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TAZADA ASHA - our great leader radiates light that changes us. One submitted radiates light. CHAMAHA.

When I began to examine what the modern Hebrew calls the Tsade it began to unfold multiple images in my mind and then the sounds.  This word has a “Z” sound but letter with TSA supposedly like the ending to ants’ words.  When and why do ants lettered with an s make a “z” sound?  Is it because s and z are used interchangeably in most languages and cultures.  But don’t they make two distinct sounds?  And the answer is yes they are used interchangeable and they are two distinct sounds. 

So, when we get to the root of this word I noticed a marker is left out and then ABA Shows me how the word paints the picture of the process and the meanings of this marker.  So, depending upon the message and the process the name of this marker and the sound changes but according to what it means. 

The Z sound comes from the Zion in so that would mean this word would not begin with a Z sound in most cases. 


But then I think about how we associate sleeping with getting some z’s.

Icon from Word

So, I would associate this marker with ZADA as the name not TSA with a z sound.  Because the ZADA would represent a person on their side and that is the ZADA. 

Commentary explaining more about TAZADA ASHA


So now I do associate that with the Z sound.                           

Where would we get the TSA appearance then?  I believe it makes the T sound and it is the TAWA and then we get the ASHA so this word is TASHA because one attached to the way holds on tight and firmly submitted to the way of YHWH.  And the person on the side is holding on tight and is fully submitted.  Also, one that is SHAMATAYAKA (spiritual) cut down or burned down as the SHANA represent fire for crushing, the way and burning as the word ASHAR is in the SHANA. 

So, then we ASAMA as this represents a sprout.  I have mentioned before it also looks like something coming out of a circle.  So, when we look at the meanings of this marker we begin to see something flowing  as from the root of something like a tree.  We are referred to trees in the scrips.  The GANASHANA (Genesis) unfolding is revealing we were planted as PAYA seed spoken by YHWH in the SHAMATAYAKA and then we sprouted forth here on the ARAZATSA (earth in Modern Hebrew).  The word makes me think of ADAMA (character name Adam) so the AH sound as in the ALAMA comes to mind.  And one submitted would give the ASHA and when you add the TAWA it tells us submitted (excretes), dies -changed, reborn, made new by the TAWA.  And is uplifted using the staff the WALATAW.  So, the root of the tree is the ground.  Ground is a SHAMATAYA passing through.

We are made from the ground formed in the beings of our Creator.  A SHAMA also makes an AHH sound like wind.  And the wind also makes a whooshing sound.  This marker may very well take on the sound of the marker before it comes in at the A sound.  Can you see the waving of the light as the flame moves for living flowing from the heart of the QAWAPA. 

We see the smoke or steam as SHAMA being so that would be the “tail” waving on this picture.  A SHAMA seed opening is a sprout (fertilized sprouts with the breath of life from YHWH) or a sperm, or an embryo once fertilized. YHWH said, "can these dry bones be raised?" character Ezekiel 37:4 (YAHZAKAYA ALAMA).

Looking at the unfolding of TAZADA ASHA.

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