The Greatest LAWA of the Agreement of Salvation Continued
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We continue with Exodus chapter 20 verse 3 in this audio and video. The video will show you examples as I read. You can also follow along with this blog with the audio if you prefer not to be taken to a separate folder. Please review the blog prior to this one before you listen to this unfolding. TODAH RABAH.

Wisdom comes with the unfolding of words. Psalm 119:130.

We see much detail in the unfolding of Exodus 20:3. Much more sight and when we can see the real meaning of not serving other "gods."

We learn that hearing any speaking works that turn us from the path of YHWH is in opposition to the YARAH and there it is coming against YHWH. Since the "my truthers" certainly fall into this classification of opposition it is still relevant today. Also, the "bring before me" is clear. As it means again not in competition with. Either we will listen to YHWH or we will listen to something else.

The write-up does not follow word for word with the audio.

Moving right to left beginning with the first picture top row. I added the meaning to each word and you can follow along as I read the items listed below and pronounce the words.

Post any questions or comments. Discussions are welcome but SHALAWAMA (peace) is required.

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