Psalm 23

Beauty in the scrip

Psalm 23 is about a place of beauty.  I see and think of ADANA (Eden).  Let us look at what is behind the scrip. (A peace filled, a kind person radiates beauty.)

DAWADA (David) is praying and repenting.  DAWADA is seeking forgiveness and to be made new.  DAWADA  then turns to the people and gives them instructions.

DAWADA’s Prayer

My provider of the joining SHAMA.  My Shepherd and watcher.  DAWADA shall not turn from the path of my head by flowing to another strength (giving over our spiritual seats (assignments) gifts and skills to something else).  One uniting and keeping continually to the path.  Continually uniting the family of the humbled to the ways of YHWH.  The house continual life by a shaking to continually receive the seed (feeding), continual pressing to the beginning.  A place of reset (of the agreement) and transformation NACHA-A to put me back on the path.  (The pasture is supposed to be a safe place to be humbled and transformed to be reborn.)

Though I walked outside of your ways you invite me back in, forgiveness, and I submit to death of self (pride) you surround me and guard me.  You protect me during my time of weakness (humbling and death spiritually).  Darkness and death hunted me you protected me.  Brought me through the hot water – cleaning, the fire, and gave me renewing (cooling waters).  I greatly desire to come back to the agreement.  (Great yoke of power.)

The mighty first increases the humbled through the press and becoming fertile ground to receive the living seed of the great authority and the yoke of the working agreement from the beginning.  The separation to our ADNAYA by pressing in (planting) of the seed and tightening to the straight path here according to the LABA!  Behold your leading authority!  Here in this place draw out what is not pleasing to you and make me a new pleasing vessel.  (reborn).  



Held captive, we walked out of our covering to another way of life.  Our great Shepherd leads us to the working waters to safety in our transformation.  We must seek the way held in the pasture and rise to the standards.  Come out of the lost back into your covering back to the root wisdom of ATAMA.  Seek wisdom by separating your ways.  The humbled submitted receives the flowing image of the first.  (Not a replica a resemblance, a reflection. )  You will be covered by our great Shepherd when you enter his pasture.  Surrounded and protected.  Refreshed and fed. 

Return to your anointing.  Push out the filth.  Pass through the hot water- cleanse, fire, water refreshes (cools and heals).  One successful at dying to self (pride) filth is one humbled to receive a new SHAMA and walk with and in the RAWACHA.  Become fertile ground and CHASA (chase) building the place of refuge to the way of transformation.  Receive function when walk in the ways of ATAWA with the RAWACHA.  Grab hold of your seat in the house to be filled with the water and the bread.  Opening of the seed will overturn death and secure your seat anointing.

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