Decision Flow
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Making Decisions Based on YARAH.

Back in 2015 I begin trying to find ways to help me think through my decisions based on the word and instructions of YHWH. What I found was YARAH and the beginning journey that YHWH so kindly lead me back to the road of forgiveness. Lots of revelations of gifts and some that hurt but still realizing it is a gift to know the truth YHWH.

(Commentary) When RASHATAW first began to reveal YARAH to me I did not now the RASHATAW OBARAYAM yet. He was showing me through the surface script that the wording and the manipulation.

Here is a process that YHWH has given me and it works to help me get clear on the things YHWH wants me to do and to make sure I stay in YARAH at the same time.


Write your idea or idea's down. I just free flow this process because I can organize later I don't want to miss any messages. Often we are receiving bits and pieces of the plan and it takes time to develop. Number one indication we are hearing from YHWH is the process is not rushed. Do you know purification takes time? Do you know molding as in shaping takes time. Development takes time. If you are rushed to create something, purchase something, or work with someone there is normally something off. When we are rushed it often means something is working to cause us to miss details putting us off the pathway of YARAH.


Capturing and writing out ideas are goals. A journal work best for this process because you can write down the goal with the ideas that you see. We are builders and we build with wisdom from YHWH. So the provision for what we need to build would not come in ways gained outside of YARAH. For example I don't look for loans or debts to build or purchase. I know that sounds difficult but there is truth in the scrip that the borrower is slave to the lender. Most debt is linked to employment (a working slave) or some type of system funding giving the illusion of freedom. Freedom to be in debt is not freedom. So can I accomplish these goals without debt?

You may need help to bring things about or accomplish certain tasks. Who do we allow to work with us or for us? (Commentary). I often if I can't find someone that has the gifts, training, and honesty to help I know they aren't the ones. Working with people with different values is a problem. What they do will impact us against YARAH. We don't want that not even. So something may take longer if you have to learn a new skill but if you must we must. We grow with this training over time giving us more wisdom and when you can hire out you know how the knowledge to assist and observe that the assignment is completed correctly.

Count the cost of this goal or goals. How much do you need to complete this assignment? Do you have to take from a current assignment? If so, you are not ready. YHWH brings increase without regret when we stay within YARAH. How will this impact your family situation? Perhaps we need to earn money but will that take you out of your home assignment to do so? If so, no that puts us in sin. Taking us out of our home assignments means for example as a woman of YHWH I put home first.

So yes, my business activities are arranged secondary for me. However, for my husband he is putting home first by making sure he can work as often as possible. I discuss home with him but what I can handle without pulling him from his work is my support for him and thereby we are both looking to home first. (Commentary). Now as a husband, would this new assignment take you away from or take away from home if you already have something going? You would also need to slow build anything in addition to so you are not taken away from home during his home time as well.

Also funding such as we should not miss out on home needs to pour into a outside work activities. I know it is hard to believe but when I put home first YHWH always provides for my outside work activities. Because we are changed from the inside out first. As in we build us up first before we can pour out to anything else. So will this additional goal take away from the other goals currently profitable and within YARAH to create? (Commentary).

Now I ask questions like what is my time like and what is the timeline of this goal. The goal I am referring to could be something we are implementing in income producing activities and in build or growing what we have at home. The income producing activities of course help to build the home goals but they do not work if home is not stable. What would be the responsibilities and commitments? (Commentary)

Now you must walk out what you receive without doubt. When we doubt we deactivate the power for YHWH to increase these seeds. Remember it doesn't matter what or who plants and waters but it is YHWH that makes things grow and prosper. Perhaps you believed in a plan before that did not come through. YHWH does not lie. But if you where still outside of YARAH then we can not expect anything to come through (double minded). When we walk in the YARAH the name and shama of RAWACHA YAH'HASHAWA we can expect it to come through. YAH'HAWASHAWA says so.

So when capturing thoughts I do not use vision boards. Vision boards are not of the people of YHWH and I got caught up in the trickery back in 2016. I could sense something was off but I did not know what. Instead capture Ideas gained through thinking on our study, visions, and dreams. The vision board is made to capture and "name it and claim it". As they visions are something the people are attempting to "speak into existence" aka conjuring in the sense that they are claiming these people made visions. People have you cut out what you want from magazines or other places and post them on a "vision" board and then you "pray" over those things, believe really hard and add affirmations as in repeating that you will have those things over and over. (Commentary).

No we do not do that. Instead capture Ideas gained through thinking on our study, visions, and dreams. We are capturing as in writing down instructions and organizing the plans of YHWH and they must follow YARAH at all times. Remember YHWH said his plan will come forth and he will order our steps. The plan of YHWH is YARAH and scrip. We receive this information on SHABATAWA or SHABAT. He tells us his will and we follow that will.


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