The Death Trap Lie of Religious Leaders

Death Trap Lie by Religious Leaders

There is a demonic lie among those that seek to serve and submit to the Highest Power, The Highest YAH.  If you follow my blogs or if you were able to purchase the book I put out a couple of years ago, I said I thought my family was cursed.  During that time, I did not know that it was true. I did not know or understand the scale of the curse at the time.   I did not know we are lied to about what sin is.  We thought like most brainwashed families are told that we are saved if we are in the synagogues (churches). In fact, in the churches, they refer to people that do not attend their circus (church means circus, look it up) as "unchurched people." We are told that if we just hope and believe in their Christ, we are saved.  

You may also know in a previous blog, "The Name Jesus Testing The Spirits," I help you see the truth about Christ of the world or that Christianity is not our HA MASHA YADA HAYADA. Still, instead, the demonic head force over Christianity and (many other religions and spiritual practices) is Lucifer.  Once YAH started to show me the difference, I finally started letting go of the condemnation that comes with turning from Christianity.  I no longer wanted to conform to their religious and spiritual practices, and YAH's Salvation showed me that it is the right way to go.  His strong hand was turning my heart and mind.  His YARAH was washing me clean and turning me back to him, turning me around to righteousness.  I cannot explain the joy I feel to know I am walking in his favor in your YARAH today!

Turning back to YARAH (Torah) is a battle daily, but I feel the strength of The Set-Apart Spirit.  I am starting to see HaMashiach's messages clearer as he removes the scales from my eyes and opens my ears to the spiritual things.  

I have always felt the presence of beings outside of the physical.  I also could feel the spirits around and in others.  When I would call out these spirits, the people the spirits controlled would get upset.  People with these spirits of disorder do not like to be called out, of course.  But here Ha MASHA YAH's Salvation says,

Calling out wickedness is essential because those that do not recognize the evil will see what is going on to choose to turn from sin.  Wickedness traps people with trickery and does not allow us a chance to decide the path we will take.  Many think this is YAH and laugh, thinking he tricks us into serving him, but this is not correct.  YAH communicates with his children, and we have to trust first, and then you can see the beauty in how he trains us up in our gifts and talents that he gives us all while being connected to him.  Not a trick but well-ordered steps.  YARAH is the light.  YAH's Salvation HA MASHA is the YARAH.  You cannot have one without the other, so that would be YAH's Salvation without YAH's statutes the YARAH is not gone away.

Why would YAHSHUA suffer as he did just to keep us in sin?  

The mind freak is that we are not set free from YAH's YARAH from YAH, but if you remember from the previous post, there are two spirits.  The spirit of YAH YARAH and the law of sin and death.  Of course, YAH's Salvation the Ram, came to turn us back to YARAH and break us from the law of sin and death. 


Here we see the reason it is important for wickedness to get us to turn away from the spirit of YARA.

"We offend not because they have sinned against YAHWAY," you see, we give wickedness the legal right to destroy us when we sin.  Wickedness can continually torment us until destruction if we do not repent and turn back to our Savior and our justice habitation.  In the book of Numbers 22-26 KJV, we can also see that wickedness can take us over when we are tricked into sin.  There are more instances of this throughout the scriptures.  I want you to know that sin and testing are two different things.  

I am walking in YARAH, but I am still tested.  I am tested and tempted to see if I will sin once I learn something new.  YAH doesn't cause us to sin, but he tests us to see to change us; for example, if I am in a tough situation and I think the only way out is to lie, then I am not considering YARAH that instructs me not to lie.  If I am not supposed to lie, there is another way out, and I need to trust YAH.   Demonic spirits return to see if we have filled our houses with The Set-Apart Spirit of YAH, the YARAH.  They cannot reenter where the HA MASHA resides!  The demonic spirits return to trick us into handling problems and issues by going against YARAH.  If we turn against YARAH, we let them back for the spiritual domain.  We do not worship anything or anyone (people or spirits) other than YAH.  Therefore, if we say go with someone during a Christmas celebration, we are not helping them, but we are participating because we are gathering in the name of their god or gods.  The test here is to see if we say no, I cannot do that, and you should do that either.  You can attempt to help these people any other time if it is the will of YAH for YAH knows their heart.   

Wickedness must first disarm us to destroy us and by telling us the YARAH the statutes of YAH do not exist will certainly disarm us.

Two Spirits:

If your religious leaders tell you that the YARAH of YAH does not exist, this will lead us open to the captivity and destruction of the law of sin.  Why?  Because again, sin is the transgression of the YARAH of the light of YAH 1 John 3:4 KJV.  Here it is plainly laid out for you.  If you fail to acknowledge this knowledge, you remain in captivity, and the only HA MASHA YAH's Salvation came to set the captives free!

Isaiah 9:16 KJV

For the leaders of these people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.

YAMA TAB- Good Day- note the video was created prior to my revelation regarding the correct words for the YADA MATSAHWAH. Learn more in this blog: Letting Go of the Words Commandment and Laws.

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