YARAH Unfolded

The unfolding of YARAH surprisingly turned into four parts to explain the word YARAH.  I did not realize there was so much hidden but I am not surprised.  My study began with all the confusing names for what is falsely named covenant and law.  I wanted to know the true name as a covenant is something that is forced upon us and is not of YHWH.  YHWH always gives us a choice.

In seeking the actual name, we find Mitzvah and this is how I see the word in the OBARAYAM is MAZATSAWHA.  Biblehub.com for educational purposes only.  We see the word behind “commandment” is mitzvah. 

Biblehub.com the Modern Hebrew Mitzvah. (Image used for educational purposes only.)

What is the name of our standards?  Is it commandments, Torah, YARAH,  Mitzvah, MATZAWAH, or law?  Well, it turns out we are seeing a process here.  We first see the flow from above to the change.  Here is what is happening.

We see the “darkness.”  Darkness represents the unseen but better the inside as in the SHAMATAYAKA (spiritual) world.  The SHAMATAYAKA came first and without the eyes to see and ears to hear you can be overcome by something unseen lurking (working) around you.  We have senses so we can see, hear, smell, touch, and feel something is around therefore making us alert and assisting with discernment of the type of entity that is present.  So, we get the SHAMAYAKA lights.  ARATHA, CHAMAHA, YARACHA and the KABALA.  Various colors represent SHAMAYAMA workings. 

With the appearance of light, we begin to see….

Biblehub.com. Ezekiel 12:2 (Used for educational purposes only.)

When we are created the SHAMA is created first and then RABA YHWH sends us through to be born here on the ARANA.  We see this realm was SHAMAYAKA first and then RABA YHWH sends in HARAMA YAH'HASHAWAH in the RAWACHA enters to bring light.  Light brings safety, boundaries, clears confusion and creates a productive and active living place.  The MAYAMA enters in its various forms to create the ARAZATSA and we have the YARAH.  The listing of the standards the actual steps to walk to move us to perfection to re-enter the SHAMAYAMA.

So, the way to walk and move as in actions is done when we stand.  So, we call them standards today.  The word for standards is. LAWAGADA

Let's look at the unfolding of YARAH.      

Start Here. Video 1. Length 9 minutes and 15 seconds.
Video 2. Length 5 minutes and 13 seconds.
Video 3. Length 3 minutes and 53 seconds.

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