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HARAM The Highest of High!  Here is where we get “THE MOST HIGH.”  I say the Most High often and there are other “names” as in descriptions that also refer to YHWH (YADA HAY WAW HAY) as well.  A name has a meaning.  Meanings create a way of thinking.  When you hear a name what do you think of?  The meanings are normally characteristics as in the description, traits, skills, and a way of thinking, living, teachings, ways of a person, people, group and things.

Surprisingly names can reveal who we are to the seeking person.  Names can reveal your calling.  Names also reveal ownership or a marker.  Such as family trees the name of the tree reveals the family.  The family will have similar qualities although they are not all the same.  One thing that makes the people of YHWH the same is our desire and to follow his standards.  Hence families are reclassified.  YAH’HASHAWA says his family is those that live and walk in YARAH. 

My name revealed how YHWH made me.  My name helps me to make the connection of what I was learning, my behaviors, and my way of thinking.  My name helps to show me why I do the things I do.  Seeing the meaning of my name helps to set me free!!  We hear about character traits and this is revealed in names. People have caused me to feel as if I was broken. Like I was wrong regarding my way of thinking or feeling but it turns out I am doing what I am made to do I think on the YARAH.

Each video will end as I had to cut the video into segments to produce. I apologize for the abrupt stopping. Once the video ends click on the next video. I have numbered the videos for you to watch in ardar (order).

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After watching the videos able continue to listen to the audio as you read along with the blog. Part 2 of the audio reading.

YASH’RAAL we are made to bring order just like our Creator and our Great Shepherd.  Confirmation of the SHAMA (Shema) working in me, in us, of the HARAMA.  The HAYA at the beginning of a word represents “the” as well as a person or people.  We see the arms raised as in repentance- confession, surrendering, praising, or requesting help – pleading.  One looking up to or one looking to.  Our Shepherd goes on our behalf.  We see this in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  YAH’HASHAWA says, “ he will hear from HASHAMATAKA when his people return to his ways. 

HAYA at the end of a word means one looking towards.  When we see HAYAHA it is “existed” according to the modern Hebrew.  We see one looking at another.  One looking up to another.  One walking with another.  We also see the RASH the RASHANA and the MAYAMA.  We get THE HEAD of a Mountain.  RASHA HARA means head of a high hill or mountain.  So, we get THE MOST HIGH, the correction in the program wants to make this the most highest but we say THE MOST HIGH!!.  Also where did our NABAYAS (prophets) go to meet YHWH?  Mountains.  Our roof tops are also considered high places.  We had multiple level houses with flat roof tops.  In Acts the Passover was held in the “upper” room.  There were rooms on the upper level for eating and studying.  Markers of a high place.  The creator and  The Head.  We see this in YHWH one created by the creator the arm of power.  Or moved or cut down.  The people of the living power.  The WAW also shows trees, light, as well as the authority of the staff.

Moshah went to the mountain to get the standards written on stone.  In the beginning we see it is written in our hearts.  Seeing it written is a marker or what is called today a trigger. An image or thought that causes us to remember or sensing something we know, an inner awaking from the confirmation.  We see in this name the head giver of the great SHAMA.

We cannot deny that words make one see.  A word is a folded message and through truly looking at the image that the word brings to our,  (spiritual) shamatayaka sight, to mind we begin to see and hear deeper messages.  Revealing things that only what is called the “sub-conscious” hears.

The Head gives us the light.  And we see the head represented in the forms of what we are taught is called the elements.  We will look at the word elements later.  So, we have the head of the leaders of the watchers.

What we are seeing is how we received what is called the light from the SHAMAYAMA. 

The next write up in this series is RAWACHA.

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