Do Not Hate The Word Obedience
Revised 10/20/2023

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Since we as a people are taught by society that obedience means slavery, as in doing something against your will, we shun this word. Most people also turn away their AMANA (faith) a strong fastening to YHWH because they think it means bondage.  I was part of a Sabbath teaching that brought out the word obedience and of course, it put me on the path to look deeper.  Now I know this desire to seek out the truth or to examine if it is true is TSA-DAH.  

Obedience does not mean what we believe it means. Causing the people of YHWH (this includes those that desire the Salvation of YHWH as well) to turn from our YARAH and increases.  Yes, another blinder to stop us from walking in the power from the Highest YHWH.  

Obedience means to submit to service.  A willing act of service. One thing to note is the difference between service and slavery. Since obedience is linked to slavery when people hear this word, they think no way and turn from YHWH. And purposely turning without realizing the damage they are doing by turning from YARAH to escape captivity, leads them into captivity. I can see why but this is how the trap works because the problem is our
ATATHAMA (family of YHWH of the mark ALAMA and TAWA) turned from the YARAH causing this issue in the first place.

Turning back is restoration and protection so why not make you think our people turned from YARAH because of feeling so-called oppression. But the truth is supposed ATATHAMA left following YARAH because some people were tricked and others selfishly walking away. We must deal with the fact most people want to do their own thing period. They see the true character of YHWH, but they want to be YHWH so sadly those people are on the lost pathways.

Does obedience to YHWH mean a mindless submission to slavery? Or is this relabeled by captors?

I remember when I was attending a church and one of the sermons was to be a “slave to Christ.”  I remember telling one of the women there, "that does not sound right." She said, “yeah, yeah, that’s right.”  I knew it was not right in my SHAMA (spirit). I knew without knowing, yet. I sensed through the scripts that for me to submit to YHWH was not out of compulsion ( being forced).  I submit to the obedience to YHWH and his word without compulsion without issue.  I am thankful to have YHWH’s kindness to submit to his YARAH.  

Observe in Hebrew is OABA’Da. OABA- Beam, support, see the house, see into the house, support the house, crossing into the house. The mark of the house. See and follow the house and the support. Dalataw- To support the authority of the house at the door. The strong door is not a weakness in the wall but it is a strong door of protection and the only entryway into the house of YHWH (the house has a wall or fence so no one enters any other way). And normally there is outside gates and yards before anyone can even get to the house. The gate door is YAH'HASHAWA and is the only way. The way between the realms is a securing for safety on one side or locking out of disorder and dysfunction on the other side the swinging door. When we hold our heads down and we are swinging our heads back and forth as in sadness or hurt this is called poor of shama (spirit). The swinging head is a sign of seeking YHWH or humbling. Humbling is called poor today.

The primary meaning is one that supports the other in service to YWHW. When two or more come into agreement with the same mindset (spiritual sets) they are operating as one as in not in opposition to. The beam represents the LAMA (yoke) and the carrying of the burden for the work ahead by the oxen.  Therefore, one works with another to accomplish the goal (Commentary) of cultivating (tilling) the land for planting seeds.  If one ox is trying to do its own thing, the two will not complete the task ahead.  

The ox has a choice to accept the LAMA when it comes to YHWH. Matthew 11:29-30 KJV. (Commentary). However, the oppressor will force you to bend to their will, therefore, setting tripwires to get you into their yoke for which you are a slave to them. Most people have experienced this strange force of slavery as they control this practice by changing the meaning of words.

The department of labor also refers to the boss as the master and the word boss means master. The people we hire are a support team and need to be treated with appreciation and regard. Since slavery is taught from the slave masters the children knowingly or unknowingly carry on this behavior. Also, people want to be YHWH, or what they call gods, so they also carry the rawaq or mindsets of pride and domination.

Obedience is the act of coming into service with YHWH in the original heritage of YASHA'RAAL. The word OABARAYAM meaning the pressing through and the flowing waters of the family of the head of the first and in service. The words Obedience and OABARAYAM connect if you can see them.

The word OABARAYAM –Observe in Hebrew is OABA’DA

I looked at submission because when people see this word such as a wife should submit to her husband people think that means mindlessly following but this is not what this means. People also apply to submission to religious leaders, the worldly rich, or anyone else that they “look up to” not realizing this is a form of worship and a twisting of scrip.  Employees look at their employers as their provider and their authority.

I do not agree with the exact wording for submission because again to submit to someone more superior only applies if the superior is YHWH.  When we are asked to submit to our Husbands it is in service or support as we both walk-in YARAH (Torah), and we realize that if our husband is walking in the way of RAWACHA thereby serving YHWH, he has the authority (authority does not mean superior in OBARAYAM unless it is YHWH) of YHWH and we respect the SHAMA of YHWH within him.  

Since a man and woman are to be "equally yoked" in marriage this means we are each in agreement and equal in SHAMATAYAKA strength, learning abilities, and we each have skills and strengths, although different. We work together for the support of the agreement. So, if you have a husband or a wife that thinks, he or she is superior that is not the correct translation of the scrips.

If you believe you must be "weak" and submit to an abusive husband or wife, you are also wrong.  A husband and wife that walks with YHWH in YARAH, knows we do not harm others. A husband is to appreciate and "love" his wife. Wives are to appreciate and "love" their husbands. Like YHWH loves (AHABAH) his people. (I know what the script says but both have to have love. And respect means worship. We only worship YHWH.) Knowing the meaning of love is important. And the difference between love and worship is essential as well.

A wife is the protection of the SHAMA (spirit, mind, heart) of her husband. As in she is the rib cage. The rib cage is a protective covering of the chest cavity. The word LABA in OBARAYAM means heart spirit center. The mind is the spiritual (SHAMATAYAMA) and this is also the inner room represented in the temples. Therefore the wife is the inner room. She is to be protected by the outer room the Husband. Therefore no one hates his own body because she is the covering for his heart. They are equally in spiritual strength. The man is the head because he was created first and then out of man, woman is brought next to him. Two made for each other. We also do not walk inside out so the heart is not the body but is inside the body. But yet the two must agree.

Since I know YARAH, and I know a man that does not walk with YAH is operating in ROWAQ I can move forward without him.  When you speak to a man or woman listen to his or her beliefs believe them and let them go. Normally you must listen to the implied or read between the lines because very few people directly say what they mean. You do not give yourself to a man that is outside of YHWH. Men this is the same for a woman. Watch the woman and get to know her because many women are raised in the art of acting. However, a woman of the dysfunctional only pretend to follow YHWH for so long. Mostly she will find it hard to be around you. When people of the world cannot continue to pretend, they will create problems and blame you. Move on as this is sadly a trap of someone that is happy in their disfunction. I think about the fact that I can not save people only YHWH's salvation can save people.

Happy is a person that walks the straight path. What’s the straight path? Yes, YARAH. Walking in YARAH honors and shows our AHABA, fastening, and support for YHWH and what he did for us. I praise and thank you in the works of YARAH honoring YHWH!

One more example the word for slave is RAKA.

Meaning:  man covered his life as in "guard your life". The KAPA here also represents approval of YHWH, covered man (women too) or pressing down as to hold down or oppress. Page 260 #1448 HBL

RASHA -Meaning: Good side: the standing together as in the two front teeth for pulling food and pressing down or holding on together. Bad side: RASA Demolish, pieces, or ruin as in the breaking down or bringing down of something by throwing or pulling it down. Page 263 #1452 Jeff Brenner Hebrew Lexicon.

The full meaning would be to tie or bind and leave empty is a slave and this happens all the time. A broken covering brings a man or woman to ruin or to pieces because it presses down and holds as in oppression.

The truth about Bond Men and Women. Are they slaves? Good Side: A bondsman or woman are people in agreement with you as in bonded in the agreement of YHWH through living works of YARAH. The bondman or bondwoman is support, and they would leave if they chose to with increase. You would not send them away empty. (Commentary)

Bond Man- one bound to the authority of the house or  Rao BaDaWa

Bond Woman – one bound to the strong-arm the glue of the house. The mother is a strong authority that binds the house. Hence referred to as the household manager a truly great seat of authority. An essential seat in the home. The woman that works with her to support the woman authority of the house is a bondwoman. Wa AMaTa Wa

Bad Side: Slavery has instructed their people it means to lock you down or trap you into spiritual yokes to work you either until you are useless to them or dead.  The stock market comes from slavery as our people were the original stocks and bonds as in bonded to slavery the flip side of bonded as in oppressed through slavery. Religion primarily wants people with money.


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