Are We Supporting The Wrong People

Real Date: 3/5/2022

Are we supporting the wrong people?  I am realizing that I spent many years supporting false humility.  I did not realize it was false as I genuinely thought those people were struggling.  I did not realize those people had not come out of one of the many periods of testing and humbling that we face in this lifetime with a hold on the right Supreme Power.  We will be shaken and proven just as the LAMADA tells us that when the hard times come.  Hence, we are going to have an experience that will either tighten your hold in the YARAH on our walk with ABA YAH or it will cause you to release to serve something you consider more powerful.  Often this power is self and whatever god supports that belief so the prideful do not have to come out and say I worship self.  But this false god will eventually show up in their lives to collect because your true covering has been removed.

Here is a short reflection.

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