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What is faith?  What does it mean when people say, “have faith.” 

Faith is an action.  Faith is a thought or weaving of thoughts that we know as plans brought forth through action.  Faith without works is dead.  In better words faith you can see someone’s faith.  So, what is the action of faith?  How is it that faith is more than thought?  Thoughts are created in the mind.  The mind is the heart of man and woman and this is our connection to the heavens.  Dreams and visions pop into my mind.   

An action is a full thought brought forth.  Thoughts are spiritual and when we perform those thoughts we have brought the thoughts into the natural world.  We call this manifestation.  Not manifestation as in the magical sense of the word that is taught in religions and by thought leaders.  Manifestation means to birth forth or bring forth or to do or the appearance of (appearance of something from another realm) and these are all actions.  “As a man or woman think so they are.”  We do the things we think about.  And what we think about we become.  What we speak can cause thoughts so life and death are in our speech.

Becoming is an action a natural manifestation where we see what is in the heart or mind eye is now brought into action.  I say,  “don’t just talk about it be about it.”  Many people who are stagnant talk about what they want to do but when the time comes to show and prove or put into action they stop cold.  Many will get angry in defense because now they are being called on just to talk.  Have you ever heard, “he or she can talk a good game?”  Exactly they talk it up until you call them on it as in okay show me.  Or when you call on them to do the thing they say they can do.  I have also seen these same people call a genuine person fake.  The one that is all talk and no action will attempt to “call out someone else for what they call faking,” although the person was not faking. 

I have experienced those people purposely sabotaging a plan to make someone else appear as a “fake”.  So, to give an example I have given clear and detailed instructions only to have the person skip portions of the instructions or pretend that I came up short somewhere by doing so the instruction does not work out the way I said it would.  So, I did not fake my knowledge of the matter. Due to the RAWAQ of jealousy and envy, the person did not want it to work, so they sabotaged it. 

Someone that has gotten by on faking assumes others fake what they know and can do as well.  Until they run up on someone that is not a fake.  A genuine person will remind a faker that they are stuck and they like the place they are in so now in their minds the “genuine person has offended them.”  The faker develops a shama of jealousy around the genuine person because this person is doing more than just enough and the stagnant person has chosen to stay complacent. 

So, the stagnant person by choice can receive deliverance but instead choose to walk in distraction.  Distraction is in the form of following the lie of offense and beginning to attack the person of their jealousy.  The jealousy develops into envy in most cases.  Some will leave you alone while harboring unfounded anger and bitterness toward you.  Envy is the action part of jealousy as it begins to do “underhanded” things to the person of jealousy.

So, as you can see the SHAMA of jealousy manifest.  I used the example of the SHAMA of jealousy to show how the spiritual is brought to the natural therefore so does belief or “faith.” 


Faith In Action

Faith in action consists of trusting, walking forward without full details, paying attention, researching, and developing, reviewing, correcting, directing, repentance, and repeating.

Faith and Trusting

Faith is the act of trust.  Trusting means I hear and although I can not yet see I know you will follow through with what you said.  ABA YHWH requires that we walk according to YARAH although we cannot, at least at first, see anyone else walking in YARAH or yet know the success he promises from walking according to YHWH’s standards.  When we trust and hold to what he said by doing what he says, not just considering what he says, he follows through with what he said.  We know this as a promise.  YHWH promises he will do this when we do this.  Most people today want the promises first then maybe they will walk in with what he says.  There are people that “do” what they read to get the promise.  YHWH word does not come back void (empty as in he is lying) so what happens is the heart is not truly in the action.  The action was completed to get the promises.   I have met people that believe in one and done.  They fake follow through get what they want and run.  They call this bait and switch or hustling.  I know people that do the “right” thing once and then go back to manipulation.  These are the same people that use the excuse that people cannot change and especially become righteous.     

Faith Walking Forward Before the Promises

YHWH never gives his promises first.  YHWH already knows what the person will do so we must walk in trust first.  Eventually, we can look back and say, “yes, YHWH did what he said he would do.”  Therefore, proving he is trustworthy. That would mean trust is earned.  Even if the ALMIGHTY proves he is trustworthy when he does not have to prove anything why do we believe people do not have to or are allowed to do the same?  We as the people of YHWH are told to “come out of her.” Her is the world systems.  There are multiple systems and it is like nesting dolls as well.  So, we must examine and get real.  I was hardcore and put down anything I did not know the roots of until I could find the roots.  I did not falsely call it sin before examining it and if it was sin, I have no problem calling it what it is.   I know it is sin by learning YARAH. 

Faith is Paying Attention

We learn from the past to navigate the future.  I would think seeing how our family has fallen and met the curses we would want to right the wrongs now.  Thereby learning from the past to navigate the future.  Faith in YHWH means we return to the standards of YARAH.

Faith is Research and Development

The things presented to us are illusions.  The appearance of function and success.  However, if total inward destruction is what you seek then that would be the way to go.  Reconstruction of the inner parts looks bad for a little while on the outside but once it is completed and maintained there is no going back from a true new heart and blood.  So, examination of the roots determines the type of tree and the fruit.  Manifesting is fruit.  When we plant something that grows and comes out from the spiritual is now manifested.  Examining what we have is not thinking too much about something.  We need to question.

Faith is Review

Review as in remembrance.  We need to constantly reread or revisit so we do not forget.  Daily meditation on what we researched will be developed into consistent routines.  Not rituals but routines.  Let go of rituals.  There is nothing wrong with a functioning routine in fact it brings success when the root is in YARAH. Doing the same thing each week and each day tempts boredom but that is just when we are reaching the release of the promises of YHWH.  Do not allow this sabotage to deter our promises by putting us back into unsuccessful roots with unproductive routines or empty rituals.

Faith is Correction and Direction

One is always checking to see if they need to course correct.  That is right are we on the right road?  Do we have the correct routines and are we completing those as instructed?  If not, stop and get corrections and directions to get on the correct path.  I think of highways because signs and roads change and it is easy to merge onto a new portion of the highway without realizing it and then we are off-road.  Remembering markers and directions will keep us on the correct route.

Faith is Repentance

By acknowledging and admitting that we sinned, and repentance, we are decreeing and declaring correction. Yes, that would mean we admit we sinned.  Sin is more than a mistake.  We make mistakes when we put forth an effort to do the right thing and we do the wrong thing.  Sin is knowing we are wrong and still doing it.  Since our family is supposed to teach us sin but we can spiritually sense something is “morally” off. And we need to stop and examine the roots before continuing it is sin to just move forward.  Admitting sin is not condemnation and that is why we have the gift of the ability of grace to repent.  We are working to get back to the full knowledge and then train up future generations and help us continue to hold to the standards of salvation, YARAH.       

Faith is Repeating

Faith is repeating these things over and over until the new SHAMAYAM and ARTSA are created by YHWH.  Then if approved we will walk in the fullness of perfection constantly walking in YARAH with hard concentration. 

Faith is holding to the truth of the LAWA when the world says we are crazy.  Faith is holding to the truth of the LAWA and the MALA of YHWH even when our closest loved ones call us crazy and attempt to sabotage us.

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