True Meanings
We are taught that we need to “respect” others and
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