ARA and ARATHA the Lights Unfolding
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ARA RA We see this in Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1.

Known as the light.  “How so?” You may say.  ARA is the first part of the English word “order.”  The translations change it to order because those outside of ABA YAH say ORA ( Ayin and the Resh - Modern Hebrew) as in the “o” sound not the “a” sound.  I once met a woman at a business meeting that said, “ I see your ORA.”  I thought, “What is that?”  She had a strange vibe about her and then I did not know what was happening.  I begin to remember the TV series I watched that used that word.

The OBARAYAM doesn’t have an “e”.  The "e" was created later and it represents Els.  Els are equal to what is called gods today.  Els and gods are things outside of ABA YHWH.  When researching this word, I noticed in the scripts the use of the Ayin (used as a, e or o for modern) for the modern Hebrew instead of the ALAMA "a" as in the OBARAYAM. 

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We see the modern Hebrew version of Ore instead of ORA.  But the word has the ALAMA so for us we know this is ARWARA or ARA. So, when you look at order you would think no this is  not part of this word ore but the last letter is left silent in the modern Hebrew.  In the OABARAYAM it is pronounced because ABAYAH is the beginning and the end.  So, we get ARA for light.

Light as in the giving of light to see the way.  And light as in our living light our SHAMA.  So, she was saying she could see my mf SHAMA or spirit.  She thought she was so wise.  Note, I said, “she thought this” not me.  I knew something was off but I was just beginning to transition. 

ABA YHWH started giving me dreams of the me turning the lights on.  I was in the dark and lights would shine or turn on or I would come into in the light.  I had one dream where I was in a dark room but I could see in the dark (indicating seeing in the SHAMATAYAK (spiritual)).  There were rather large green lounge chairs in the room.  Lamps were next to each chair.  I was arranging the chairs in order and then I would turn on the light next to the chair.  Someone came and tried to take that light but I was defending those that belonged in the chair.  I was watching over and protecting the room.  I do that naturally in my personal life with my loved ones and I do it in business. 

ABA YHWH is THE LIGHT and he sends the greater light to continue His House that we know as the son.  YAH’HASHAWA, the RAMA, THE RAWACHA, THE SON, leads us YASHA’RAAL the lessor lights.  YAH’HASHAWA is also represented by lightning.


  ARTHA seen in lightning.  The interesting part is how I was shown this word.  In teachings that twist our heritage we are giving words like ether and elements.  So, the flag on these words is that we do not have the “e.”  Indicating that this is either the “a” or “h”.  Turns out ether is ATHARA.  Can you see how the a’s replace the e’s. 

We see in Genesis that the first light that “divides the dark” shows what is in the dark.  The divide is a marker to show us it is lightning.  Lightening is the first light.  Think about when it is completely dark and there is a storm with lightning.  You can see whatever is around it.  Many people say the scariest part of a tornado is one that hits at night because other than by the way it sounds, like a locomotive (train) you can not see it until the lightening reveals.  And people can’t tell where it is because of the sound may be like a surrounding sound. (commentary in audio).

I have had many dreams about being in the dark.  One specific dream I was sitting next to a building here in the town I currently live in and I was sitting in a light.  The car looked as if it had just stopped raining.  It was dark ahead of me and when I looked out the window I saw lightning.  The lightning revealed flood waters covering the entire neighborhood and the surrounding area.  I was just outside of those flood waters.  I was kept safe inside the car, in the light, next to a building.  A building that houses the train station.  I felt safe but I think how close those waters were.     

The light revealing what was to come in the SHAMTAYAKA (spiritually).  I am thankful to The Most High showing me he was keeping me safe.


This world was spiritual as in darkness.  Void and rotting being without order only death.  Rotting from the stink of sin.  Yes sin begins to stink because the dead stink as the body is rotting.  We saw this happening today.  How many commercials talk about some new product that will help with “scent.”  Like down below.  Did you know men and women that sleep around begin to develop a smell that they are talking about now.  The world admits they are having challenges “staying fresh.” 

So, this realm is SHAMATAYAKA connected to the Higher SHAMAYAM we have the natural.  The face coming forward ahead we see HAMASHA is the light as in fire lightning, the waters, and the wind.  Wind is the SHAMA.  HAMASHAYAK is bringing in the order and the continual life that we know as the light in the darkness.

Now let us talk more about these lights in the form of the greatest SHAMA.

I want to mention that if you are currently still operating in sin as in sex (fornication) know you can come out of that sin. You can be healed. Placed in a place of purification and right standing by abstinence. Physical intimacy is set apart for marriage. Marriage is a covered agreement and it will keep one safe that keeps the standards of ABA YHWH. By no means am I judging you because I am an ADANAYA and I put you on the right path. That way when we do meet the judge we would be raised to His standards.

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