The Greatest LAWA of the Agreement of Salvation

The very first and greatest LAWA of the MATSAWAH are confirmed by YAH'HASHAWA in Matthew 22:40. I know that surface scrip state to "Love God" and to "love your neighbor as yourself." The OBRAYAM reveals different. YAH'HASHAWA reminds us of the very first two LAWA.

The video's opening sound quality is not at its best but hold on the rest of the video is fine. Please forgive this issue as I am working to come back from spiritual warfare that took out my laptop with the original recording. TODAH (thanks for looking out).

Okay, all right, so let us go ahead and we are going to push our way through. Because it is time, we start learning MATSAWAH. HAMASAWAH as HAYA is also (THE). When we see HAYA h at the beginning of a word it is an indication of our creator. When we see it at the end of a word it indicates us as people or one looking to the creator.

In the recording, I am reading right to left. Once I complete a line, I move to the right again to begin. Hover over the PDF to access the page controls. Or you can follow along with the blog. But you will not be able to see the OBARAYAM markers.


When I discovered this MATSAWAH means to “Cast Out” as in pushout the unclean I thought, “Yes, I see that!”  Praise to HAYA ABA YHWH! Casting out or strong pushing out as in deliverance. When unfolding Exodus 20:1-3, I found an offering, not a command. Moving from Exodus 19:25 to Exodus 20:1 Moses received the MAYAM and the offer to take it back to the people of YHWH.

ALA says to Moses– “Call my people to me. Teach, direct those that are seeking me back to my mark.”  

Moses is directed by YHWH on how to share with our people. Those who choose to return.

Exodus 20:1 also says, ALOHAYAMA the head, the foundations, the strength, the way, strong power, leader guiding. So, the people of YHWH that have this written in our hearts (and it is sensing that we must study to confirm in our hearts). The YARAH of YHWH. Moves to the way of the head of the house, the builder my ALATAWA is the mark. The TAWA is the one putting those with the agreement, on the path to YHWH's desired destination. People for YHWH people). Those who come back to the agreement are humbled, anointed, and healed.

So, on the path of YHWH's desired destination for his people. Joining the SHABA means the spirit and path house and body from the foundations will shake you, shake your LABA. And will heal and secure you of continual strong authority (anointing). Return to the way of will flow through you returning your authority, strength, and power.

HADA is your great surrounding protector watching over you continually. HADA is directing and leading, laying the path for you and in your house, heart LABA the inner path. Bind to your head to your great working strength and power.

Exodus 20:2 Seek desire the arm of power and of the salvation of the arm of working power and of the setting and pointing us to the pathway of the rod of DAMALA. The branch of the tree of the door and the roots grab into a firm foundation. Grab hold to the press of light and order. Receive correction and be humbled and receive continual life. Walk the narrow path, let go of the unclean and see and walk on the waters of life.

Repent and return to seeking the seed, to seeking continual life. Return to me for cleansing and rooting to the beginning. YHWH the working power directing your works and flowing to and through ATAWA wants to restore our LABA hearts to YHWH to wholeness. RASHAMA is the great MASHA, THE deliver. The way, the covering of your sin. The release and covering of our sins are required. Bind to continual receiving of the blood of the MATSAWAH.  YARAH. Join in knowing and seeing the inner works of your foundations of you. SHAMA. Bind to the creator the blood of your roots (heart) and works (actions/living).

THATAW MASHA might SHAMA is the ALARASHA and it cleanses. The MATSAWAH joins the light of humbling and pushes out the unclean. MAOAO – Seek the great inner might of the SHAMAMA to cleanse your insides and to change you. Giving you new blood when you return to your roots. YHWH will cleanse a multitude of sins. Request and receive the filling of the standards to your inner being LABA. Return to the standards of the house of the might SHAMA. Translation ends.


I wrote 20:1-2 as one because prior to 20:2 it ends with ALAMARA. Modern Hebrew calls this glue. Yes, it means a strong bind to SHAMA (spirit). We can see this as connecting so we connect 10:1-2. Before we move to verse 3, we can see an additional MALA message here.

Additional translation

ALARAMA is the light given to man and woman giving sight to see. ARA is the spirit of the light. The strength of our strong power is giving us his authority and spirit bringing in and bonding to the LABA of the people of the head. The head is a strong power and the first. The first sacrifice is the head the continuance of the house of salvation. Seek and desire the arm of power the hand on the rod of correction, the pathway to the door. The tree of life rejoins the tree (grafted back to the tree).    

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