The Standards of Salvation of YHWH the YARAH
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Now I have explained and broken down the word, meaning, and purpose of the MATSAWAH for you we will look at the actual MATSAWAH. Do you say in your mind, "I already know the 10 commandments"? If so, what if I tell you what you believe is a lie? The 10 commandments are a made-up summary of our MATSAWA. Commandments are religious doctrines and those thought leaders need certain people groups to follow what they felt were important but that did not apply to their people.

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We are going to review the MATSAWAH in categories. No simplification here so if you do not want to earn your spiritual substance through work of study, research, examination, reading, and repeating then this is not the place for you. However, if you want to know more keep going.

The MATSAWAH is represented by one being humble as in pushing out that which is unclean.  One at the foot of the door seeking to be forgiven and made new.  But to be made new we must eliminate what caused us to be filthy in the first place.  What caused our strong pushing out by our ABA YHWH?  We had to be pushed out of the house of ABA YHWH due to our sins.  Sins are considered filthy works.  Today most people have heard of the MATSAWAH called Torah. And now with a greater desire to learn more about what is underneath the translated version, we find "YARAH" is becoming more widespread. More people are seeking to learn Modern Hebrew.  I take the modern Hebrew and reconnect that back to our OBARAYAM here.

The YARAH is represented by one being pointed to looking back to the creator to the beginning.  One is put on the path to the door hung on the staff, the rod of correction, the vine.  The only way back to the path.  We go in deeper to see the MATSAHWAH is the breakdown of the YARAH or what was translated as law.  The correct word is LAWA the flowing connection of authority.  So, whose authority?  Someone must take the head when leading.  YHWH is the head and through his YAHSHAWAH, YHWH's salvation we can reconnect back to the original path.

Religion and other false doctrines have taught us that “the law is done away with.”  YAH sent his salvation to reconnect us back so no, the LAWA is not done away with but thankfully the law of sin and death is broken off ONCE we RETURN to YHWH’s ways.  YHWH’s ways are the MATSAWAH.  We have instructions as to how to enter YHWH’s salvation.  Our works did not create salvation but it is the way we must live. 

We are going to break these down.  We will begin with the book Exodus chapter 20 and verses 1-3. I will cover this breakdown in the video for visual and audio.  You can also follow along with this write-up.

Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 1- Video 1 of 2 Videos
Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 1 - Video 2 of 2 Videos

Also, note that I am not able to upload larger videos so there is a link to a folder for the video. You are not required to go to the folder as I do not want to cause confusion. Although we increase through the sweat of our brow, by working and seeking ABA YHWH to learn, we do not cause confusion. I am sharing what I have gleaned with you and your part is to seek ABA YHWH on what he is having me share with you. You seek ABA by your reading, review, study, research, and repeat. Jumping all around is not part of that gleaning.

However, if you do not mind going to another folder for the video I will still record and link the folder. You may have to sign up for the cloud I use but it is free. Do not purchase or pay for Zoho Workdrive/Docs.

Exodus Chp 20 V1 Part 1

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ACHADA YADA ASHAR HAMATSAWAH This is the name of the working agreement. What we falsely know as the 10 commandments.

ACHADA means one as strong wall, path, or foundation. And it means the first the strength at the door of salvation.  YADA the one pointing or placing one to the door.  YADA could also mean pushing one-off that path.  YADA is the arm of power and is looked at as the 10th marker.  ASHAR is also linked to 10 but I am not sure why yet.  I am seeking ABA YHWH to see if that is correct but I know it means the fire, pillar, and support.  You can see each one of these unfolded in these blogs. 

Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 1 states  And YHWH spoke all these words, saying,

The first word is "And" but we do not see a WAW there.

You can see in the picture of the unfolding chart the meaning of the words.  I cover ALAOHYAM and DABARA in the first video.  I will unfold  ALAHAYAMA in a second video for teaching purposes.  You can stop and watch the ALAHAYAMA unfolding or you can watch that one at the end of this video. 

Looking at DABARA we see another word and it is MADA.  The blood and fire at the door.  Within our words (MALA flowing messages from above) we see ADAMA (ADAM).  So, the ground, the blood, the strength, the water, and the one surrendered at the door of salvation. ADAM was not the sacrifice at the door. ADAMA's position was to be the first to show us how to surrender and submit to the YHWH to YAHASHAWA but ADAMA and CHAWAHA showed what happens to the fallen. Therefore YAHASHAWA was always the ADAMA the sacrifice at the door to restoring what we would give up through sin.  

All those things describe our savior HAMASHAYAKA YAHASHAWA (Christ).  Looking at DABARA we see it is the pathway to the house inside the gate to the kingdom of YHWH.  The DA is DALATA or DALET and it is the door hung on the rod of correction.  The LAMADA is pointing to and leads us to the door as it is the staff of authority and we see that in the word DALATA also in the previous word, ALOHAYAHAM we see this authority.  The presence of the two DALATA also indicates looping as in staircase the authority of the connection. So, we have the door to the house of our head in the word DABARA.  The house of much increase of the one with their mind set on the pathway of YHWH.

We can already see a pathway and the authority of the agreement a strong agreement between the creator, YHWH's people (us), and the YHWH’s people that will seek to join YHWH. YHWH does not force you to the way you can choose.  He is only warning you of what is out there.  He knows the hearts of those outside of his will.  Outside of His will is left up to…well perhaps you are getting the picture.   

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