Discernment and Wisdom

The Real Date: 1/29/2022

Discernment and Wisdom

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Discernment and Wisdom Part 4 of 4

The spiritual gifts of discernment and wisdom are received only after we seek, grasp, and hold to what we are filled with by the Highest Ruler YAH.  We would say this is the fruit of having the spirit of YAH dwell in us, in our hearts.  Looking at the word heart, we can see it is in fact the inflowing of a spirit into the house or temple also known as our bodies.  Our “hearts” are our minds, spirits, heart, and bodies.  We testify to our creator and our savior.  We are and can relate the spiritual to the visual and those outside of YAH and working in other spiritual workings are not the only ones that can see in the spirit.  We are hated by them because they first hated the spirit of ABA YAH.  The spirit of ABA YAH entered from the beginning.  Discernment is not at its fullest until you know the true character of ABA YAH until you know the spirit.  The spirit is not something we pick up and makes us talk.  The spirit or the mind of "Christ" are the scrips and the only way to desire this spirit is to spend time in what they call “the word.”

Looking at the word “discernment” in English we can see it shows us one that can see seeds, spirits, and works and can separate the roots that these things stem.  What is the “driving force” is a question many people like to ask. Because people know or feel that action is the fruit (manifestation) of a belief is “in the spirit of something.”  What does that mean or why is this important?  Taking on a spirit means how we think.  Look at psychology and drill down to the Greek etymology and the word “breath” means spirit.  Why is this associated with breath? Well, you can breathe in spirits, yes as they can enter the form of smoke. The breath of YAH was breathed into us meaning his spirit into the first ADAMA.  ADAMA means the strength at the door of the flowing spirit.  The flowing spirit of YAH is life, and it is the MATSAWAH.  

The teachings to have the spirit of the HA MASHA or to have the mind of HA MASHA (Whom they call Christ or Messiah) is spiritual digestion of teachings.  Hence, we are surrounded by opposing teachings disguised as anything other than the truth that it is a teaching.  The spirit of the kicked-out ones loves to cover something hard to eat with something tasty.  Never mind what is beneath the cover-up that can kill you.  Lying spirits are lying thoughts.  What you think on you act out so this should dispel the lie that living YARAH or what they falsely call the “commandments” are old, outdated, religious, or done away.  Everything we do requires work as thoughts manifest with actions.  Somehow this is accepted by anything outside of following YARAH as think it and it will be true.  Perhaps because those that teach this poison (doctrine or teachings outside of YARAH is poison do not get it twisted.) believe no one can and is seeking the truth of ABA YAH the truth of YARAH. Wrong as we will never be silenced as YAH is not dead!

Discernment has multiple meanings as in our original language we see the function and then call it as it functions.  Hence names mean characteristics so the meaning of a name will tell you the character of most things and people.  Our names are also spiritually sent so often we think we research a name but as in my case, I later learn ABA YAH has the real meaning for my name.  History has shown there are people that believe they can steal and rename something or give it a new meaning and so now it belongs to them.  A lie of course as the spiritual realm can see the original.  The origin is what matters to ABA HAYAH as he is the creator and anything else attempting to create its own creation is outside of YAH.  We have authority through YAH to create but when we step out of his mind as in HIS YARAH we are under another authority.

We can begin by recognizing and acknowledging the truth when we see this appearance.  “My truthers” began back in the beginning when the kicked-out ones lost the battle to overtake SHAMYAMA (Heaven) and were booted out to ARATSA (earth).  Their people blindly call them the fallen ones.  Here you can hear a softening of words, and this helps to discern (determine the differences between two things.)  Discernment is a SHAMAOA.  

When we unfold MALA (word) it gives us the power to see into “Discernment.”  What I find interesting is that we can also take the letters of the English word and link them back to our original language and get insight into this word's action. SHAMAOA beginning part of the word is SHAMA is spirit and SHAOA means to watch we Shepherd also a Farmer (Husbandman) watches his or her flock and garden.  SHANA also represents a binding cord or pillar such as in support of one to hold up or hold down as we say among my people “hold down the fort” is a column holding pressing down or standing firm.  OAYNA is the inner fountain of knowing or an inner owning of someone or something.  So, it is an illustration of seeing what one is binding to, joining, supporting, or the foundations they stand on.

We can see discernment is checking what we see and hear using the YARAH.  So yes, even today ABA YAH will help us see how HE knows, and we can find an answer to problems today.  We can see why many things are happening today because we consider “cause and effect.”  Anything built from wickedness and anything that supports it or benefits and fails to separate and repent will sadly get cut down with that thing.  So even if it appears to be “good” today but it stemmed from a “bad” work it is still bad with a good cloak.  ABA knows the roots.  You cannot turn wicked works into good.  However, ABA YAH has the power to change things if their heart (mind, body, and spirit) follows and desires a true change and desire ABA YAH.  Not pretending but a deep lasting change.  I admit this change comes with a battle, but it is so worth the change! HAYA ALAMA!!  (Praise YAH)

The question is are people really using truth to discern?  Since the ability to reason is lost to most many see the truth, but they turn away.  Hence, they believe the lie over the truth.  Many also must use superficial things to attempt to discern someone’s spirit because they cannot hold the spirit of YAH to discern the truth.  Interestingly enough they attempt to lump everyone in with the crowd and use those markers to write off people that were sent to help them.  Oh well, we must continue dropping and watering the seeds of life, the YARAH, and allow ABA YAH to do his work.

We will look at the words and what we say as this is a key to discerning. People deny how someone speaks and the words they use to reveal their (hearts) or should I say mind. Hence we need to know what words mean and stop ignoring this fact because people will continue to deceive you when you do not stand firm and hold on to the wisdom of YAH that is your, this is our, defense.

I pray you will seek out ABA YAH, seek out HIS wisdom and allow HIS MALA to fill you. More to come SHALAWAMA.

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