The Shema Reading

The "shema" is the modern Hebrew term for the offer by ABA YHWH to return to our (the people of YHWH) roots. The name in our language is SHAMA the flowing spirit of his agreement. The yoke of agreement.

Upon seeking a higher power of course, I was first introduced to Christianity.  However, I was much more curious about what the churches were offering.  I did not understand why there were so many different churches and denominations.  Growing up I began to learn there were different religions but I could quickly hear that their doctrine was also off.  So, I left Christianity….so what did I join?  I left religion.  I was led to read the Bible by myself during what was apparently assumed long lost feast days and SHABATH.  I quickly learned when I mention feast days and SABBATH people would associate me with other religious organizations.  Mind you people associated me.  Not me and not my creator.

I know there is much back and forth that the scrips are not true or changed and that only certain religions are the way.  However, TRUTH is what I wanted and I could see the scrips align with my lifetime experiences and inner knowing.  ABA said he would write his LAWA on the hearts of his people.

So, upon that knowledge and acknowledgement I was led into experience a wide range of teachings on the so-called truth.  No, I did not and will not join any camps.  I never heard of those until I used searches to learn more about scrips.  So not to go on too long because I have a website documenting my journey, I quickly realized test the spirits mean to test the way people think against the scrips.  I had to study and learn what is called the “commandments.”  I linked the blog so you can read more because they are not “commandments” but the LAWA (flowing connection of authority leading us on the path of salvation by our Shepherd YAHASHAWA (Jesus or Yeshua or YAHOSHUA)).  We have standards that we must live by yes, but we are not forced to accept this agreement.

So today I share with you the unfolding of the Shema.  The Shema is known in Jewish circles but the truth is in our original language it is so much more than what was printed in the Bible.  The SHAMA is the offer of the agreement back to our people after YHWH brought us out of Egypt.  So, let’s get started with a reading.  I will go more in a teaching and unfolding the words so you can see how ABA showed me the SHAMA Deuteronomy 6 on another video but today is the reading.

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The SHAMA is in the book of Deutoronomy. However, you can see this links and is confirmed from Genesis and by ADANAYA Prayer. I would recommend seeing the Genesis unfoldings to confirm the translations. I am will so soon post other scrips that confirm the SHAMA is still relevant. PRAISE ABA!!

Psalm 23 is related to the SHAMA. Read and listen to the reading of Psalm 23.

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