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Learning RASHAWTAW OBARAYAM (Hebrew not modern) is a wonderful experience, challenging, and revealing as we must walk in the RAWACHA of YHWH to lead us to truth in our language. Thankfully and repentantly the sacrifice of YAH'HASHAWA allows us to return to YHWH. And we must go through the crushing, breaking, pressing and rebirth that we willingly submit to go through to become new beings. And this was set into place in the beginning.

I have told people we are here to live out our choice. You cannot expect to live in the Kingdom of YHWH and live outside his way of living. Yet people believe that YHWH will change for them and bend his standards for them. People believe this in all aspects of their lives, and they expect others to always bend policies and boundaries to their will. I made this connection from seeing this in our daily lives. Many people believe it is alright to talk about boundaries until you apply those boundaries to them. Thankfully, the YARAH sets us free from this bondage because YAH tells us we do not have favorites.

Our lives are not to chase the best life but to make a choice on where we will spend our next life. As in the SHAMATAYA realms not as in reincarnation. Reincarnation is an outside teaching. The pathway, standards, and instructions (your works) as to how to re-enter the Kingdom of YHWH is supposed to create the relaxing thoughts from Psalm 23. And what is interesting that focusing on preparing to receive the gift of continual life from RABAYHWH creates happiness in our current life with the wisdom of power from YHWH's RAWACHA.

MALAKA (King) Dawayada (David) says, "YHWH is my Shepard and because of this I will not go without anything."

Psalm 23:2 RASTAWA OBARAYAMA - YHWH leads me beside the calm waters and he comforts (gives me rest) me to lie down in green pastures.

The scripts translate this as “makes" me lie down. More mental conditioning to make people think YAH forces things on us. Who can sleep when we are worried, stressed and up tight? Comfort sounds nice.

MAZATSAWAH- (modern Hebrew is mitzvah) What does our original word mean?

MAYAMA- The water means might, cleansing, refreshing, restoring. The other side is destruction and chaos. Movement, life or death, and a portal. Unknown and mighty power. The scrips are referred to as refreshing, cleansing, and is the answer to thirst. And also referred to as fire. HAMASHAYAK is clear about this when speaking to the woman at the well. Also represents ground. See MAYAMA unfolding for more meanings.

TAZADAH ASHA (tsade in the Modern Hebrew)-The is a person on their side - means rest, surrender, prayer, waiting, hunting, hiding, snare, trapped, trap, issuing out as in pushing out, excrete as in pooping and sweating, sides, submitted, seeking, humbled, born, die, birth, SHAMATAYAKA being (spiritual body), sprouting seed, SHAMATAYAKA seed as in sperm.

WALAWATAW- a picture of a tent peg and a nail. YAH’HASHAWAH (YAHOSHUA) fastening, rooting, securing, connection, a holding, ladder, support, tree, submitted (person with harms up and head hanging down standing with feet together), tree, crutch, lamp post, staff, column and support beam.

HAYA- a picture of surrender, worship, praise, looking up for help, connection. Surrender does not mean I give up without a fight, but it means I recognize I cannot do this by my might alone. I recognize the Almighty Creator. I allow him to show me how to cleanse and be set me free of this mess. The only way to let go and receive this gift of forgiveness is to transform your/our heart (mind) as in the way you think and believe and live as in actions.  People “backslide” because they are double-minded as in broken. Double minded as in one that fights the SHAMATAYAKA (YARAH) thoughts with natural (outside YARAH) thoughts. Although they know of the truth, they do not acknowledge the truth (ignorance) and they continue to sit on the fence so to speak.

Perhaps you can see the description? I see the beautiful saving power of YHWH! The MAZATSAWAH is correcting and turning back to our roots by the supreme power, RABA YHWH. Given to a nation, home, rebirthing (born again) to enter back into the house of RABA YHWH. We must be born again (transformed) by this washing and the fire the refining. The MAYAMA represents the word for water there are many references to washing before entering the house. YAH'HASHAWA washed the feet of the LAMADA (character title disciples) (YADAOHANA - character name John 13:8 KJV). YAH'HASHAWA says to KAPAH (character name Peter) one that has had a bath is clean, only the feet need to be washed. As in path walking journey, we help each other make sure we are still on the right path and that we do not bring dirt into the house of YAH although we may be clean (through YARAH) other places there is still a foothold (Ephesians 4:27 KJV) for the unclean to enter. (Commentary)

MAYAMA also looks like and reflects a mountain top where we received the instructions of YARAH. Water is also a portal the transportation back to our original state and the promised lands to come. As well as a changing of blood a changing heart from inside out. The water and the TAZADAH ASHA show squeezing of sides to squeeze out the transgression or what we know as sin and represents excretion pooping. Then also giving birth or born. Beautiful!

We know we must receive forgiveness and transformation to wear the clothing of righteousness to enter the Kingdom of RABA YHWH. We cannot show up any way we want to show up. We must change (see the parable of the wedding feast in MATAWA YAHAWA (character name Matthew) 22. The change request is a standard it is optional for you to accept but you must leave out of the covering of YHWH if you do not.


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