The day of rest, reset, feasting, and gathering. Called to the meeting place at the feet of our ADANAYA.

The Truth about The Day of Worship

Dispelling religious beliefs about SHABATAW (SHABBAT)

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In the beginning, we see that our spiritual seats were stolen upon causing us to fall from our seats.  A group, the kicked-out one’s, spiritually represent themselves as “the fallen ones.”  Identity thief from the beginning. 

Our day of worship is twisted and highjacked later to make the chosen to believe we are to take on religious beliefs of worship.  Wrong.  Do we still worship on the 7th day?  Does that make us part of the religious group with that name?  No, we are not religious.  The day is SHABATAW and it is observed on the 7th Day.  The name is not the 7th day.  Not our people and the name points this out.  And the other groups that observe this day are not necessarily our people.  Some will have the appearance of the watchers but are not the watchers.

Here is what the SHAMA also know as the MATSAWAH says,


I want to mention a couple of points here.

  1.  The day of rest is RASHA and it means to reset revisit or to see again the way.  We are getting our focus back to the way we are walking.  Walk as in to live.  The washing of the feet by YAH’HASHAWA means we will serve and support each other through the hot water, the fire, and still give each other the cooling water for healing.  We continually are in cycles of learning, flushing out, spiritually letting go is seen as dying, and reborn with a new SHAMA ( a completely new way of thinking, feeling (sensing), and living.  Each level requires us to enter a new spiritual door and the only way through is deeper transformation.  This day is a spiritual doorway. And we meet with the SHAMAYAMA in the inner and upper rooms.  Only the humbled entered.  (Greek calls humbled weak.  So, what is foolish to the world is beautiful to YHWH!)  YHWH will use “the foolish things.”  YHWH is not calling us foolish but the things those that worship other things call foolish.
  2. YHWH said he will write his MATSAWAH on our hearts.  Jeremiah 31:33.  Our people are sensing we need to worship on the 7th day of the week.  Since we are taught that this is over,  why would sense this is true?  Because it is true.  And now ABA YHWH is showing his people SHABATAW all over again as he said he would. With the sacrifice and the restoration of returning us to our seats once we are reborn through the RAMA (Ram).  Reborn is not a spoken acceptance YAH’HASHAWA is the way but it is living this way.  So, we need to find out the way.
  3. Do not burn a fire or go to gather food or sticks on this day.  Do not burn a fire is not referring to cooking.  No work but that that pertains to eating.  Is cooking and eating work?  It would depend on whether it is your job.  But feeding people is a necessity unless you are fasting.  We only have one SHABATAW day that we fast.  So do not burn a fire as in desire to worship or do something else.  Do not have your mind on things outside of focusing on what is at hand.  Do not burn a sacrifice unto other gods.  The man gathering sticks was going to worship another god.  We don’t do that any day of the week and especially on SHABATAW.
  4. Prepare as in gather in all our food  for the evening (ARAZA) and the next day and evening.  We prepare what we need so we do not have to run and get things to take us away from our seats.  Preparation is planning to have what we need so we can rest in the MaLa.  And we would have gathered our sticks the day before in preparation.  ABA knew that man’s heart was still on another way that he refused to give up.    
  5. We can cook on SHABATAW.  Since normally it is provided in a group type style of preparation the responsibility that comes with food prep, service, and clean up did not lie with a couple of people but the entire gathering would assist.  Since we do not eat with everyone or eat everyone’s food this is important, only those that have been reborn attend the feasts.  Each one can bring a dish in preparation for the meals.  Because we would have more than one meal together.  We know this as tithing.  
  6. Only the reborn and reappointed by YAH’HASHAWA attend the feast.  That is right.  We are not going to give a church invite.  We don’t attend churches anymore praise ABA YHWH!  We gather in the SHAMA (name) of YARAH the leading light!!  We walk with those that are prepping for transformation as they are still walking outside the LAWA 6 days a week.  On the SHABATAW we take our “heavenly” seat with the people that have already transformed into receiving their “spiritual” seats.  We see in the natural and the SHAMA we have one foot on the ground and one foot on the water just as our leader.  Representing we walk in both.  We protect our SHAMATIC family by making sure we do not bring outsiders.
  7. Lastly, we are not locked into a day we hate.  We do not have unreasonable conditions set on this day.  This day is seen as a day of freedom.  One that is safely protected in the pasture (house) on the inside has strong surroundings keeping out anything that would attack.  We are free to rejoice and gather.  Repent and heal to be vessels worthy of service.  Each SHABATAW is a preparation for the return and it builds us for our daily battles! 

More to come about SHABATAW as the feast days are SHABATAW’s as well. 

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