Two Spirits of Wisdom

Two Spirits of Wisdom But Only One Gives Life is my title but I thought I would save it for inside the blog.

There are two spirits of wisdom, and we constantly need to choose which spirit we will follow.  You may have guessed the spirit of YAH is the spirit of wisdom from the SHAMAYAMA (heavens) above.  The second spirit is the spirit of wisdom of the world (if you can call that wisdom) the self-knowledge from the spirits of chaos doctrine.  Although the scriptures refer to wisdom as a woman (as in the characteristics of a woman) it does not mean to worship the spirit of wisdom literally.  Whenever we idolize or worship something other than YAH, we are breaking the YARAH in Exodus 20.  Avoid confusing this with the Christian lie that the 1st and 2nd laws are to love their god with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself only as in they believe the statutes of YAH were eliminated with the sacrifice of YAHASHAWA.  YAH's words were twisted here to accommodate the lies that first YAH has laws and next to that those laws were done away within Christianity.  

Here is the primary spirit that the world calls wisdom.

You can also include institutional education such as schools.  The people that are taught how to teach people their pagan traditions and witchcraft.  I want you to remember gaining knowledge or studying such as for a trade is fine and is important, but we do not put that knowledge above the knowledge and wisdom of YAH.  Instead, when we follow YARAH we develop the trade (our spiritual gifts of works) he made us for the assignment to work in for HIS Kingdom.  If you do take the knowledge of man and doctrine of the spirits of disorder over YAH’s instructions and teachings, then you are now worshiping the demonic wisdom spirit of the world.  I want to clarify that the demonic spirit of fear has led many people not to learn a trade because they do not understand we serve and worship YAH in all we do. We only fear YHWH in everything and that includes work.  

Let us get the REAL wisdom and that is the wisdom of YAH! James 3:17 KJV 

Instead, religious synagogues, churches, organizations, and seminaries give the illusion of a sacrificial service unto their gods.  Yes, we had priests and yes, they worked in the temple all day every day and did not own land.  Yes, they were taken care of by the people that did work and had their own land, and the land owned by the people is what we call homesteads today.  

In the past, our fore family grew our own food and raised our own animals and we traded and sold amongst each other for the things we did not grow.   I believe since people can only grow certain things it is part of YAH’s design to help us focus on working together and learning to trade and share what we were given the ability to grow.  A system where people do not become drunk with power like today’s systems.  You see a system set up that we would work together.  Yet, we have the working waters YARAH that include instructions for working. We work in other places and fields outside the temple worship because we worship in all we do.  Because the modern-day wisdom of the world does not have the spirit of YAH to properly interpret scripts when someone says they want to submit their lives to the Highest YAH, people think that means going into the seminary or becoming some part of the church.  

However, if YAH allows you to receive and acknowledge the truth of YAH you can see the church system today is not of YAH.  I am so seeing where people say the scrips also require diving deeper than the surface meanings. We have those that justify self-worship through the Bible verses that we are all priests.   The real children of YAH, we know that means in all modes of life and that we live subject to the YARAH through all we do including the work of our hands.  

We serve YAH in work and business ownership. As a business owner serving YAH, we sell services and products according to YARAH and this is just as much in righteous services as the temple priest.  The religious spirit started the lie that following YAH leads to riches through oppressing others to give by compulsion instead of according to the system set up by YAH to help us all work and support each other.

Proverbs YAH tells us a fool is better than a prideful person, but make note a fool is not a good state to stay in, at least the fool may eventually want to learn something new. The prideful think they are wise in their own eyes because they think they know everything. Therefore the one wise in their own eyes will not be open to acknowledging the truth of YAH because it will interfere with their self-worship.  (and there will be lovers of self).  You can eliminate this spirit by knowing its actions (fruit) as it comes in different forms. 

Some come as those that, monopolize time.  They like to watch and hear themselves talk.  They love to “give you advice.”  However, since their advice rarely aligns with the wisdom of YAH they will have you all over the place.  They are wavering people and are forever learning, but never comprehension or fullness.  Most prideful people think they can do everything right the first time and therefore spend very little time cultivating what they have learned.  Proverbs 4:7.  See the translation of the scripture.

I often observe the effects of people that are forever gathering information but do not know how to apply it or they have to apply it immediately before they forget and the feeling leaves them.  The spirit of chaos leaves them constantly hungry for information.  They also need to feel smarter than the person they speak to and will come back when they need to feel superior or see if they can suck more information out of you.    

All of them will rarely adhere to routines nor do they like to do work themselves.   I find it helpful to let them go about their way on their own apart from you.  Here are some scriptures to help stand firmly by putting on the helmet of salvation (your thoughts):

  1. Jeremiah 10:12.  Also see Leviticus 18:3, Leviticus 20:23, Deuteronomy 12:30 KJV, Judges 6:10 KJV, Isaiah 47:12-14 KJV.  Translations coming soon.
  2. 1 Colossians 2:4-5 KJV  
  3. 1 Colossians 2:5 KJV 
  4. Proverbs 2:1- 2:22, Proverbs 3:1-3:35, 1 Colossians 2:6- 2:16. KJV

Obedience is a joy even when I am amid spiritual warfare.  Wickedness is truly jealous and is working hard to trip us up.  YARAH is the answer for mental and physical health along with spiritual freedom from all types of slavery.  Wickedness can not allow us to get our hands on this word, water, light, and bread (LAMACHA) of life.  I watch people that continue to operate in their own power, a false sense of worldly wisdom.  They often struggle but they refuse to admit what they are doing is causing the problem.  Although, as followers and the children of YAH, we still have persecution, we no longer cause our own struggles.  We have peace that is different from the world.

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